Profile account linking

Earlier this year, we released profiles to let you easily switch between different plugins and settings. Paired with a new --profile client argument for players wanting to open specific client windows to separate profiles, this helped most players manage their settings neatly, but did not handle two specific cases very well: players using the Jagex launcher, who could not use a --profile argument; and players who switched accounts in the same client. To help both of these cases, we've added profile account linking, which lets players associate a RuneScape account with a specific profile, to be automatically switched to when logging in. (This also supports accounts on special game modes such as Leagues, Deadman, and Quest Speedrunning!)

A profile with a linked default account

Linking an account with one of your profiles is a simple process:

  1. Log in to the account to be linked
  2. Expand the card of the profile to link it to
  3. Click the 🔗 button

As seen in the picture above, the link icon will be shown in orange when linked, and you can see which accounts are linked to it in the button's tooltip.

GPU performance improvements

Over the last 6 months we have been working in the background on performance improvements, starting with asynchronous map loading and extended map loading. More recently, we have increased the FPS via improving the tile cull testing, and also converted the client's camera to floating point arithmetic, which makes camera movement noticeably smoother. Unlocked FPS mode is now the default mode in the GPU plugin, we recommend checking it out if you are not using it currently.

Hide unrelated areas on GPU

Have you ever wondered why you're able to see the Abyss in the distance when scaling the Agility Pyramid? Or why from one runecrafting altar you're able to see others? Wonder no more, as unrelated map areas are now hidden when using the GPU plugin.

Before After
The top of the agility pyramid, with the Abyss shown in the distance Now the Abyss is no longer shown on the horizon
You can see the mind altar from the air altar! Not anymore!
What is even happening over at the fire altar? Now it's looking much more normal

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Object indicators now support a separately-customizable fill color
  • The Entity Hider and Random Event plugins both support the new Count Check random event
  • Your gains will now be reported via the XP Updater plugin on world hop as well as on logout
  • The Report Button plugin's login timer no longer resets on a lost connection being re-established without logging out
  • The special attack counter now tracks Accursed sceptre specs
  • A Mark of Darkness timer has been added to the Timers plugin
  • The Skill Calculator plugin learned the xp values for making a Forgotten brew
  • 2h axes and campfires have been added to the idle notifier, and the new forestry events added to the woodcutting plugin


- Jordan & Adam

New commits

We had 21 contributors this update!

Adam (56):
      util: run asyncbufferedimage onLoaded callbacks when already loaded
      api: remove setRenderArea
      low detail: reset low detail flag on STARTING
      gpu: early frustum cull tiles
      gpu: default unlocked fps to on
      object indicators: make hull fill color consistent
      object indicators: open color picker to previously used color
      object indicators: add configurable fill color
      object indicators: revert "make hull fill color consistent"
      api: remove NPCComposition isClickable
      object indicators: add default fill color config
      profile panel: strip crlf from profile names
      interface styles: fix race with client startup
      world hopper: ignore ping errors to current world
      world hopper: only update panel ping if active
      default world: don't apply world in safe mode
      default world: don't apply beta or nosave worlds
      default world: ignore pmd error
      Revert "default world: ignore pmd error"
      default world: fix injecting safemode
      hooks: add openUrl callback
      minimap: fix replacing map dots on client reload
      camera: add right click examine option
      attack styles: fix spurious warnings with autocasting staffs
      perspective: support extended scene in getCanvasTileAreaPoly()
      gpu: add option to hide unrelated maps
      screenshot: remove imgur uploader
      screenshot: move client frame code to ImageCapture
      screenshot: imagecapture: add utility method for taking screenshots
      screenshot: add screenshot taken event
      draw callbacks: use floating point camera
      api: add floating point camera accessors
      perspective: use floating point projection
      gpu: use floating point camera pos, yaw, and pitch
      chat filter: null check player name in onOverheadTextChanged
      idle notifier: add 2h axes and campfire anims
      wintertodt: add 2h axes anims
      woodcutting: rename WoodcuttingTreesOverlay to WoodcuttingSceneOverlay
      woodcutting: add 2h axe anims
      woodcutting: clear flowers on logout and world hop
      woodcutting: add new forestry events
      hiscore panel: switch from dmmt to leagues
      woodcutting: clear pheasant nests on map load
      woodcutting: update npc ids
      entity hider: add count check
      random events: add count check
      rename runelite-script-assembler-plugin to runelite-maven-plugin
      cache: update antlr to 4.13.1
      api: codegen component and interface id constants
      client: use new component and interface id constants
      widgets: use new api
      woodcutting: don't try to solve dyrad without 5 circles
      idle notifier: add all campfire anims
      fishing spot: add f2p wilderness spot
      remove leagues relic varbit accesses
      RSProfileType: add trailblazer reloaded league

Erik (1):
      kingdom of miscellania: use midnight gmt for favour estimates

Felanbird (4):
      achievement diary: fix runecrafting steps
      clues: Add Abyssal tentacles to Draynor Village Master emote clue
      clues: Add Guardian boots to Zul-Andra Master emote clue
      clues: Add Bow of faerdhinen's to Falo the bard step

Fredrik Haarde (1):
      xp updater: Submit automatic updates on world hop (#15765)

Jordan Atwood (10):
      game: Add isDying override for Bouncer's ghost
      special counter: Add Accursed sceptre
      Revert "item charges: Track Ardougne cloak charges"
      clues: Add missing Falo The Bard item variants
      report button: Don't reset login time on connection lost
      default world: Remove empty shutDown method
      ConfigManager: Improve switchProfile log message
      ProfilePanel: Clean up UI code
      config: Add default profile linking to config profiles
      default world: Remove world change on profile change

Levente Kurusa (1):
      time tracking: rename giant compost bin to big compost bin

Macweese (3):
      slayer: add warped creatures task
      timers: remove corruption cooldown on configchange
      timers: add mark of darkness timer

Max Weber (3):
      gpu: extend frustum checks below the ground for sunken models
      camera: remove compass look preserve pitch
      update lombok

Mo Ben (1):
      inventory grid: enable in bank with equipment view open

Morgan Lewis (2):
      crowdsourcing: Add sprite dialogue tracking (#16953)
      NPCComposition: Expose color replacement and scale

Nicole M (2):
      item charges: fix bracelet of clay tracking in prif mine
      item charges: add egniol potions

Rasmus Karlsson (1):
      objectindicators: deduplicate color suggestions

RyanTamulevicz (1):
      skill calc: add forgotten brew (#17019)

SirGirion (2):
      bank: fix showing seed vault value on open
      item charges: Track Ardougne cloak charges

YvesW (5):
      notifier: fix typo in comment (#17069)
      worldmap: fix stranglewood rowboats destinations
      worldmap: add ring of the elements teleport locations
      worldmap: add ring of shadows teleport locations
      clues: add ring of shadows to cryptic and emote clue text

bradysauter (1):
      opponent info: add toggle for health overlay

iProdigy (1):
      twitch: prepend oauth prefix to token if missing

matej-veselovsky (1):
      FishingSpot: Use Raw karambwanji icon for karambwanji spot (#17085)

pajlada (2):
      npcaggro: fix typo in Notify Expiration description (#17044)
      idle notifier: add crashed star mining animation ids

rjarn (1):
      ClientThread: Fix javadoc grammar (#17088)

skillingdev (1):
      screenshot: fix matching level 99 messages with level-up dialogs disabled