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Discord integration
Discord integration

Integrates with Discord's Rich Presence to display what you're doing in the game and allows to form in-game parties


Renders game using your GPU, which provides better FPS, increased draw distance, enhanced scaling and anti-aliasing.

Loot Tracker
Loot Tracker

Shows kill count and drops with prices from monsters you kill.

Status widgets
Status widgets

Shows boost timers, enemy HP, and other useful overlays.



We have integrated the RuneScape Wiki's real-time prices, into the client, where it is used for bank valuation, ground item highlights, grand exchange lookups, and more.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Kingdom of Miscellania plugin can now send notifications upon login when your coffer or approval are below configured values
  • You can check your kill count and personal best times of TzHaar-Ket-Rak's multi-Jad challenges using the chat commands !kc jad 3 and !pb jad 6
  • The import and export menu options are now toggleable in the Ground Markers plugin. Additionally, a "Clear" option has been added which, when used, will clear any visible markers near your location
  • Your slayer task and streak information are now profile-specific, and will be tracked correctly between accounts
  • The Chat Notifications plugin now supports highlighting messages which match provided regular expressions, similar to the Chat Filter plugin
  • The Discord plugin now offers a toggle to show RuneLite as the active game while on the login screen
  • XP Globe icons now resize with the globes
  • Ingame personal best times with the recently-added "precise timing" ingame option are now saved to the Chat Commands plugin
  • The Timers plugin has learned to identify an imbued heart magic boost even in situations where the animation does not play
  • NPCs which change forms, such as werewolves and nylocas, are now properly highlighted by name by the NPC Indicators plugin
  • The Mining plugin now highlights the active daeyalt essence with an arrow


- Jordan

New commits

We had 27 contributors this release!

Adam (39):
      key remapping: set press enter to chat text regardless of chatbox focus
      clues: make isle of souls hotcold location a master step
      object indicators: fix marking multilocs after var changes
      client: move core singleton eventbus registration to singleton constructors
      barrows plugin: use widget closed event for clearing puzzle
      devtools: add disconnect button
      discord plugin: only check for area update on logged in gamestate
      corp plugin: use varbit changed event to track damage
      ping: use icmp ping on linux if available
      api: add actor animations
      perspective: add plane parameter to getCanvasTileAreaPoly
      chat commands: add jad challenge kc and pbs
      Fix slayer plugin setting config values to null
      config manager: include profile in unset configchanged event
      barrows: simplify timer creation logic
      http service: remove unused sprite endpoint
      http service: remove unused cache item image endpoint
      http service: remove unused price endpoints
      item service: correct scheduled delay for reloading tradable items
      cache updater: fix race with saving archives and computing archive hashes
      http service: add wiki price service
      item controller: add config for price cache time
      item service: include wiki prices in price data
      client: add option to use wiki traded prices
      chat commands: support wiki prices in price command
      ge plugin: support wiki prices in search panel
      ge plugin: use wiki prices for actively traded price
      wiki price service: use v1 api
      ge plugin: use int for ha value
      ge plugin: cleanup
      ge plugin: use for ge link when using wiki prices
      agility shortcut: fix al kharid window map location
      game object: add size x/y methods
      api: add javadoc to tile object location api
      hunter plugin: update location translation for lizard traps
      woodcutting plugin: use tree location for determining the tree region
      xp globes: add dynamic skill icon sizing
      menus: add widgetmenuoption constructor for widgetid
      gpu: fix clEnqueueReleaseGLObjects call with no wait list

BossHuso (2):
      chatcommands: Fix adventure log widget NPE
      music: Fix some NPEs

Brandt Hill (2):
      Make Integer.class work when deserializing config
      kingdom: add notification message for favor and coffer value

Broooklyn (15):
      ItemMapping: Add Trailblazer Graceful Ornament Kits
      discord: Add missing Misthalin region
      discord: Add Wild Varrock Last Man Standing regions
      loot tracker: Add Wild Varrock Last Man Standing regions
      worldmap: Improve cart and minecart systems tooltips (#13226)
      slayer: Add Soul Wars imbued Slayer Helmets to slayer item set
      clues: Add Soul Wars imbued Slayer Helmets to Emote and Skill sets
      ItemMapping: Add Soul Wars imbues
      chat notifications: Prevent localPlayer highlights and notifications (#13244)
      ItemMapping: Add Trouver Parchment items and refunds
      worldmap: Fix Grand Tree Tunnels dungeon location
      worldmap: Add western Revenant Caves dungeon entrance
      worldmap: Add Blisterwood tree location and requirement
      agility: Add Darkmeyer wall shortcut
      discord: Add Rogues' Den bank, Salt Mine, and Waterbirth regions

Cyborger1 (3):
      ground markers: Add import/export menu option toggle
      ground markers: Add clear markers menu option
      slayer plugin: store task in rs profile configuration

David Uhler Brand (1):
      chat notifications: add regex highlights

Dillon (1):
      discord: add main menu status option

Hexagon (1):
      Dedupe GameObjectSpawned events when simulating events

Hydrox6 (4):
      friendschat: remove user count after leaving chat channel
      config: add support for doubles
      http-service: change pbs from int to double
      chat commands: change pbs from int to double and support parsing them

James N (1):
      FaloTheBardClue: Accept trimmed Dragon defender and Tzhaar-ket-om (#13317)

Jonathan Lee (2):
      crowdsourcing: Add newly-found cooking messages
      cooking: Add more chatbox messages

Jonathan Pritchard (1):
      chat commands: fix hs kc patterns to match values greater than 999

Jordan Atwood (9):
      timers plugin: Improve imbued heart detection
      menu entry swapper config: Fix formatting from previous commit
      item identification: Fix duplicate tree seed entries
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      client: Remove shaded jar minimizing
      npchighlight: Apply correct highlights to changed NPCs
      Widget: Mark getChildren() as nullable
      opponent info: Add simple interaction tests
      Revert "opponentinfo: Show health bar of actors attacking the player"

Kyle Shepherd (1):
      menu entry swapper: Add portal nexus teleport menu swap (#13181)

Max Weber (7):
      ConfigManager: don't allow access to partially loaded configs
      Require Java 9 or higher for building
      devtools: factor frame handling out
      devtools: add shell window
      rl-api: update quest scripts to 2021-3-3
      http-api: encode json Colors as ARGB hex codes
      http-api: encode json Instants as millis since epoch

NJohnsonJ (1):
      AgilityShortcut: Remove Catherby grapple world map tooltip (#13215)

Nathaniel Johnson (1):
      mining: Add hint arrow to active daeyalt essence

Nicholas Anzalone (2):
      clues: Remove duplicated coordinate clue from MapClue (#13342)
      cannon: move wilderness skeleton cannon spot off shooting star

Patrick Watts (2):
      crowdsourcing: Improve woodcutting and cooking tracking (#13099)
      menu entry swapper: Add fishing spot bait swap (#13203)

Silverfeelin (1):
      item identification: Add sacks (#9372)

asdftemp (1):
      item identification: Add logs and planks (#13171)

chaticon (1):
      opponentinfo: Show health bar of actors attacking the player

joelewis43 (2):
      menu entry swapper: Add Fossil Island Rowboat Dive swap (#13237)
      SkillChallengeClue: Add Twisted Slayer Helmet to Dust devil step (#13245)

mkowen1 (4):
      item identification: Add more seeds
      item identification: Add lunar teleport tablets
      item identification: Add composts
      item identification: Add bars

pilino1234 (2):
      itemidentification: Add more plugin search tags
      bankplugin: Add "pin" as plugin search tag

sam (1):
      SkillChallengeClue: Specify number of bars for shayzien armor set

superiorser9 (4):
      music: fix settings_slider_choose_onop stack mapping (#13268)
      BankPlugin: avoid keyboard input going to input text
      cooking: Fix POH altar burners false positive burn message (#13284)
      object indicators: don't clear markers on connection lost