Plugin Hub

The Plugin Hub is a repository of plugins that are created and maintained by members of the community who are not officially affiliated with RuneLite. These plugins are verified by RuneLite Developers to ensure they comply with Jagex's 3rd party client rules and are not malicious in some other way.

For more information about the Plugin Hub and how to install these plugins read the guide on our wiki

Abex's Idle Notifier
Made by Abex

An finicky idle notifier for mining

Advanced Notifications
Made by Zakru

An advanced notifications system

Bank Heatmap
Made by raiyni

Displays a heatmap of item values

Bank Value
Made by spudjb

Shows the value of your bank in the sidebar

Bank Value Tracker
Made by Adrian Elder

A plugin for tracking bank value over time.

Banked Experience
Made by TheStonedTurtle

Calculates your banked experience

Bats Locator
Made by chestnut1693

Helps locate the chest with bats at the thieving room inside Chambers of Xeric

Made by Robin Withes

Ironman mode but you unlock items through drops that you can then buy from the Grand Exchange

Bronzeman Mode
Made by dekvall

Unlock items before buying them

Made by Trevor

Lets you change the opacity of your chatbox

Clan Chat Warnings
Made by MarbleTurtle

Adds chat messages and notifications when players join clan chat.

Made by melky

Replaces the word "World" inside clan chat with the respective country flag

Crab Stun Timers
Made by Ankou

Timers for when crabs in CoX get unstunned.

Detached Camera
Made by Adam

Allows free roaming the camera

Emoji Madness
Made by dekvall

Use emojis instead of words

Emoji Palette
Made by hjdarnel

Adds an emoji palette on the navbar for reference

Made by loldudester

Adds Runescape icons to chat

Equipment Inspector
Made by sean-duffy and botanic

Inspect other players equipment.

Essence Pouch
Made by Adam

Shows how many essence are in essence pouches.

Essence Running
Made by Aaron

Change the default shift option that is displayed when hovering over objects associated with essence running

Fight Cave Waves
Made by Jordan

Shows monsters that will spawn on the current and/or next wave

Flipping Utilities
Made by Beliael

Shows margins and calculates profits when margin checking.

Friends Exporter
Made by MarbleTurtle

Adds a rightclick option to the friends icon to export friends/ignored list.

Made by dekvall

RuneLite, but in fullscreen.

Global Consciousness
Made by Unholypanda

Channel your inner Rendi to unlock the power of global consciousness and... just get the drop lul.

Green Screen
Made by Trevor

Adds a greenscreen, useful for content creators. Original author: I Yam Jeremy

Ground Markers With Labels
Made by Stevester118

Adds labels to tile marking

Inventory Setups
Made by dillydill123

Save gear setups for specific activities

Left Click Dropper
Made by Zom

Lets you left click drop items based on a custom list of items.
This plugin is not compatible with 'Shift Anti Drag' at this current time.

Left Click Only
Made by dekvall

Disable all rightclicks

Loot Logger
Made by TheStonedTurtle

Stores Loot Tracker data locally and adds new side-panel UI

MLM Alternate Overlays

Changes to the overlays displayed on the paydirt in motherlode mine

Master Farmer
Made by ConradicalMel

Utilities that help when thieving master farmers

Menu Swapper Extended
Made by raiyni

External hub for extra menu swapper additions
To request/add more swaps visit the help repository.

NMZ Utilties
Made by Zom

Notification when hp above threshold and left click guzzle rock

NPC Dialogue
Made by leejt

Utility for transcribing NPC dialogue onto the wiki.

OSRS Wiki Crowdsourcing
Made by OSRS Wiki

Help the wiki figure out skilling success rates, burn rates, and more.

Orb Hider
Made by wizguin

Hides minimap orbs

Party Panel
Made by TheStonedTurtle

Adds a side panel that displays useful information about your discord party members who are also using this plugin

Polybar Integration
Made by SirArchLinux

Sends current animation state to systems polybar

Made by mlgudi

Allow for a faster log in

PvP Performance Tracker
Made by Matsyir

Estimate performance in PvP by tracking various stats.

RL Tray Notifications
Made by Trevor

Allows for custom tray notifications. No longer do you have to deal with terrible windows tray notifications. Original author: abex

Raid Points Overlay
Made by Trevor

Replace the vanilla raids points widget with a runelite overlay

Made by Trevor

Lets you reload your raid to scout further

Region Locker
Made by slaytostay

Plugin for chunk locked accounts

Skills Progress Bars
Made by m0bilebtw

Adds progress bars to the skills tab to show how close the next level ups are

Skull Notifier
Made by Trevor

Notifies you if you get skulled or unskulled

Spec Regen Timer
Made by Bram91

Adds a tooltip to the spec orb with the remaining time till 100% spec

Supplies Tracker
Made by The Dyldozer

Tracks supplies used during a session

Teleport Logger
Made by leejt

Utility for tracking a list of all ingame teleportation methods.

Tob Health Bars
Made by Trevor

Replaces the tob orbs with health bars

Volcanic Mine
Made by Hippipi

Notifications for events in the Volcanic Mine activity

World Hider
Made by dekvall

Hides your world so you can stream in peace

World Highlighter
Made by MarbleTurtle

Adds a rightclick option to player chat messages which will scroll and highlight their world, assuming you aren't on the same world.

Zulrah Plugin
Made by while-loop

Panel to show Zulrah rotations