Spell reordering

Spell reordering is here! The new Spellbook plugin allows reordering and hiding spells, similar to how prayer reordering works.

Notification overrides

Most client notifications can now have their notification style configured per-notification. Compatible notifications will have a cog icon next to the checkbox when enabled which opens the per-notification settings. Notifications without customized settings continue to use the default notification settings found in the RuneLite Notification Settings configuration section.

notif1 -> notif2

Teleport submenus

Menu entry swapper has a new Teleport submenus setting which adds submenus for cape teleports. It supports the max, construction, and achievement diary capes. The submenus can also be swapped to be the top option via the usual shift-click swap, allowing easy one click teleports to any of the various teleports.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Ground items despawn timers now use the enhanced client despawn times, which works more reliably and on all items
  • All costume room storage items can now be searched via bank tags: treasure chest, magic wardrobe, armour case, cape rack, and toy box
  • MacOS retina displays are now supported on the GPU plugin
  • An amulet of chemistry notification was added to the item charges plugin
  • Tonalztics of Ralos has been added to the special attack counter


- Adam

New commits

We had 25 contributors this update!

Adam (34):
      hiscores: move activities from skill_icons_small
      hiscores: add varlamore
      gpu: fix texture hillskew
      clues: support wall decorations for ObjectClueScrolls
      attack styles: use client enum for looking up weapon attack styles
      gpu: fix cl compilation on amd gpus
      cache: remove old world map index
      ground items: invalidate item cache when quantity changes
      devtools: add script args to script inspector
      cluescrolls: add tags for remaining costume room storage
      rtconfig: add time boxing for outage message
      cache: add item examine
      Revert "implings: add essence impling spawns"
      opponent info: fix npe from hud check
      ground items: invalidate item cache when quantity changes
      ge: add beta world type
      loot tracker: add beta world type
      config: add serializers
      config: add notification overrides
      notifier: remove double shell escaping
      pluin panel: fix typo
      overlay panel: clear children even if render throws
      gpu: add macos retina support
      api: add item despawn time
      ground items: use TileItem despawn times
      gpu: fix animated texture uv overflow
      plugins: use new notification system
      api: add cs2 arrays
      config: show config panel for any plugin with config descriptor
      add spellbook plugin
      api: add menuAction
      menuaction: add widget submenu parent
      menu swapper: add teleport submenus
      menuentryswapper: remove construction build/remove block

Anton Olsson (1):
      clues: remove butterfly jar requirement

Antony Linden (7):
      skill calculator: Order actions by level, xp, then alphabetically
      skill calculator: Fix mahogany lectern icons
      skill calculator: Fix Mithril crossbow enum name
      skill calculator: Add Kourend Castle Teleport
      skill calculator: Add Juniper logs
      skill calculator: Update Rogues' Castle chest xp value
      skill calculator: Add Varlamore skill actions and bonuses

Bakkingamu (1):
      item charges: add amulet of chemistry notification

Chris Brown (4):
      cache: fix label positions in underground areas
      cache: fix icons rendering on the wrong plane
      cache: add map links
      cache: render area labels on the map

DapperMickie (12):
      chat commands: add lunar chest aliases (#17700)
      skill calculator: Allow multiple bonuses to apply at once
      skill calculator: Add Forester's Campfire firemaking bonus
      skill calculator: Add Zealot Robes prayer bonus
      skill calculator: Fix skill action bonus multiplication
      skill calculator: Standardize bonus percentage format
      skill calculator: Add Goldsmith Gauntlets smithing bonus
      skill calculator: Add felling axe + rations woodcutting bonus
      skill calculator: Improve prayer bonus ordering
      skill calculator: Improve prayer bonus stacking
      skill calculator: Fix Wilderness agility course xp value
      skill calculator: Add Wilderness agility tickets

Felanbird (14):
      worldmap: add AJP fairy ring
      fairyring: add AJP fairy ring
      clues: add Valmore clues
      clues: fix NO OWNER anagram location
      worldmap: add Civitas illa Fortis teleport
      runepouch overlay: add sunfire rune image
      implings: add essence impling spawns
      clues: update SW Kharazi jungle HotCold step
      clues: update Cam Torum emote clue
      github: link to wiki safemode instructions in bug template
      clues: update various varlamore steps
      clues: update sunfire fanatic armour step
      clues: update south-eastern chaos temple hard clue
      chat commands: add more toa normal mode aliases

Frosty-J (1):
      boss timers: update chaos elemental respawn time

Hooder (1):
      gpu: fix nearest neighbor with integer DPI scaling

JZomDev (1):
      hunter: add Embertailed jerboa

Joona (1):
      clientui: set frame location after game size (#17621)

Jordan Atwood (11):
      worldmap: add varlamore mining spots
      worldmap: Alphabetize minigame locations and add test for alphabetization
      worldmap: Add test for world point uniqueness
      worldmap: add Great Kourend minigames
      worldmap: add varlamore dungeons
      worldmap: Add sandworms hunter spot
      Remove unused Slf4j annotations and imports
      timers: Remove tzhaar timer defeat message trigger
      skill calculator: Add test for mutually-stacking bonuses
      skill calculator: Fix Maple longbow xp value
      skill calculator: Use real levels for plank actions

Joshua Dunbrack (1):
      regen meter: apply updated lightbearer equipping behavior (#17678)

Macweese (19):
      worldmap: add varlamore transports
      fishingspot: add varlamore fishing spots
      worldmap: add varlamore fishing spots
      worldmap: add varlamore rare trees
      worldmap: add varlamore patches
      worldmap: fix Entrana hops patch location
      worldmap: add varlamore minigames
      worldmap: add Grand Exchange Games Zone
      agility: add varlamore shortcut
      worldmap: add varlamore hunter spots
      fishing: prevent false positive session
      hunter: add varlamore hunter traps
      devtools: restore button background on toggle
      worldmap: fix quest icons paint cutoff (#17650)
      slayer: include zygomites in task weakness config tooltip
      minimap: restore map dots on config reset
      login screen: add varlamore login screen
      game: add isDying override for tutorial island giant rat (#17733)
      discord: add varlamore regions

Mario Hendriks (1):
      implings: add essence impling spawns

Max Weber (6):
      timetracking: add varlamore patches
      api: allow cloning face transparencies if they don't exist
      api: expose Model::drawOrtho
      roofremoval: add Varlamore roofs
      rl-client: update ids to 2024-3-27
      rl-client: show reveal button on swing password fields

Morgan Lewis (5):
      loot tracker: track lunar chest
      loot tracker: track fortis colosseum rewards
      loot tracker: track hunters loot sacks
      timetracking: add additional farming regions for civitas illa fortis (#17602)
      widget: make moons of peril overlay movable

Ourmond (1):
      idle notifier: Add Ent & Canoe chopping animations

SRLJustin (1):
      menuentryswapper: add fortis colosseum to jewellerybox swap

YvesW (4):
      farming: fix tracking contracts
      farming: fix marcellus protection
      surefire: set locale to en_US
      world map: add Fortis Colosseum teleport (#17727)

Zander Bolgar (1):
      mining plugin: add calcified rocks

capslock13 (3):
      game: Add isDying override for bee swarm (#17651)
      spec counter: add Tonalztics of Ralos
      timers: Fix ElapsedTimer NPE with null start time

cdfisher (2):
      skillcalculator: Add Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course
      worldhopper: Add High Risk option to world filter.

mopi (2):
      opponent info: fix hp bar being shown for moons of peril bosses (#17619)
      hitsplat: add doom and burn hitsplats

testing-ongithub (2):
      fairyrings: Alphabetize fairy rings and add test for alphabetization
      worldmap: Add tests for fairy ring plugin overlap and alphabetization