Varlamore: Part one is here! We've been working on adding a bunch of the new content to the various plugins in the last day. This includes:

  • New farming patches have been added to timetracking, and to the website
  • The hiscores have been updated for Colosseum Glory, Lunar chests, and Sol Heredit
  • The world map plugin includes new Varlamore transports, fishing spots, trees, rocks, patches, fairy rings, hunter spots, and dungeons.
  • New clues have been added to the clue scroll plugin
  • Loot tracking for Lunar chest, Colosseum, and hunters loot sacks have been added
  • Embertailed jerboa has been added to the hunter plugin

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • A visual bug affecting the hunter guild roof with GPU on has been fixed
  • Fix the attack styles plugin to recognize the new weapon types
  • Fix roof removal for the hunter guild
  • Fix a bug preventing reordering of bank tag tabs on the sidebar
  • The color of ground items can now be set via shift + right click on the item
  • The moons of peril overlay is now movable
  • A bug preventing quest states from showing on the world map has been fixed


- Adam

New commits

We had 19 contributors this update!

Adam (29):
      widgetconfig: swap drag and drag on
      bank tags: fix rememberTab with tagtabs
      bank tags: fix scrolling while reordering
      camera: add right click blocks camera setting
      camera: add camera speed setting
      clientui: increase tooltip timeout to 10s
      guice: eagerly instantiate rtconfig refresher
      hooks: skip outdated check in developer mode
      party: don't delay spec attack usages
      loot manager: fix nightmare tracking
      interface styles: move adjustWidgetDimensions to PostClientTick
      interface styles: early return if no skin is set
      party: invert spec regen check
      wiki: add dps calc buttons
      rtconfig: mark RuntimeConfig Nullable in RuntimeConfigRefresher
      Revert "npc aggro area: ignore unattackable NPCs"
      cache: cleanup temp cache folder if store location setup fails
      discord: simplify total activity time
      discord: default elapsed time to total
      hitsplat: fix poison hitsplat id
      hitsplat: add other hitsplats
      ground items: cache item hidden, highlight, and colors
      ground items: add per item highlight colors
      clientui: add developer version outdated error message
      hiscores: move activities from skill_icons_small
      hiscores: add varlamore
      gpu: fix texture hillskew
      clues: support wall decorations for ObjectClueScrolls
      attack styles: use client enum for looking up weapon attack styles

Adam Sharp (1):
      interface styles: add player menu condense option

BatedUrGonnaDie (1):
      worldmap: remove kourend task map points

Chris (1):
      wiki: add toggle for wiki lookup button

DominickCobb (1):
      mining: fix tracking runite ore

Felanbird (5):
      achievement diary: update various tasks
      clues: fix incorrect naming for Wizards' Guild/Tower
      worldmap: add AJP fairy ring
      fairyring: add AJP fairy ring
      clues: add Valmore clues

Frazer Smith (1):
      ci: update github actions

Hexagon (2):
      api: add isRlClientOutdated hook
      client: add runtimeConfig refresh functionality

Hooder (1):
      clientui: apply custom borders when maximizing

JZomDev (1):
      hunter: add Embertailed jerboa

Jordan Atwood (8):
      pmd: Require locale for case conversions
      timers: Check all timers for resetting on config change
      worldmap: add varlamore mining spots
      worldmap: Alphabetize minigame locations and add test for alphabetization
      worldmap: Add test for world point uniqueness
      worldmap: add Great Kourend minigames
      worldmap: add varlamore dungeons
      worldmap: Add sandworms hunter spot

Macweese (11):
      worldmap: add varlamore transports
      fishingspot: add varlamore fishing spots
      worldmap: add varlamore fishing spots
      worldmap: add varlamore rare trees
      worldmap: add varlamore patches
      worldmap: fix Entrana hops patch location
      worldmap: add varlamore minigames
      worldmap: add Grand Exchange Games Zone
      agility: add varlamore shortcut
      worldmap: add varlamore hunter spots
      fishing: prevent false positive session

Max Weber (5):
      rl-client: update for 2024-3-20
      timetracking: add varlamore patches
      api: allow cloning face transparencies if they don't exist
      api: expose Model::drawOrtho
      roofremoval: add Varlamore roofs

Michael Parsakia (1):
      item identification: add sacred and olive oils

Morgan Lewis (5):
      loot tracker: track lunar chest
      loot tracker: track fortis colosseum rewards
      loot tracker: track hunters loot sacks
      timetracking: add additional farming regions for civitas illa fortis (#17602)
      widget: make moons of peril overlay movable

Rhea (1):
      chatcommands: add dt2 awakened shorthands (#16956)

YvesW (4):
      screenshot: add required rs settings to descriptions
      screenshot: uniformize periods in config descriptions
      party: add ping information to descriptions
      party: uniformize periods in config descriptions

Zoinkwiz (2):
      world map: Update outdated DBTableID values
      clues: fix outdated skill challenge for shayzien armour (#17573)

testing-ongithub (3):
      clues: Fix Squire anagram clue challenge text
      fairyrings: Alphabetize fairy rings and add test for alphabetization
      worldmap: Add tests for fairy ring plugin overlap and alphabetization