The woodcutting plugin has had support for forestry added. This includes notifications for each type of event, and an overlay aiding it.

bees roots sapling

Prayer reordering

As you may have seen a couple weeks ago, Jagex has changed their rules regarding prayer reordering, and so we have added prayer reordering support to the prayer plugin. A bug causing prayer filtering to be broken when prayer reordering is on has also been fixed

Windows ARM launcher

We now have a native Windows ARM launcher. If you have a Windows laptop or tablet with an ARM processor (common in Microsoft Surface Pro) machines, you can download it from the homepage by selecting the Download for Windows (ARM64) option. Additionally, the GPU plugin is now supported on ARM, regardless of what launcher you use.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • When pluginhub plugins become incompatible due to an update, they now show as incompatible instead of silently disappearing
  • The motherlode mine respawn timers have been fixed, again, and are now definitely correct
  • !pb now supports hours
  • The feed panel has been removed due to Twitter removing their free API access

New commits

We had 17 contributors this update!

Adam (34):
      coords: add scene overload for toLocalInstance
      api: deprecate AccountType
      time tracking: disallow composting compost bins
      slayer: fix forgetting initial amount on disconnect
      hiscore: update bh target regex
      hiscore: allow any color for bh target regex
      client: remove feed plugin
      client: remove feed resources
      loot tracker: remove unused http-api client methods
      spec counter: add dragon warhammer (cr)
      Update to JDK 11
      clientui: remove java 8 warnings
      client: update orange-extensions to 1.1
      update http-api to 1.2.5
      world hopper: add beta worlds
      cache-client: skip index 16
      cache-client: support removing archives
      cache-updater: update to spring 2
      loot manager: add wall beasts
      prayer: add prayer reordering
      prayer: fix prayer filtering with reordering
      gpu: update to lwjgl 3.3.2
      gpu: use lwjgl-opencl
      xp tracker: remove game tick rebuildSkills call
      api: deprecate and remove overall skill
      mining: use add_overlaytimer_loc clientscript for mlm timer
      gpu: fix crash on shutdown if cl library is not initialized
      gpu: add windows aarch64 support
      gpu: improve opencl context creation error handling
      woodcutting: add forestry event notifications
      woodcutting: add glowing roots highlight
      woodcutting: add mulch highlight
      Revert "random events: add more frog npcids"
      woodcutting: add flower highlighter

Adam Sharp (1):
      chat commands: add hours support for !pb

Chris (1):
      loot tracker: Add fishing level to slayer chest metadata (#16694)

Felanbird (2):
      clues: Move arrows for NPCs found on upper floors (#16618)
      clues: Support Forestry outfit

Filip ├ůsberg (1):
      item charges: update explorer charges at plugin startup

Frosty-J (1):
      clues: clarify Chaos Temple location

Jatie (1):
      clues: add primordial boots to dragon boots requirement

Jordan Atwood (6):
      grand exchange: Fix slot detail panels with wrapped text
      grand exchange: Use constant for panel height
      grand exchange: Initialize offers panel on startup
      report button: Remove "Off" display option
      ItemMapping: Add Bounty Hunter item variants
      discord: Fix ordering of minigame definitions

Joshua Kuan (2):
      clues: Update location text for Gallow medium anagram clue (#16332)
      random events: add more frog npcids

Max Weber (7):
      cache/item: use correct texture brightness
      rl-client/RSProfileType: support new BETA world type
      rl-client: use pluginhub manifest v2 format
      rl-client: allow rtconf-ing keys from
      osxutil: do not reference eawt classes during verification
      rl-client/GameEventManager: don't use pointless Optionals
      rl-client/GameEventManager: post TileObjects for bridge tiles

Shane Doherty (1):
       discord: Add Giants' Foundry area

adam-a (1):
      osxutil: update frame extended state for fullscreen mode

crab-pancake (1):
      spec counter: fix tracking weapon with 1 tick specs

geheur (1):
      menu swapper: fix object walk here swap with multilocs

iProdigy (1):
      hiscore: avoid AccountType enum usage

jonas-fo (1):
      screenshot: suport screenshots with level-up interface disabled

shi-vy (1):
      clues: add fairy ring to elite clue step for gutanoth