Profiles have been added to RuneLite, which are separate sets of plugins and settings that can be switched between at any time. There is a new UI in the configuration panel for managing profiles. Profiles are useful for players who want different settings for different accounts, or for different activites.

Your existing settings will be migrated into a single profile named default automatically.


In addition to creating and deleting profiles, the profile panel also allows duplicating (copying an existing profile's settings to a new profile), exporting, and importing profiles.

For advanced users, there is a new --profile client argument to choose the profile the client uses at startup. By default the client will select the profile it was last using. If you currently use the --config client argument, import the config file you use into a new profile, and then use --profile name to launch the client with that profile.

Launcher updates

Last week we began showing an outdated launcher warning to a small percentage of users whose launcher version is 1.6 or older (prior to Aug 2019). If you are receiving this warning at startup, you should update your launcher to the latest version by redownloading RuneLite from You don't need to uninstall your previous launcher, and also your settings will not be reset.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Player indicators has an option to disable when outside of PvP
  • Camera plugin expand pitch mode now also expands the lower pitch limit
  • Various missing random events were added to the random event plugin
  • Entity hider can now hide random events
  • 1 defence and level 3 combat hiscores have been added to the hiscore plugin
  • Volcanic mine ore packs have been added to the loot tracker
  • xBR UI scaling now works correctly on M1 Macs
  • Farmer's affinity has been added to the timers plugin
  • A bug causing timers to turn red too early has been fixed

- Adam

New commits

We had 27 contributors this update!

Adam (62):
      timers: add Menaphite remedy
      ci: update actions
      client: update protobuf to 3.21.12
      overlay: add widget overlay drag warning
      overlay: remove menuEntryShift
      overlay: use configured hotkey in drag warning
      inv grid: use drag delay from interface
      hooks: release stretched mode image when disabled
      hooks: invalidate volatile g2d when drawing surface is restored
      hooks: remove canvas fill on resize
      clientui: add outdated launcher warning
      api: move worldmap classes into worldmap package
      worldmap: use map icon locations for quest start locations
      worldmap: fix pmd errors
      player indicators: add disable outside pvp option
      api: add camera yaw/pitch target accessors
      camera: change vertical camera name to expand pitch limit
      config: hide tooltips of config items with no description
      random events: reorder config items alphebetically
      random events: add missing random events
      entity hider: add option to hide random events
      skill calc: update ham member thieving xp
      twitch: accept urls for channels
      github: update issue template
      gpu: use ui graphics configuration to get affine transform
      gpu: apply affine transform to aa fbo
      clientui: fix y scale of clientbounds
      config manager: synchronize iteration of properties keySet
      config manager: add logging for settings import
      hiscores: add phantom muspah
      rt config: support boolean values
      hiscore: update pnm icon
      npc util: add exclusion for strange creature
      twitch: decrease ping timeout
      twitch: send USER command
      twitch: fix /t command
      chat: use eventbus for chat input events
      worldmap: fix loading quest start locations
      agility shortcut: add weiss broken fence
      worldmap: fix placement of CIS fairy ring
      session: fix config sync on session close
      config: add config sync event
      loottracker: sync config on configsync
      chat notifications: exclude dialog and mesbox chattypes
      party: throttle status updates in large parties
      client: update to 2023-01-25-c1-rev210
      xtea: cache seen keys on disk
      config panel: harden spinner and dimension parsing
      config panel: revert checkbox boolean parsing
      progressbar: fix divide by 0 with maximumValue 0
      party: don't throttle forceSend messages
      hiscore: use json endpoint
      consistently capitalize plugins on splashscreen action text
      consistently capitalize plugins on splashscreen action text v2
      Revert "timers: Reset var timers when duration increases"
      timers: reset var timers when duration increases
      session manager: fix stopping http server on login
      grandexchange: add fsw to openGeLink
      config: add type constraint to setDefaultConfiguration
      hiscore: add account builds hiscores
      config: add profiles
      client: use both Windows root trust store and bundled trust store

Alex Jurkiewicz (1):
      gpu: add draw distance requires compute shaders (#15939)

Alexsuperfly (1):
      loot tracker: add Volcanic Mine ore pack (#16213)

Bo (2):
      worldmap: add ghommal's hilt teleport location (#16138)
      CrypticClie: Update "Anger Abbot Langley" step description (#16143)

Brian (1):
      screenshot plugin: add loot keys

Calvin Kroese (1):
      chat commands: Fix Al Kharid Rooftop expansion (#16229)

Enriath (6):
      loot tracker: add support for frozen caches
      bosstimers: use TemporalUnit instead of ChronoUnit
      bosstimers: fix Scorpia and Sarachnis respawn times
      bosstimers: add test to check that respawn timers are a number of ticks
      interface styles: add HD healthbars for phantom muspah's shield
      timers: use varbit to track remaining overload time

Jae Ren (1):
      item charges: Add Tombs of Amascut supplies (#16044)

Jason O'Neill (1):
      item stats: add Kovac's grog

Jordan Atwood (28):
      achievement diary: Fix runecrafting step requirements
      SkillChallengeClue: Fix Charlie clues update regression
      NpcUtil: Indicate gargoyles are dead during death animation
      api: Improve VarPlayer#POISON javadoc
      timers: Use Duration.of(..., RSTimeUnit.GAME_TICKS)
      slayer: Set streak and points when receiving first task
      item stats: Add Saturated heart
      item stats: Add Forgotten brew
      item stats: Fix Ring of the gods (i) detection
      dev tools: Fix setvarp and setvarb
      timers: Remove imbued heart timer duration
      timers: Update imbued heart timer tooltip
      timers: Fix imbued heart duration test
      item charges: Reset slayer bracelet charges on recharge
      game: Fix Antidote++ item variation mapping test
      game: Fix isDying for Vet'ion, add Calvar'ion
      ItemMapping: Add upgraded wilderness weapons
      world map: Add wilderness rework dungeons
      world map: Fix west Revenant caves location
      world map: Add various dungeon locations
      api: add WorldPoint#toWorldArea()
      loot tracker: add wilderness rework bosses
      boss timers: Wilderness rework boss timers
      timers: Consolidate var-controlled timer tracking
      timers: Track Dragonfire shield cooldown via varbit
      roof removal: Add Monkey Madness II airship platform override
      WeaponType: Add argument length check
      ItemMapping: Add crystal armour variants

Kenneth Chung (1):
      GPU: Fix xBR scaling on M1 macs

Kyle (1):
      npc indicators: add list format to config description (#16031)

LameGames (1):
      clues: reset panel width before rendering hint

Max Weber (9):
      rl-api: allow replacing the minimap tile drawing method
      Update Quest to 2023-1-11
      Revert ChatBuilder: use clansettings for finding member rank
      loginscreen: do not allow non-number characters into the OTP field
      feed: reduce useless text layouts
      feed: only load feed on demand
      cache: update Model face limit
      ConfigManager: only key rsprofiles off of account hash
      config: use tabs for switching between plugin hub & plugin list panels

Mike (1):
      EmoteClue: Allow bowfa for crystal bow clue requirement (#16157)

Paul Norton (3):
      idle notifier: Re-check NPC interaction on transform
      slayer: cancel task on inferno fail
      xptracker: prevent negative values with hide maxed

Peter Forsling (1):
      clue: add climbing boots (g) to emote steps (#16008)

Roelof (1):
      boss timers: Add Phantom Muspah

SirWrain (1):
      timers: add farmer's affinity effect timer

Skretzo (1):
      attack styles: Fix type 28 attack style indices

YvesW (2):
      random events: fix bob and MoM related events
      entity hider: fix frog random event

fioxxu (1):
      agility shortcut: remove requirement for Weiss shortcut

iProdigy (1):
      twitch: use login name in place of unrenderable display names

maxmaximus123456 (1):
      worldmap: fix typo for Skavid Caves

tcoy (1):
      questlist: Update quest list tab index

testing-ongithub (8):
      timers: Fix antivenom timers expiring too early (#16073)
      timers: Track antifire durations using varbits
      timers: Track divine potion durations using varbits
      timers: Track magic imbue duration using varbit
      timers: Null buffTimer and remedyTimer on shutdown
      timers: Track Arceuus spell durations using varbits
      menu swapper: Remove tags from UI swap feedback message (#16235)
      timers: Reset var timers when duration increases

Łukasz Kliś (1):
      chat commands: add short names for Phantom Muspah