Clue notes

Notes can be attached to clue scroll hints via shift+right clicking the overlay and selecting Set note. The note is saved and shown again if you get the same clue step in the future.


Per NPC highlight color and types

NPC indicators highlight color and highlight type can now be configured per NPC type by selecting the Tag color and Tag style options. This overrides the global setting configured in the plugin.

npc-color npc-style

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The world hopper has an option to filter the world list by world type
  • Wiki FSW GE prices are now used when on a fresh start world
  • The thrall timer has been updated for the new CA task rewards
  • Thralls can now be hidden with the entity hider
  • The prayer flick and orb colors are now configurable
  • Objects' 5th options, such as the H.A.M. Hideout trapdoor, can now be swapped with menu entry swapper
  • A bug causing erroneous Wintertodt round start notifications to be sent has been fixed
  • Fix tracking Dorgeshuun crossbow special attacks
  • Zalcano damage tracker correctly tracks max hitsplat variants
  • Menaphite remedy has been added to item identification
  • Opponent info's always show (de)buffer timer option now works correctly, again
  • TOA team sizes have been added to the pb command, eg !pb toa 2

- Adam

New commits

We had 19 contributors this update!

Adam (53):
      loottracker: clear session records when clearing panel
      api: add graphics object animation and frame
      api: exclude keycode from rt api
      hooks: rate limit error reports
      api: update 209
      cache: update 209
      api: add projectile animation accessors
      wintertodt: fix double round notification
      ground items: remove lots! quantity
      zalcano: track max hitsplat variants
      idle notifier: add blisterwood jump scare anim
      xp updater: use wom api v2
      api: replace gameobject angle with int
      api: add rl object orientation and radius
      api: add itemcontainer count method
      api: rename spell selected to widget selected
      api: deprecate widgetitem index
      item manager: add wiki fsw prices
      item mapping: add test for mapping cycles
      ground markers: combine show import/export and clear config
      prayer: add config for flick and orb color
      client: update to cache 2022-11-09-rev209
      clues: use npc ids for cipher clues
      clues: remove male from barbarian hint
      farming: update treznor npc id
      menu swapper: use submenus for ui swaps
      api: add post client tick event
      api: add widget tick api
      api: remove forced widget position api
      api: add post menu sort event
      boosts: remove unused canShowBoosts
      spec counter: fix tracking dorgeshuun specs
      spec counter: fix tracking melee specs
      clues: update gypsy aris clue
      ping: read multiple icmp packets until timeout or error
      menu swapper: fix npe accessing widget actions
      menu swapper: fix walk here swaps
      menu swapper: use submenu for npc swaps
      menu swapper: remove target on npc submenu
      inv tags: use submenus
      inv tags: remove old inv tag config keys
      overlay: add callback to overlay menu entry
      clues: add clue notes
      clues: remove TextClueScroll
      npc indicators: add per-npc highlight color and render style
      cannon: increase warning threshold max to 60
      Revert "api: remove forced widget position api"
      Revert "api: add widget tick api"
      menu swapper: restore use of deprioritization for walk here swaps
      info: cleanup panel on shutdown
      timers: add ca tier boost to thrall timer
      world hopper: combine quick hop and region filter
      world hopper: add world type filter

Clayton (1):
      api: Remove unused MUSIC_TRACKS_UNLOCKED VarPlayer definitions (#15852)

Digiridoo (1):
      entity hider: add option to hide Thralls

Dylan Critz (1):
      item identification: Add Menaphite remedy potion (#15896)

JZomDev (1):
      chat commands: add fishingtodt mapping to tempoross (#15802)

Jae Ren (1):
      slayer: Add Ogre task alternative monsters (#15888)

John Kryspin (1):
      api: fix eighth spelling

Jordan Atwood (12):
      item stats: Clean up gauntlet and CoX entries
      item stats: Add Tombs of Amascut consumables
      ItemMapping: Add new locked items
      ItemMapping: Add new imbued twisted slayer helm variant
      ItemMapping: Use ItemVariations for tradeable item variants
      ItemMapping: Add Pharaoh's sceptre
      plugins: Use ItemVariationMapping for item variant lists
      ItemMapping: Fix black mask cycle
      ItemMapping: Fix includeVariations field name
      ItemMapping: Use the base variant ID for variant mappings
      menu swapper: Fix duplicate Reset option in bank
      timers: Remove divine potion timers on death

LlemonDuck (1):
      boosts: fix always show (de)buff timer

Macweese (1):
      game: Add isDying override for Gadderanks (#15557)

Mantautas Jurksa (1):
      clues: add world map hint for music clue scrolls (#15778)

Max Weber (5):
      rl-api: add all jagex keycodes
      rl-api: remove KeyFocusListener
      cache: add seq animaya fields
      cache: update ItemDefinition to 209
      rl-client: add locked divine rune pouch

Michael (1):
      loot tracker: use price type for npc kill chat message

Robin (1):
      xp updater: add account hash on Wise Old Man update

Skretzo (1):
      skill calculator: Set coif crafting action as members-only (#15911)

Timothy J. Aveni (1):
      menu swapper: Remove extra space from ui swap chat message (#15916)

eemkukko (1):
      item mapping: add ensouled hellhound head

redrumze (1):
      chat commands: add toa team sizes pb

sam (1):
      item charges: fix tracking explorer ring charges