Minimap zooming

The minimap now supports zooming! This works similar to the zoom you may be familiar with on the official mobile or steam clients. Enable the Zoom option in the Minimap plugin to use it. The zoom can be reset to the default level by right clicking the minimap.

In Default Out
zoom-in zoom-default zoom-out


Last week we added support for collapsible submenus. This works similar to how the one from RS3 works. You may have noticed we've already converted the menu swapper for inventory and worn items to use this. Submenus allow grouping similar menus logically together, and greatly decreases the length and complexity of the menus on screen. You can tell if a menu has submenus by the presence of the >.

Before After
submenuold submenunew

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The run energy plugin now correctly accounts for the passive Ring of Endurance effect
  • A bug causing the window to maximize over the Windows taskbar on the newest launcher version has been fixed
  • terminal-notifier on MacOS is now more reliably detected when installed into nonstandard locations
  • The pickpocket timer now works with Martin the Master Farmer
  • Drinking Liquid Adrenaline prior to the timer running out now correctly resets the timer
  • Fix !lvl toa expert to work as expected
  • Fresh start hiscores have been added to the hiscore panel
  • The Tombs of Amascut background has been added to the login screen plugin


- Adam

New commits

We had 22 contributors this update!

Adam (61):
      menu swapper: remove old swap configs
      party: idle timeout when on login screen
      hiscore: add toa to mappings
      runepouch: add divine runepouch
      clues: add divine runepouch
      use client runepouch rune id enum
      chat commands: add toa shortnames
      runelite: log input arguments at startup
      loottracker: add cache of runes
      loottracker: combine intricate pouch with common case
      screenshot: add toa chest loot
      overlay: layout toa party and raid interfaces
      api: add varbit id and value to event
      menu swapper: hide swap use/reset menus when customizable click is off
      api: rename getVar to getVarpValue
      infobox: add updateDuration method for timer
      timers: add smelling salts buff timer
      timers: add liquid adrenaline timer
      timers: add silk dressing and blessed crystal scarb
      crowdsourcing: remove movement crowdsourcing
      menu swapper: fix npc currentAction check for shift
      clientui: add low memory limit warning
      client: invalidate declaredAnnotations caches after startup
      clientui: make low memory link clickable
      clientui: make low memory limits configurable
      loottracker: add toa metadata
      regen-timer: add lightbearer support change github link to discussions
      opponent info: apply hp display style to hp hud
      client: add logout timer plugin
      devtools: fix examine tool for npcs
      party: add isInParty method instead of checking members
      party: remove unused inParty
      party: include message type in Data message
      ContainableFrame: fix parsing versions with patch level
      world hopper: skip offline worlds
      add quest speedrunning world type
      client: add telemetry
      run energy: use script event for replacing orb text
      run energy: fix clearing text with replaceOrbText off
      ui: fix frame maximized bounds with dpi scaling
      containable frame: correct jdk bug number
      menu swapper: remove redundant code block
      api: add submenu api
      menu swapper: use submenus for inv and worn item swaps
      achievement diary: update to use new scroll interface
      telemetry: include client errors
      achievement diary: invoke new diary scrollbar update script
      api: add localpoint support for hintarrow
      notifier: add comment about terminal-notifier launcher version check
      notifier: remove needless commands list copy
      mta: fix telekinetic room
      Bump to 1.9.0-SNAPSHOT
      api: add fsw
      world hopper: add fsw
      xp updater: add fsw
      hiscores: add fsw
      ge: add fsw
      colorpicker: use clientui icon
      colorpicker: use parent always on top setting
      api: add zoomable minimap

Alexsuperfly (1):
      chat-commands: fix widget id for counters page

Blake Felt (1):
      item identification: Add Tombs of Amascut potions (#15581)

Brady Ryun (1):
      timers: Add Martin the Master Farmer pickpocket timer

Ecki (1):
      emoji: Change clown image to twemoji version (#15533)

Elias Lahham (1):
      GameTimer: Update Liq Adrenaline time to 150s

Ferrariic (1):
      icontextfield: allow custom image icons

Hammmed (1):
      game: Add isDying override for Wall beasts (#15699)

Hugo (1):
      run energy: add ring of endurance

JZomDev (1):
      timers: fix liquid adrenaline reset

Jonathan Lee (1):
      run energy: improve energy remaining formula

Jordan Atwood (10):
      skill calc: Add Menaphite remedy
      item stats: Add Menaphite remedy
      ItemMapping: Add Tombs of Amascut items
      HotColdLocation: Fix vertical centering of dark altar spot
      worldmap: Add Tombs of Amascut location
      clues: Clarify Kamil dig cryptic clue message
      world map: Add Necropolis obelisk sceptre teleport
      ItemMapping: Add Tumeken's shadow
      ItemMapping: Add Arcane sigil component of Elidinis' ward
      ItemMapping: Fix Tumeken's shadow definition

LlemonDuck (1):
      devtools: highlight current region in locations tool inside instances

Max Weber (4):
      rl-client/PluginHubPanel: release entries when not active
      rl-client/PluginHubPanel: defer loading of icons until they are visible
      client/PluginHubPanel: reactivate with filter set correctly
      client/PluginHubPanel: fix reload on (un)install

Ron Young (1):
      loginscreen: add toa background

Sam (1):
      skill calc: Fix Menaphite remedy level and xp values (#15718)

SirWrain (2):
      achievementdiary: fix ardy elite castle wars task
      achievementdiary: fix fremennik gwd task text (#15552)

Skretzo (1):
      client: fix logout timer javadoc typo

ThePharros (2):
      agility: add Necropolis obstacle (#15706)
      discord: Add Necropolis, Ruins of Ullek, and Tombs of Amascut regions (#15757)

Yestin L. Harrison (1):
      notifier: get terminal-notifier from login shell on macOS

YvesW (1):
      chat commands: fix !lvl toa expert

geheur (2):
      chat commands: fix short name of kril tsutsaroth
      ba: fix detecting end of wave