UI swaps

Many UI elements now support the shift-right-click swap configuration that we've been standardizing on lately. This works on things such as spells, items in the bank, and in shops. When set on items in the bank or on a shop interface, the configuration is per-item, which allow easily configuring eg. one item as withdraw-x while another is withdraw-1.

uiswap1 uiswap2

Due to the standardization of swaps around the shift-click configure method, many of the existing swaps built into the plugin are no longer necessary. We're removed some of the less used swaps with this update. If you notice one is missing, shift-right click the npc/object/ui and re-configure it using the new system.

Tombs of Amascut

We've been working on updates in preparation for Tombs of Amascut coming on the 24th. There is a new runepouch overlay for runepouches with 4 rune stacks due to the text not fitting on the rune pouch. It displays a green bar for rune quantities 1-10k and a red bar for anything under 1k. The old display format is still used for pouches with less than 4 stacks of runes.


ToA has been added to the hiscore panel:


Additionally, we've been able to add loot tracking for Tombs of Amascut already and expect it to be working for release day.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Minor graphical inconsistences on GPU with compute shaders off have been fixed, such as the GE floor appearing to have white dots between the tiles
  • The maximum model size on GPU with compute shaders on has been increased. This may cause some additional GPU load in busy areas, but is required to get the ToA bosses to render correctly.
  • Clan members are included in the hiscore search name autocompleter
  • Clan members previous chat message ranks no longer change to "unranked" after they log out
  • Friends chat rank icon now displays to the left of the user's name instead of to the right of the channel name
  • Bank searching by value now supports searching by per-item value. For example, per >5k finds any stack of items where the individual items are worth more than 5k each, while >5k finds any stack of items worth more than 5k total.
  • Members items in a free to play world now show their name with (Members) appended, eg Abyssal whip (Members), instead of Members object. Making it easier to identify items on free to play worlds.
  • The loot tracker no longer shows member items as Members object when logged into a free to play world.
  • The double ammo mould has been added to the smelting plugin
  • Clown :O) and cow 3:O have been added to the Emoji plugin.
  • The agility plugin once again highlights the skull slope obstacle clickbox


- Adam

New commits

We had 20 contributors this update!

Adam (59):
      gpu: remove double clickbox check with compute shaders off
      pom: remove ciManagement
      gpu: remove double getModel call with compute shaders off
      gpu: remove unused wrapper functions
      clues: fix wizard traiborn cryptic clue text
      gpu: combine small and large comp shaders
      gpu: fix shader test
      api: update MenuEntry getItemId javadoc
      name autocompleter: include clan members
      client: remove jogl deps
      gpu: fix shader test
      spec counter: only count hitsplats applied to spec target
      gpu: set custom org.lwjgl.system.SharedLibraryExtractDirectory
      npc manager: fix npe if srn npc data request is unsuccessful
      npc highlight: add option to ignore pets
      npc highlight: minor code cleanup
      chat commands: fix findHiscoreSkill finding pvp arena - ranked
      chat commands: show unranked for unranked skills
      api: add max damage hitsplats
      api: use magicconstant for hitsplat type ids
      config: use config api v2
      config client: use injected gson
      Replace references to RuneLiteAPI.GSON with injected gson
      gpu: use floats for projection on cpu
      gpu: increase max faces to 6144
      loottracker: add toa
      rune pouch: add grid view
      chat commands: add toa tests
      chat commands: use client enum for pet list
      menu swapper: remove recite-prayer swap
      menu swapper: remove battlestaff swap
      menu swapper: remove guzzle swap
      menu swapper: remove quick-leave swap
      menu swapper: remove house advertisement swap
      menu swapper: remove hardwood grove swap
      menu swapper: remove dive swap
      menu swapper: remove gauntlet swap
      menu swapper: remove claim slime swap
      menu swapper: remove contract swap
      menu swapper: remove decant swap
      menu swapper: remove enchant swap
      menu swapper: remove send-parcel swap
      menu swapper: remove misc swap
      menu swapper: remove nets swap
      menu swapper: remove start-minigame swap
      menu swapper: remove repairs swap
      menu swapper: remove task swap
      menu swapper: add custom ui swaps
      menu swapper: remove shift click teleport swap
      menu swapper: remove house teleport swap
      menu swapper: remove npc contact swap
      menu swapper: move bank withdraw and deposit swaps to ui
      hiscores: add toa
      api: add accessors for pose animation frame
      api: add scene max plane accessor
      chat channels: use script events for inserting fc rank
      menu swapper: exclude (worn) item swaps from ui swap check
      HotkeyButton: use mouse1 to reset hotkey
      ChatBuilder: use clansettings for finding member rank

Birjot (1):
      game: Add isDying support for Damis transformations (#15293)

Cole Springer (1):
      xp tracker: Fix "Hide maxed skills" config description (#15408)

David Reess (1):
      bank: add individual item value search (#15015)

Enriath (6):
      runelite-api: add real item name support
      plugins: update various plugins to use getMembersName
      skill calculator: use guice injection
      skill calculator: adjust bonuses to be actual multipliers
      skill calculator: don't show members actions or bonuses on f2p worlds
      skill calculator: reload panel when switching P2P <-> F2P

Eric Sciullo (1):
      emoji: Add clown emoji (#15382)

Fiber | James (1):
      blastfurnace: add smiths gloves (i) to ice gloves check (#15162)

HcaryShours (1):
      agility obstacles: fix skull slope highlighting

JZomDev (1):
      smelting plugin: support double ammo mould

Jordan Atwood (10):
      clues: Update clue text from 2022-07-27 update
      AgilityShortcut: Add Necropolis stepping stones
      world map: Add Necropolis and Ullek region locations
      game: Add isDying support for Skotizo altar transformations
      dev tools: Use non-instanced region ID for tile location
      Varbits: Fix PVP_SPEC_ORB javadoc
      Varbits: Fix TELEBLOCK javadoc html
      HotColdSolver: Simplify temperature change filtering
      HotColdSolver: Improve temperature change narrowing
      clues: Fix named object clue plane change scan

Jordan Hans (1):
      roof removal: add Barrows tunnel override

Macweese (2):
      timers: Track charge spell duration using varp
      timers: Track teleblock duration using varbit

Max Weber (2):
      rl-client: update for split music & emote scroll widgets
      rl-client: dynamically configure hiscore result indexes

Nick (1):
      clues: add fairy ring to Isle of Souls step

Nick Wolff (1):
      roof removal: add etceteria overrides

Paul Norton (2):
      skill calculator: per-action bonus applicability
      skill calculator: ignore (daeyalt) bonus for camdozaal cores

Sam (1):
      fishing: Add missing fish to shrimp and trout spot text (#15472)

SirWrain (2):
      agility shortcut: add meiyerditch lab (#15183)
      worldmap: add true blood altar location (#15182)

Spencer Kane (1):
      clues: fix world map location for Vannaka (#15211)

Woodse07 (1):
      emoji: add cow emoji