Behavior changes since the previous update

Since the last blog post I've made a couple behavior changes without a proper blog post explaning them, leading to some confusion. Sorry about that. These changes are:

The boosts plugin gained a new "compact view", which necessitated a new toggle for turning off the existing boosts panel display, which previously was predicated on the infobox on/off toggle. The new "Display panel" option was defaulted to off, assuming most players use the infobox display instead. If you notice the boost panel missing, go into the Boosts information plugin and enable Display panel.

Inventory tags and the left and shift-click configuration for inventory items have moved to the shift-right click menu on the items, similar to how the custom swap settings on npcs, objects, and worn items work. This makes it easier to change these settings quickly and removes the "configuration" mode where you are otherwise unable to interact with the items, which can be inconvienent. Inventory tags now supports an unlimited number of different tag "groups"/colors instead of just 6.

The party ping-tile key was made configurable due to it conflicting with the various new shift-click swaps. To use it, go to the party plugin settings and configure the hotkey.

Farming payment tracker

The farming tracker now tracks patch payments for most trees, fruit trees, bushes. It doesn't work currently with payments to farmers who protect multiple patches, notably allotments. It is denoted via a basket of apples:


It is still possible to see if the patch was composted, since that affects yield regardless of payment, by checking the tooltip.

GPU improvements

Last week, we changed the underlying libraries our GPU plugin uses for interfacing with OpenGL. As part of this work, we were able to reduce the minimum OpenGL version required to run the GPU plugin to OpenGL 3.1. If you have a particularly old system which was unable to run GPU prior, it may begin to work now. The previous GPU plugin was made available on the pluginhub as GPU (legacy) for if you are having issues with the new plugin. Though if you are, particularly if legacy GPU works on your system and the new one doesn't, we would be interested in hearing about it on Discord.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • XP drop recolors for having the correct prayer no longer considers turning prayers on after the game tick but before the xp drop as successfully having the prayer on.
  • A bug causing the infoboxes group to be unmovable when in the top-left corner has been fixed.
  • The spec counter now much more reliably detects which hitsplat is the spec hit when hits from multiple sources happen at the same time (thralls/veng)
  • CoX private chest has been added to antidrag
  • A bug causing the world ping overlay to freeze on MacOS/Linux has been fixed
  • A hop command has been added to world hop, eg ::hop 351
  • The loot tracker now tracks Take-all on seedpacks
  • Various references to the dual arena has been changed to the pvp arena
  • PvP arena worlds are now skipped over by the world hopper
  • Object indicators now has options to highlight object outlines and clickboxes
  • The spec counter now resets at Sotetseg's maze phase
  • The hiscores have all been shifted back into place due to the addition of the PvP arena
  • The party plugin can now overlay health, prayer, energy, special attack energy, and vengenace status on players
  • The bracelet of clay tracker now correctly handles soft clay mining


- Adam

New commits

We had 16 contributors this update!

Adam (61):
      menu swapper: always raise menus from low priority to cc_op
      npc indicators: add true tile highlight
      menu swapper: add global npc shift-click swap
      npc indicators: separate sw true tile and regular overlay
      party: make ping hotkey configurable
      Add rtconfig for excluded dead npcs
      Require Attack option for dying npcs
      boosts: cleanup
      boosts: add compact view
      boosts: right justify compact overlay text
      party: switch to protobuf
      entity hider: remove pvp hiding restriction
      npcutil: make rtconfig nullable
      api: add server varps
      xp drops: test server varbit for prayer active check
      menu swapper: add custom shift-click npc swap
      menu swapper: add custom shift-click object swap
      party: sanitize passphrase inputs
      tooltip: don't set overlay bounds when rendering
      spec counter: make SpecialWeapon public
      antidrag: add cox private chest
      spec counter: improve spec hitsplat detection
      spec counter: remove instanced region reset
      api: switch varc enums to use magicconstant
      ping: fix setting rcvtimeo
      ping: set SNDTIMEO
      client: update remaining getvar references
      object indicators: fix exception from under-bridge objects
      menu swapper: rename left-click swap configs to reflect they add shift too
      menu swapper: default npc shift click walk here to off
      menu swapper: add shift click walk here on objects
      menu swapper: add shift-click walk here on ground items
      spec counter: fix exception from unrecognized spec weapons
      loottracker: remove importloot
      api: add colortextureoverride
      party: exclude null from passphrase generation
      boosts: swap back (de)buff icons
      boosts: swap (de)buff icons in compat view
      boosts: fix compat view negative boosts
      world hopper: add hop command
      api: exclude dbtable
      menu swapper: use shift right click minimenu for setting up item swaps
      inv tags: add unlimited tag groups
      xptracker: initialize account and world type on startup
      clues: make findClueScroll not reset state
      clues: avoid checking clue text each tick
      change duel arena references to pvp arena
      loot tracker: add take-all for seedpacks
      menu swapper: prioritize custom swaps over hint arrow
      api: mark some tileobject methods as nullable
      menu swapper: use left click customization config
      menu swapper: sort menus by left then shift
      api: remove gameobjectchanged event
      api: remove wallobjectchanged event
      api: remove groundobjectchanged event
      api: remove decorativeobjectchanged event
      clues: remove unused tileObjectChangedHandler
      Add pvp arena world type
      timetracking: add farming payment tracker
      hiscore: add pvp arena
      hiscore panel: add pvp arena

Chintan Suthar (1):
      object indicators: add outline and clickbox highlight options

Hexagon (2):
      spec-counter: use npc index instead of id for tracking
      spec-counter: reset counter on sotetseg maze

Jordan Atwood (16):
      entity hider: Don't hide NPCs which are alive at 0hp
      game: Add more NPCs which do not die at 0hp
      game: Remove isDying block on transforming NPCs
      game: Add Giant rockslug to isDying block list
      game: Override isDying for Nex, Alchemical hydra, and Drakes
      plugins: Use isDying for loot and boss timer checks
      Add rtconfig for forced dead npcs
      api: Add Actor#setDead(boolean)
      entity hider: Hide nylocas death graphics
      game: Fix Alchemical Hydra isDying override ID
      game: Fix isDying for transforming NPCs
      game: Set Corporeal beast dead on death animation
      game: Add isDying special case for Zalcano
      npc indicators: Fix NpcUtil uses
      npc indicators: Fix dead npc highlight test
      HotColdLocation: Fix enemy for South-west of Arandar

Joshua Filby (5):
      cache: add ScriptVarType#id
      cache: add DBTableDefinition
      cache: add DBRowDefinition
      cache: add DBTableIndex
      cache: add dbtable opcodes

LlemonDuck (7):
      party: spelling generatePassphrase
      plugin manager: don't load builtin externals from hub
      party: unified player status packet
      party: extended status packet + player overlay
      party: add getMemberByDisplayName
      player indicators: highlight party members
      npc indicators: Use isDying for dead NPC checks (#15160)

Macweese (1):
      game: Add isDying support for Hopeless creature transformations (#15257)

Max Weber (5):
      cache/ParamLoader: load types correctly
      cache/ScriptVarType: add db row
      Update Quests to 2022-6-29
      questlist: update for dbtabled quests
      gpu: switch to rlawt & lwjgl

MoreBuchus (1):
      party: compact status overlay

Paul Norton (2):
      player indicators: show fc/cc ranks on friends in minimenu
      party: getMemberByDisplayName search by jagex name

Reece Camper (1):
      skill calculator: Add ensouled hellhound head to prayer actions (#15064)

Robin (1):
      game: Add lizards to isDying block list (#15144)

SirWrain (1):
      achievement diary: Fix Kourend elite blood runecrafting task text (#15128)

Spencer Kane (1):
      item charges: fix soft clay mining tracking

Timothy J. Aveni (1):
      achievement diary: Remove Ghosts Ahoy requirement from Port Phasmatys cannonball task (#15196)

Tomas Slusny (1):
      account: send username and sessionid when redirecting to /logged-in page