Jagex rules update

Jagex have published a new third party client update, and with it a new set of third party client guidelines. These new guidelines remove some previous restrictions which allows us to add some new features. We've added these features in this update.

Pickpocket swap

Pickpocket can now be swapped on all NPCs, even with a Talk-to option, by shift-right clicking them and selecting Swap Pickpocket


Removing dead NPC menus

The menu entry swapper now has a setting to remove menus for dead NPCs. This prevents clicking on them while they are dieing, as well as casting spells. The entity hider additionally has an option to remove the NPC completely so it is no longer rendered.

Walk here swap

It is now possible to swap Walk here for both left click and shift click on NPC by shift-right clicking them and selecting the corresponding swap option. There is also a global shift click walk here setting in the menu swapper configuration that affects all NPCs.


Worn item swaps

Menus on worn items can now have both their left click and shift click option swapped, which can be configured by shift-right clicking the item when wielded.


Party system improvements

As you may have noticed, we recently updated the special attack counter plugin to show a "spec drop" overlay on the player when a special attack lands. This feature works with the reworked party system, which allows the spec drops to show on your party members.

The party system no longer requires Discord integration to send or join invites, and instead uses a passphrase system. This is a lot less finicky and works more reliably when multiple clients are running.

Creating a party now gives you a passphrase, such as robe-set-raw-purple, which you share with your friends. They just need to click Join party and paste the passphrase to join.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The inventory and chatbox are now movable by holding alt. As usual they can be reset to their default position via alt-right click. The alt key used to drag overlays around is also configurable within the RuneLite settings.
  • Keris partisan defensive style is now correctly hidden by the attack styles plugin
  • Another bug causing the !pets icons to not show up has been fixed, again.
  • Minigame reset timer no longer shows if the setting to enable it is off.
  • A bug causing entity hider's hide pets option to not work has been fixed.
  • !lvl cox cm now works correctly
  • Ancient brew, mixed potions, and other more obscure things have been added to the item stats plugin
  • The stamina timer now works more reliably and also with stamina mixes
  • NPC agression timer now has a setting to show for slayer tasks
  • The timers plugin now has a timer for Shadow Veil
  • Item charges now supports imbued ring of wealth, and braclet of clay
  • The mining plugin now shows respawn timers for gold veins
  • The bank plugin now has an option to force right click the placeholder toggle button
  • The Left click walk on core option of the Corporeal Beast plugin has returned once again
  • NPC indicators now has an option to highlight true south-west tile and true tile


- Adam

New commits

We had 19 contributors this update!

Adam (57):
      compost tracking: fix tracking fertile soil with ash covered tome
      overlay: make alt drag hotkey configurable
      overlay: better handle picking up overlapping overlays
      menu swapper: removetags object/npc names
      menu swapper: removetags npc name on reset swap
      widget overlay: change minimap position back to top_right
      overlay: add movable and snappable overlay flags
      overlay: disallow transformPosition with dynamic/tooltip
      overlay: set g2d clip per layer
      overlay: worldmap: prefer rect2d as g2d clip shape
      devtools: allow pgup/down to cycle through previous commands
      overlay: use hovered overlay for picking managed overlay
      overlay manager: remove spurious position reset logs
      gpu: initialize scene uploader scene id with nanotime
      api: add setForcedPosition widget method
      widget overlay: use setForcedPosition
      overlay: prevent moving non-movable overlays
      prayer: don't return dimension for dynamic overlays
      api: pass menu entry to menu add event and forward accessors
      events: add tostring/equalsandhashcode to menuoption clicked
      api: add npc accessor to menuentry
      api: add player accessor to menuentry
      attackstyles: add weapon types 28 and 29
      fix race loading modicons
      api: add player id accessor
      party: remove Discord requirement
      party: use passphrases for party ids
      party: remove overlay
      spec counter: add devmode check for spec command
      gpu: fix debug mode on macos
      worldmap: add akp and bjp fairy rings
      chat commands: fix !lvl cox cm
      api: deprecate if1 usage
      chat commands: add rifts closed to gotr bossnames
      chatfilter: fix matching lt/gt
      Move entity hider logic to plugin
      hooks: add exception handler for renderable draw listener
      hooks: raise exception logs to error level
      account: use http redirect for oauth login response
      chat channel: use fc max size from container
      runelite: set jagex.disableBouncyCastle=true
      cannon: use varp for cannonball count
      Move party messages from http-api
      spec counter: add config option for infoboxes
      party: no longer use account session id
      party: send join on reconnect
      entity hider: fix hide pets
      timers: fix showMinigameTeleports check
      raids: remove party scout message
      xpglobes: add time to level to tooltip
      corp plugin: add dark core attack deprioritization
      npc overlay: use true tile for south west tile
      menu swapper: remove Pickpocket block
      menu swapper: add option to remove dead npc menu options
      menu swapper: add npc walk here swap
      entity hider: add option to hide dead npcs
      menu swapper: add worn item swaps

Ben Puryear (1):
      Add .DS_Store to .gitignore (#14925)

Cameron Hetzler (1):
      loottracker: reverse collapse all tooltips

David Luong (1):
      item identification: Add Desert Treasure diamonds (#14764)

Hexagon (1):
      spec counter: add spec drops

Hydrox6 (2):
      item stats: add support for stat boosts with a cap
      item stats: add ancient brew

Jonathan Forscher (1):
      item stats: Add some missing beverages (#14412)

Jordan Atwood (10):
      chat commands: Update clear word and clear line defaults
      item stats: Clean up saradomin brew code
      item stats: Use variables for reused potion effects
      item stats: Add mixed potions
      item stats: Remove combo primaries
      item stats: Fix jangerberries stats
      status bars: Override hitpoints and prayer max values in LMS
      special counter: Fix test
      hunter: Remove unused lastActionTime field
      timers: Don't clear stamina on death

LlemonDuck (5):
      chatcommands: consume "clear single word" keypress
      interfacestyles: 2005-style quest tab headers
      clientui: setResizable after setVisible
      slayer: expose slayer task data in service
      npcaggro: show for current slayer task option

MasonPMGit (2):
      item charges: add bracelet of clay
      clues: Allow Daeyalt essence for runecrafting skill challenges

Matthew C (1):
      skill calculator: Fix herblore typos (#14324)

Max Weber (5):
      rl-api, groundmarkers: handle instance plane conversion correctly
      overlay: do not move snap points backwards
      fairyring: add isle of souls ring
      ClientLoader: don't fail patching to hidden files
      SessionManager: don't fail to login with a existing hidden session file

ProjectileRage (1):
      timers: Add Shadow Veil protection detection (#14687)

Stefan Zopfi (1):
      itemcharges: add imbued ring of wealth

Zander Bolgar (1):
      mining: add gold vein respawn timer

emerald000 (1):
      item stats: Add missing consumables

sjpfeiffer (1):
      bank: Add option to force right click on placeholder toggle button

superiorser9 (2):
      timers: Track home and minigame teleports using vars (#14842)
      timers: Check stamina effect using varbits (#15014)

vmarlowe (1):
      fishing: Add frog spawn spot NPC (#14659)