Compost tracking

The farming tracker now keeps track of compost state of each patch, so you no longer have to remember if you've composted patches or not. It works with the fertile soil spell, regular and bottomless compost buckets.

compost1 compost2

Menu swapper improvements

The left-click option on most NPCs and objects can now be set by shift-right clicking and selecting the "Swap" option. These manually set swaps override the more general swaps in the plugin configuration.

There are a few exclusions which are namely pickpocket swaps, blackjack swaps, and construction swaps, but most things should work.

swap1 swap2

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Opening imp jars is now tracked in the loot tracker. It also should correctly handle opening multiple on the same tick.
  • Catching implings is tracked by the loot tracker
  • PBs for COX/TOB are now tracked per scale size, such as eg !pb tob 3, !pb hmt 3 or !pb cox 3. The overall !pb is now for the best time at any scale.
  • Boss shortnames now work with !lvl, eg !lvl hydra. This is similar to !kc but uses the hiscores instead, thus the rank is provided, but the kill count may be outdated
  • Dragging inventory items with overlays, such as the rune pouch overlay or inv tags, once again drags the overlay too
  • Bank searches now supports filtering by quantity, eg qty>30
  • The chat filter default behavior no longer strips accents. If you want it to strip accents like before, enable the Strip accents option. This makes it easier to specifically filter accented characters.
  • A bug causing the !pets icons to not show up sometimes was fixed
  • A bug causing a Canifis agility course clickbox overlay to be drawn incorrectly was fixed
  • Inventory viewer gained an option to hide the inventory view when the bank is open
  • Menu entry swapper now supports swapping home teleport to the two new group ironman specific teleport options with shift
  • Player indicators now additionally colors player names in the trade window
  • The bank plugin now shows total value of group ironman storage
  • The chatbox and inventory interfaces are now movable via holding alt


- Adam

New commits

We had 22 contributors this update!

Adam (112):
      loottracker: refactor inv change events
      loottracker: add imp jars
      loot tracker: support opening multiple imp jars in 1 tick
      loot tracker: track caught implings
      loot tracker: add wilderness loot chest
      loottracker: replace repaint calls with revalidate
      Revert "gpu: Fix loading gluegen natives on some Windows configurations"
      chat message manager: fix gim rl-format messages
      loot tracker: add remember loot option
      gpu: remove newt dependency
      gpu: remove egl dependency
      gpu: update to jogl 2.4.0-rc-20220318
      client: allow setting system properties via runtime config
      gpu: use DebugGL4 in debug mode
      loot tracker: remove import notice
      ground item: expand item lists by default
      gpu: set jogamp.gluegen.TestTempDirExec=false
      api: add Jagex api
      client: add otl token requester
      api: deprecate getUsername
      plugins: replace getUsername uses with getAccountHash
      chat commands: add gotr kc
      chat commands: add hmt alias for theatre of blood hard mode
      clientthread: log exceptions at error level
      config manager: log profile changes
      loot tracker: fix race with loading saved loot and client startup
      plugins: readd quest list plugin
      chat commands: fix tob pb tracking
      xp updater: send account hash to templeosrs
      runecraft: remove unnecessary rifts set
      runecraft: update blood rift id
      runecraft: add degraded colossal pouch
      menu swapper: rename SwapConfig to ItemSwapConfig
      menu swapper: add custom object left click swap
      menu swapper: change object left click configure method
      Revert "menu swapper: Add uncharged cell swap for gotr (#14795)"
      chat commands: support boss shortnames for !lvl
      chat commands: refactor skill abbreviation to a switch
      boosts: default to display as infoboxes and only combat stats
      api: add friends chat kick rank
      session manager: open session on executor thread
      menu swapper: add custom npc left click swap
      overlay: add drawAfterLayer that accepts ids for plugins, and javadoc
      api: exclude annotations package from runtime jar
      Move SlayerUnlock to slayer plugin
      FarmingRegion: remove unused varbits field
      blast furnace: remove unused BarOres map
      api: replace varbits enum with ints
      api: deprecate getVar(int) and use getVarbitValue(int)
      chat commands: track team sizes for raids pb
      api: move autoweed to farming plugin
      chat command: use plural "players" to be consistent with cox
      mta: use widget item overlay
      mta: disable by default
      devtools: remove inventory tool
      examine: support item examine on if3 components
      Revert "menu swapper: add deposit-runes swap for gotr"
      hiscores: add gotr
      api: refactor some menu action names
      api: add selected widget api
      api: add menuentry widget accessor
      api: pass menu entry to menu clicked event and forward accessors
      menu swapper: move bank swaps to client tick
      client: replace HttpUrl.parse with HttpUrl.get
      client: replace MediaType.parse with MediaType.get
      fatal error dialog: work with substance laf
      external plugin client: use verificationexception for security exceptions
      api: add item op menu api
      client: update for if3 inventory
      api: add dragTime accessor
      inv grid: fix for if3 inv
      antidrag: update for if3 inv
      item stats: update for if3 inv
      mes: fix item swaps with op4 and op5
      clues: fix tracking cluescroll
      statusbars: update for if3 inv
      runelite: remove otl requester
      timers: update for if3 inv
      examine: fix item examine message recolor
      interact highlight: fix using npc attack color on item use
      interact highlight: fix detecting spell attacks on npc click
      chat commands: update gotr kill message
      examine: fix examining ground items
      examine: remove unused import
      api: remove Nullable on getLocalPlayer
      cl: set pmd cache location
      client: update pmd
      ci: disable maven-shade-plugin
      infobox: consistently require non-negative timer durations
      util: use error log level for exception loggers
      chat commands: support parsing team size pbs off adventure log
      bank plugin: add quantity search
      clues: update guardian mummy cryptic clue
      fairy ring: add Necropolis
      clues: add Necropolis mine coordinate clue hint
      Don't overwrite okhttp ua if already set
      crowdsourcing: don't include menuoptionclicked event in movementdata
      script assembler: remove runelite-api dependency
      maven: update surefire plugin to 2.22.2
      loottracker: fix tracking imp jars
      map image dumper: use BigBufferedImage
      map image dumper: add main method
      cache: make slf4j-simple an optional dependency
      api: add object composition map setters
      api: add post object composition event
      api: add object composition cache accessor
      chatfilter: add config option for stripping accents
      cache: update indextype names
      chat commands: fix loading pets modicons
      emoji: clean up modicons loading
      friendnotes: clean up modicons loading
      timers: remove unused tzhaar complete matcher

Bob Heine (1):
      clues: Add abyssal lanterns as light sources (#14923)

Cyborger1 (1):
      clues: Fix capitalization for Dark Mage anagram

Elias Lahham (2):
      inventory viewer: hide when bank is open
      menu entry swapper: add house teleport swap

Giovanni van der Schelde (1):
      chat commands: add shortnames for shayzien agility courses

Hydrox6 (4):
      ItemMapping: add shattered relics ornament kits
      cannon: add support for shattered relics league ornamental cannon
      npcaggro: always show tutorial overlay if plugin is not calibrated
      npcaggro: fix unintended loss of calibration

JZomDev (1):
      clues: rename Traiborn to Wizard Traiborn

Jacob Moody (1):
      item charges: fix binding necklace degrading in gotr

JoRouss (1):
      dps counter: fix only boss damage to work in parties

Jonathan Lee (1):
      loot tracker: add guardians of the rift

Jordan Atwood (25):
      roof removal: Fix Cabin Fever ships
      roof removal: Add Tutorial Island overrides
      roof removal: Add Grim Tales tower override
      discord: Add Guardians of the Rift minigame
      HotColdLocation: Fix East of Watson's house spot
      clues: Support rune crossbow and god book (or) variants
      roof removal: Improve Lletya overrides
      roof removal: Add Ardougne gazebo override
      roof removal: Add Misthalin Mystery overrides
      roof removal: Improve Falador castle overrides
      roof removal: Improve SE Ardougne overrides
      roof removal: Improve Port Phasmatys overrides
      roof removal: Add chaos rc altar override
      roof removal: Improve East Catherby overrides
      roof removal: Add Meiyerditch overrides
      roof removal: Add Keep Le Faye overrides
      roof removal: Add House on the Hill overrides
      roof removal: Improve Gnome Stronghold overrides
      roof removal: Add Witchaven override
      roof removal: Add Rising Sun Inn override
      roof removal: Add Falador wall overrides
      roof removal: Add Braindeath Island override
      plugins: Rename Sedridor to Archmage Sedridor
      github: Add Discussions issue template
      HotColdLocation: Add South-east of Ruins of Ullek spot

Joshua Filby (2):
      cache: use LinkedHashMap for switch jump tables
      rl-client: make overridden scripts have switch cases in defined order

LlemonDuck (1):
      timetracking: add compost tracking

Mathew Hylkema (2):
      menu swapper: add deposit-runes swap for gotr
      menu swapper: Add uncharged cell swap for gotr (#14795)

Max Weber (31):
      rl-api: use TileObjects' z for hulls/clickboxes/outlines
      rl-client: remove questlist plugin
      rl-client/chatcommands/Pet: add abyssal protector
      rl-api/Quest: update to 2022-3-22
      api: add AccountHashChanged event
      config: associate account hashes to rsprofiles
      rl-client: open FatalErrorDialog early during outages
      ClientLoader: allow skipping updating vanilla
      rl-client: show FatalErrorDialog when the client crashes
      config: do not start other plugins during startup
      ScriptID: fix GROUP_IRONMAN_STORAGE_BUILD script arguments
      rl-client: pin new Plugin Hub certificate
      wiki: do not allow lookup-ing empty inventory slots
      antidrag: respect hotkeys
      ScriptID: remove unused scripts
      rl-client: do not create a dependency reduced pom
      Quest: update to 2022-4-27
      rl-client: update ID references to 2022-4-27
      cache: correctly link bought & placeholder items
      cache: do not return partially or doubly lit textures
      rl-api: expose ObjectComposition::varbitId/varPlayerId
      cache: unify jagex hsl conversion
      cache/RegionLoader: allow plugging an external xtea key provider
      cache/MapImageDumper: add layer & brightness configuration
      cache/MapImageDumper: add transparency support
      cache/MapImageDumper: fix icon & wall size & placement
      cache/MapImageDumper: handle pushdown objects correctly
      cache/MapImageDumper: fix object wall checks
      cache/MapImageDumper: draw cross region objs when drawing single regions
      Perspective: fix clickbox for type 11 objects
      rl-api: expose currently playing music/jingle

SirGirion (1):
      timetracking: fix tick rate of teak trees

Stephen Au (1):
      spriteid: fix Guthix typo

Vandager (1):
      player indicators: decorate player name in trade window

emielv (1):
      clues: add abyssal whip (or) variant

orange-puff (1):
      bank: Show Group Ironman storage value (#14395)

pwatts6060 (1):
      status bars: Add configurable width for modern resizable interface

testing-ongithub (1):
      xp tracker: Add toggle for "Open Wise Old Man" menu option