Loottracker changes

The loot tracker now always remembers loot between client sessions, even when not logged in with a RuneLite account. Additionally, the loot is stored per-profile now instead of combined for each profile. This means that separate game profiles, such as main game, leagues, deadman, as well as separate RuneScape accounts loot are all separately tracked. Loot is now saved to up to 1 year from the most recent drop.

The old saved loot must be imported into the correct profile manually by clicking the import button in the loot tracker panel if you wish to keep your old saved loot:


New runelite.net link from the Old School RuneScape home page

Jagex have added a direct link to https://runelite.net from the Old School RuneScape homepage. This is due, in part, to the phishing sites which primarily show on Google search.

Due to this we recommend finding RuneLite by following the link from the official Old School RuneScape homepage.

We also recommend using an adblocker when browsing the web if you aren't already, which blocks the phishing ads on Google and other ads, such as uBlock Origin (available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. (Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with uBlock Origin and are happy users))

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The alt key used to configure the ground items plugin is now configurable
  • The entity hider now has an option to hide clan members
  • Ground items can now deprioritize the left-click Take option on hidden items, making it no longer possible to accidentally left click Take those items
  • Screenmarkers now has a toggle to show their names as a label above the marker
  • Group storage withdraw swap has been added to the menu entry swapper
  • Hallowed sack was added to the loot tracker
  • The roof removal plugin now has an option to always hide roofs in POH
  • Jewellery has been added to the item identification plugin
  • Mod West's loot beams models are now used by default for loot beams. There is a setting to change it to use the previous model.
  • Blood essence has been added to the item charges plugin
  • The menu entry swapper can now shift-click swap Climb-up and Climb-down on stairs and ladders
  • The interact highlight plugin now shows which NPC you are selecting when hovering over the menu entry


- Adam

New commits

We had 33 contributors this update!

Adam (110):
      ge: fix showing active trade price on buy offers
      ground items: fix collapsing item examine
      Bump to
      ge: fix showing active trade price on buy offers
      ground items: fix collapsing item examine
      menu swapper: use menu callback for swap config
      menu swapper: don't show default action if one isn't configured
      menu swapper: fix built in swaps overriding custom swaps
      Update logback to 1.2.9
      ci: use adoptopenjdk
      chat message manager: fix recoloring gim messages
      http-service: remove cache controller
      scripts: remove scripts
      config manager: increase sendConfig delay to 5 minutes
      client: move jagexcache into .runelite
      config manager: remove migrateConfig
      api: remove set/get game drawing mode
      http-service: move several hardcoded urls to config
      cache: remove http-api dependency
      http-api: lombokize a few classes
      Move http-api clients to rl-client
      Move okhttp client from http-api
      Remove http-api and http-service
      checkstyle: remove suppressions
      gpu: fix stretched mode scaling issues on macos
      clientui: disable ui scale transform for client bounds on macos
      gpu: queue fbo reset on startup too
      api: add arguments and mousey to scriptevent
      Set macos quitStrategy to CLOSE_ALL_WINDOWS
      ui: set DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE close op prior to disposing
      api: add getConfig to deco, game, and ground objects
      api: fix wallobject orientation javadoc and use
      Fix race with client startup and low detail/chat icon loading
      world map: use game state change event to load quest icons
      menu swapper: remove examine swap
      Revert "world map: use game state change event to load quest icons"
      world map: remove quest icon load retry if not logged in
      api: add new head icons
      slayer plugin: support fake xpdrops
      ge plugin: disable fuzzy search if search event is consumed
      loot manager: add nex
      xp updater: add seasonal worlds to wom
      Use leagues hiscores for seasonal worlds
      discord: add nex boss area
      ground items: add nex instance area
      run energy: fix orb text flickering
      entity hider: add option to hide clan members
      item charges: remove unused slot from ItemChargeInfobox
      ui: add infobox font config
      infobox overlay: hoist some config values out of the render loop
      chat notifications: restore normal color after own name highlight
      chat message manager: support game chat color settings
      chat notifications: fix restoring last color on own name highlight
      chat notifications: simplify finding closing color in pattern matching
      chat message manager: format rl-messages at chat build time
      ground items: fix show item quantities to work with no item highlight mode
      ground items: add option to deprioritize hidden item options
      api: make ClanMember an interface
      api: remove tileitem spawn time
      api: combine projectileid and graphicid
      api: add actor graphic height accessors
      api: use deques for projectiles and graphicsobjects
      api: add projectile target and end cycle setter
      api: add GraphicsObject finished setter
      api: add projectile creation api
      Revert "Merge pull request #14512 from wayne-li2/anagram-clue-builder"
      anagram clue: use builder pattern
      clues: use lists instead of sets for clues
      cache: remove netty-buffer dependency
      slayer: fix reanimated abyssals not counting for tasks
      devtools: add object animation ids
      xptracker: use seasonal wom version for seasonal worlds
      interact highlight: support menu option mouseover
      client: add runtime config
      itemmanager: sanity check wiki prices
      plugins: prevent plugins from overriding equals and hashCode
      ground items: make hotkey configurable
      defaultworld: always changeWorld on client thread
      overlay manager: prevent loading dynamic overlay positions
      gpu: reset fbo on resizablechanged on macos
      gpu: replace count_prio_offset switch with loop
      gpu: apply hsl override to flat shade faces
      Update dnschange url
      linkbrowser: prefer xdg-open over Desktop.open and browse
      clues: add Jimmy Dazzler clue
      clues: add Yu'biusk clue
      screen markers: add a tooltip to border thickness spinner
      screen markers: remove fill toggle
      screen markers: make ScreenMarkerRenderable implement RenderableEntity
      screen markers: add marker labels
      jshell: fix run/clear tooltips
      client: update archive-patcher to 1.2
      cache: script: remove unused import
      item manager: fix active price threshold calculation
      idle notifier: disable by default
      api: expand item api for inventory model replacement
      client: add plugin sideloading
      cache: rename texture animation direction and speed
      gpu: move texture animation to gpu
      gpu: fix anim array indexes with sparse texture array
      loottracker: split panel construction into methods
      loottracker: replace getTotalPrice with stream
      loottracker: hoist box emptyborder from loop
      config manager: post RuneScapeProfileChanged when new profiles are created
      loot tracker: store loot in config
      runelite: disable option parser abbreviations
      api: add methods to get selected item
      config manager: run shutdown hook after plugins
      gpu: don't animate textures when loading
      api: add isFollower to NPCComposition

Adam Keenan (2):
      menu swapper: add group storage shift deposit swap
      chat commands: fix cmb to use correct endpoint

Christos-Apostolidis (1):
      loot tracker: add hallowed sack

Cody Massin (2):
      roof removal: build overrides for POH on startUp
      roof removal: optimize POH region override check

Cyborger1 (2):
      clues: fix Guardian mummy capitalization
      clientui: run PluginPanel#onDeactivate when switching panels

Daniel Bolink (1):
      woodcutting: add Isle Of Souls trees

David Luong (1):
      item identification: add goblin and magic ess potions

Faycal (1):
      item identification: add rejuvenation potion

Henry Darnell (1):
      login screen: Add random override option (#14341)

Hippolyte Mithouard (1):
      barrows: fix npe from receiving an empty reward

Hooder (1):
      gpu: Fix loading gluegen natives on some Windows configurations

Hydrox6 (11):
      worldpoint: use passed plane when getting instance chunk for localpoint
      roof removal: use worldpoint's plane instead of current plane
      roof removal: add overrides for unused area in the POH dungeon
      roof removal: add support for always hiding roofs in POH
      clientUI: show if the client is in safe mode in the window title
      login screen: add nex login screen
      item charges: add ancient brew
      item identification: add ancient brew
      skill calc: add ancient brew
      dps counter: add nex
      timers: add shattered relics home teleport

Illya Myshakov (1):
      chat commands: add Nexling pet

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      notifier: set app name when using notify-send

Jordan Atwood (2):
      widget overlay: Don't draw empty wilderness K/D box
      slayer: Fix name matching

Jordan Hanley (1):
      item identification: add jewellery

Josh (1):
      npcunaggroarea: add option to hide when out of combat

LootBagger (2):
      plugin manager: fix plugins with multiple dependencies
      plugin manager: optimize plugin dependency sorting

Max Weber (10):
      grounditems/Lootbeam: handle loading models correctly
      rl-client: keep plugin hub jars around for longer
      rl-api: expose ModelData & model transformation methods
      rl-api: expose cache getters
      grounditems: Add Modern style loot beam
      rl-api: fluent widget api
      rl-api: add MagicConstant annotations
      grounditems/Lootbeam: use more faithful colors
      config: implement toString/equals/hashCode for Config proxies
      Update Quests to 2022-2-9

Minh Pham (1):
      slayer: add penguins to bird task

Nakst (1):
      cache: refactor ModelLoader.decodeOldFormat variable names

Robert (1):
      interface styles: fix 2005 style icon alignment

SirGirion (1):
      itemcharges: Add support for blood essence

Skretzo (1):
      screen markers: fix visibilityLabel tooltip

Thource (1):
      Remove daily sand check for UIM accounts

Tomas Slusny (1):
      discord: accept animated avatars in matcher

Tony Wang (1):
      cache: script: use linkedhashmap for switch map

Viktor Horsmanheimo (1):
      notifier: add timeout option for Linux

Wayne Li (4):
      clues: Fix some anagrams (#14486)
      HotColdClue: Delete Twisted Leagues code
      clue: Update area descriptions of anagram clues
      clue: Refactor Anagrams into builder model

awbasham (1):
      dps counter: add Corrupted Hunllef

dekvall (1):
      worldmap: use vanilla icons for lovakengj mining site

geheur (1):
      menu swapper: add climb-up and climb-down swaps

testing-ongithub (4):
      Add option to disable system tray icon
      Fix clicking tray icon not bringing client to front on macOS
      Don't force focus on tray icon click on macOS when already focused
      fairy ring: add Yu'biusk