The menu swapper has a new option to configure the left click option on items, which works similar to the existing shift-click configuration.


Login and logout notifications can now be hidden per-friend by clicking the Hide notifications option on the friend.

Login notifications

Chat channels can now show the number of online members in the channel.

Chat channels member count

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The music plugin now has an additional option to mute ambient sounds, which affect passive object sounds such as from magic trees and furnaces.
  • The grand exchange buy limit and active traded price has been adjusted to fit on the interface
  • The mute button clickbox on the login screen is no longer the entire bottom right area of the client
  • Character accents are now ignored when applying chat filters to messages
  • The loot tracker now tracks Mahogany Homes supply crates
  • The world hopper region filter now supports filters with multiple regions
  • The screenshot plugin can now screenshot combat achievement task completions
  • Tile indicators now has a separate color configuration for tile fill color
  • The party plugin now has a button to join the previous party, as well as join party by id
  • Timing for the woodcutting respawn timers has been corrected
  • Inventory tags are now shown in the Chambers of Xeric storage chest
  • Item identification now works in the group ironman shared storage
  • The pickpocket stun timer now works correctly with the dodgy necklace protection
  • A rocket emoji was added to the emoji plugin (>==>)
  • The player Lookup option now chooses the correct hiscores based on the world type


- Adam

New commits

We had 23 contributors this release!

Adam (59):
      api: add on tick callback
      camera plugin: fix tooltips with uncapped fps
      music plugin: fix tooltips with uncapped fps
      gpu: clear target buffer offset on login screen
      barrows: fix brothers slain overlay flashing
      bank: block bank pin going to chatbox
      clues: capitalize fairy ring BKP
      client: remove rogues' den plugin
      cache: rename objectdefinition ambient sound ids
      api: add ambient sound effect
      music: add option to mute ambient sound effects
      gpu: store and use previous viewport's offsets for each frame
      gpu: update suppressed warnings
      gpu: initialize targetBufferOffset on startup
      gpu: enable adaptive vsync
      opponent info: hide overlay if hp hud is active
      opponent info: use long npc name if available
      banktags: remove extra space in chatbox prompt
      banktags: improve bank scrollbar updates
      banktags: remove setBankScroll event
      clues: remove unnecessary item array copy
      clues test: remove unnecessary stubbing
      chat filter: Ignore character accents for matching
      gpu: add sync mode config
      timestamp: use steam client chat timestamp support
      timestamp: immediately apply color config changes
      screenshot: update duel arena messages
      chat commands: update duel arena messages
      barrows: fix vanilla overlay flashing with unlocked fps
      loot tracker: add mahogany homes supply crate
      logback: use SizeAndTimeBasedRollingPolicy
      Add gim clan chat types
      chat message manager: don't apply color changes to message nodes
      chat history: include clan system messages
      config panel: refactor input components creation into methods
      ui: highlight selected cells correctly
      config: add support for enum sets
      world hopper: allow selecting multiple region filters
      hiscore: use hiscore endpoint for world for player lookup op
      chat history: remove group Clear history option
      mes: add left click customization
      screenshot plugin: reorder config
      screenshot plugin: add combat achievements
      screenshot plugin: test screenshot filenames
      config service: avoid raising a json exception on non json input
      loot tracker: aggregate kills prior to inserting
      tile indicators: add config sections
      api: make MenuEntry an interface
      chatfilter: add clan message types
      friendslist: add option to hide per-friend login notifications
      rl-client: build test jar
      ge plugin: compact buy offer examine text
      gpu: add model hsl override support
      nmz: fix point overlay flickering with unlocked fps
      widget inspector: add listeners
      hiscore: add nex
      grandexchange: remove osb ge client
      Move hiscore client to rl-client

Alan Baumgartner (1):
      party: add option to join previous party and join party by id

Alex (1):
      ground items: Fix despawn timer in clan hall (#14358)

Brad Rammel (1):
      achievement diary: remove the queen of thieves quest requirement

Daniel (1):
      hiscore panel: change top border size to 10

Dasgust (1):
      chatchannels: display online member count

Freeburn113 (1):
      woodcutting: update respawn times from wiki

Hydrox6 (4):
      roof removal: fix rimmington crafting store roof
      roof removal: fix tolna's rift
      move runepouch rune enum to client/game
      clues: make item requirements work with the runepouch

Im2be (1):
      inv tags: add cox storage chest

Josh J (1):
      tile indicators: add fill color config

Krazune (1):
      timers: add dodgy necklace protection to pickpocket stun timer

LlemonDuck (1):
      special counter: ignore vet'ion hellhounds

Logan (1):
      emoji: add rocketship emoji

Max Weber (9):
      gpu: use pbo & driver owned buffer for ui tex upload
      gpu: use optimized scene uploading for dynamic models too
      camera: remove our compass look op config
      avoid boxing `Comparator.comparing`s
      chatchannel: remove target mode
      rl-client: fix sending channel messages dropping ! prefixes
      rl-client: remove chatbox performance plugin
      rl-api: use less confusing names for model indices
      cache: add rev202 model formats

Paul Norton (1):
      spec counter: add sire spawns and scions to ignore list

Ron Young (1):
      api: MenuEntry::setDeprioritized return self

Tal Skverer (1):
      timers: Track imbued heart timer from varbit

Wayne Li (1):
      hiscores: fix npe

Zach (1):
      widget item overlay: add group storage to showOnBank

emerald000 (1):
      clues: Fix charcoal burners STASH location (#14306)

orange-puff (1):
      menu swapper: add teleports swap to teleport swap

septicsalmon (1):
      item identification: add option for each seed type

simeonlg (1):
      clues: Accept Tome of water when requiring water runes (#14361)