The GPU plugin has a new Unlock FPS option which disables the 50 FPS hard cap on the client and allows the client to render frames at the maximum rate supported by your system. For most users, this will be 60 FPS, unless you have a display and GPU which supports a higher refresh rate. The higher frame rate is applied to camera movements, like how the steam and mobile clients work, which results in a smoother feel when moving the camera with mouse or keyboard input.

MacOS M1 Launcher

If you missed the previous blog, a native launcher for the Apple M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max is now available. If you have one of these systems and haven't already, we highly recommend downloading the newer launcher here.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Selected bank tag tabs no longer get applied to shared storage. You may additionally also search shared storage using bank tag names when a bank tag is selected
  • The actions required in the skill calculator now no longer sometimes give incorrect results when using partial xp
  • The !pets command now correctly recognizes pet chinchompas
  • The Shared Storage button no longer overlaps the bank capacity interface
  • A bug causing HD healthbars widths to be incorrect was fixed
  • Lookup was added to player names in the group ironman group list
  • !kc gg and ggs short names were added for Grotesque Guardians
  • A bird nest tier setting was added to the Woodcutting plugin to allow only sending notifications for bird nests of a certain clue level
  • The spec counter now has a configuration option for the bulwark special attack threshold
  • The black Loading and Connection lost boxes now get drawn correctly in the upper left when GPU is enabled
  • The prayer dose overlay now correctly computes how much prayer sanfew serums restore


- Adam

New commits

We had 11 contributors this release!

Adam (21):
      api: make HashTable implement iterable
      game event manager: send itemcontainer change events for all containers
      api: add getItemContainer(int)
      api: import model bottomY
      gpu: improve model visible check
      hiscore: simplify lookup menu option add logic
      wiki: fix positioning wiki icon with wiki entity lookup off
      api: add clan id to clan channel changed event
      widget overlay: update gwd kc position
      banktags: fix active tag being applied to shared storage
      inventoryid: add gim shared storage inventories
      prayer: fix sanfew prayer dose indicator
      skillcalc: only recompute xp bonus values once when bonus changes
      skillcalc: round bonus xp to nearest tenth
      skillcalc: use double precision for xp
      Add runelite_callback opcode to cache
      gpu: fix drawing loading and connection lost boxes
      skillcalc: use fixed point arithmetic for xp calculations
      Bump to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
      client loader: add new jagex certificate
      gpu: add uncap fps option

BrastaSauce (1):
      hiscore: Add player lookup in group ironman tab

BrianSchimert (1):
      chat commands: Add shorthand names for Grotesque Guardians (#14305)

Hydrox6 (3):
      api: add group ironman account types
      skill calculator: fix incorrect icon for Hespori
      interface styles: fix incorrectly sized 140px healthbar

Illya Myshakov (1):
      chat commands: fix incorrect pet chin ID

Kerzyte (1):
      skill calculator: minor xp corrections

Tal s (1):
      woodcutting: Add clue nest notification config (#14132)

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      spec counter: add bulwark threshold config

lkmrrs (1):
      skill calculator: Add javelins to fletching calculator (#14317)

melkypie (2):
      banktags: fix bank equipment button and item count spacing
      banktags: fix group storage button location

shmeeps (1):
      prayer: add blighted super restore