The HD healthbars feature of the Interface Styles plugin now supports bars of all colors and sizes.

Nightmare health bars Zalcano health bar
Nightmare boss health bar Nightmare pillar health bars Zalcano health bar

Ground markers now have a configurable fill opacity.

0 fill opacity markers 50 fill opacity markers (default) 150 fill opacity markers
Ground markers with 0 fill opacity Ground markers with 50 fill opacity Ground markers with 150 fill opacity

MacOS M1 Launcher

MacOS users: A native launcher for the Apple M1 is now available! If you have a Mac with an Apple M1 processor we recommend reinstalling RuneLite with the new launcher, which gives better performance. Download it here.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Dinh's bulwark special attacks are now tracked via the Special Attack Counter plugin
  • Inventory tags now appear on items in the gravestone collection interface
  • The cannon plugin is more reliable about detecting your cannon placement in situations where your animations are interrupted.
  • NPC model outlines are no longer a few pixels mis-aligned when rendered on GPU
  • Minimap ground marker overlays have had their positioning corrected
  • The Clue Scroll plugin now displays solutions for the X Marks the Spot quest steps
  • !kc cg is now a recognized abbreviation for Corrupted Gauntlet in the Chat Commands plugin
  • The Screenshot plugin can now take screenshots of clan member deaths. Additionally, for collection log slot screenshots, it will capture the popup if your game settings are set to show one.
  • Ducks are now highlighted during bird tasks in the Slayer plugin
  • The Skybox plugin no longer thinks that the inside of Prifddinas is in a dungeon
  • Cannon spots in the Jormungand prison have been added to the Cannon plugin
  • The bonecrusher xp penalty has been added as an available bonus option in the Skill Calculator plugin
  • The tag tab tab of the Bank Tags plugin now has a working scrollbar
  • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin bank option swaps now work correctly in bank deposit boxes
  • The Item Charges plugin tracks Ring of forging charges correctly when its effect is combined with that of the Varrock platebody


- Jordan

New commits

We had 17 contributors this release!

Adam (31):
      npc highlight: fix npe rendering minimap names on npcs with no name
      Move npc highlight overlay to core
      corp: use npc overlay service
      runecraft: use npc overlay service
      external plugins: require assertions when loading builtin plugins
      npc minimap overlay: use unmodified highlight color
      npc overlay: set lower priority on npc change and despawn handlers
      widget overlay: correct raids points overlay position
      music: check game state before applying sliders on startup
      npc overlay: clear highlighted npcs on logout
      client: update jna to 5.9.0
      api: add model vertex normals
      api: add scene tile shapes, underlay, and overlay ids
      ground markers: add fill opacity config
      xtea: skip unknown map regions
      xp tracker overlay: treat counter=off progressbar=off as hidden
      Update okhttp to 3.14.9
      http-service: assign name to scheduler thread
      api: remove cachedModels2 and nodecache setters
      perspective: add gpu projection for modelToCanvas
      perspective: refactor localToCanvas
      api: add runtime jar
      api: mark runtime classes as final
      api: move Favour to achievementdiary plugin
      api: add clan ids and accessors
      spec counter: add Dinh's bulwark
      Fix ground marker minimap overlay position
      item charges: fix rof tracking with varrock platebody
      ui: recompute minimum size after frame restore
      api: add widget classes to runtime exclusions
      hiscore: switch to league hiscores

Arnaud Peralta (3):
      roof removal: Add Juliet house overrides (#14108)
      inventory tags: Show on gravestone collection interface (#14113)
      roof removal: Add Weiss override (#14177)

Brett (1):
      slayer: Add duck as alternative for bird task (#14224)

Christian Bull (1):
      agility shortcut: include grapple rocks in observatory shortcut

Hablapatabla (1):
      roof removal: Add Barbarian village overrides

Hydrox6 (6):
      interface styles: add HD healthbars for the rest of the healtbars
      prayer: shorten hd prayer bar to fit with updated health bars
      cannon: make onChatMessage use if/else
      achievementdiary: correct spelling of shortcut
      cannon: update cannon location when interacting with the player's cannon
      gpu: display device and driver being used during plugin startup

Jordan Atwood (12):
      idle notifier: Support filling water vessels, Shades of Mort'ton
      widgets: Add POH treasure chest widget IDs
      client: Support POH treasure chest inventory overlays
      status bars: Fix left bar Y offset
      status bars: Clean up rendering code
      api: Add getMirrorPoint to WorldPoint API
      skybox: Show surface color while in Prifddinas
      skill calculator: Code cleanup
      skill calculator: Define actions and bonuses in Java
      skill calculator: Add ItemSkillAction interface
      chat colors: Add engine message recoloring
      cluescrolls: Add X Marks The Spot quest solutions

LlemonDuck (1):
      chatcommands: cg shorthand for corrupted gauntlet

Max Weber (6):
      rl-client: add plugin conflict support
      Revert "rl-client: add plugin conflict support"
      rl-client: add plugin conflict support
      config: clarify plugin conflict list
      rl-client/RSProfileType: add Shattered Relics profile type
      rl-client: use vanilla ItemComposition cache

Patrick Watts (2):
      api: Add contains methods to WorldPoint and WorldArea
      screenshot: Add clan member death screenshotting (#14052)

Tal Skverer (2):
      cannon: Add Dagganoth spots in Jormungand prison
      cannon: Increase max distance for cannon overlays

Vic Segers (1):
      itemstats: Add jangerberries prayer point restore (#14101)

dekvall (1):
      skill calculator: Add common thieving chests

evaan (1):
      skill calculator: Add bonecrusher prayer bonus

geheur (2):
      bank tags: Fix tag tab tab scroll height (#13761)
      menu swapper: add extra op swapping for deposit box

neatclient12345 (1):
      skill calculator: Fix grammar 0-action selections (#13995)

superiorser9 (1):
      screenshot: Capture collection log popup notifications