We've added the Interact Highlight plugin, which draws an outline around NPCs and objects you hover over and interact with.

Login and logout messages for friends and friends chat chanels no longer appear for world hops.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Slayer and Implings plugins now use the same system for highlighting as the NPC Indicators plugin, allowing configurable hull/tile/outline overlays to be drawn. Note: this currently requires the NPC Indicators plugin to be enabled, we will be removing this dependency in the future.
  • The NPC Indicators plugin now has a separate fill color option, allowing the fill and border colors to be fully customizable
  • We've fixed a bug with the Roof Removal plugin which sometimes caused game crashes on teleports
  • To match features available in the Steam OldSchool RuneScape client, we have enabled the Antidrag plugin in PvP scenarios, and we've increased the walk click distance.
  • Loot Tracker entries now display unit price of item stacks in their tooltips
  • The new combat achievement slayer helmet variations are now supported in the Slayer and Clue Scroll plugins
  • The wilderness level vanilla widget has been made moveable
  • Swap options have been added to the Menu Entry Swapper plugin for the Desert amulet 4
  • The burner timers of the POH plugin have been fixed to be more accurate
  • The expanded side panel is now remembered and restored when restoring the sidebar
  • UI tooltips on MacOS are no longer cut off by the game screen
  • The Roof Removal plugin has had many areas touched up to better hide roofs, and now works in instances such as quest instances
  • The Grotesque Guardians instance timer has been changed to 5 minutes
  • The Loot Tracker plugin now detects loot from Camdozaal vault lootboxes and the rogues' chest
  • The Woodcutting plugin no longer shows respawn timers for POH construction trees
  • The mining plugin now shows respawn timers for Barronite ore and deposits
  • The XP Globes overlay no longer tries to draw itself slightly overlapping its bounding box


- Jordan

New commits

We had 20 contributors this release!

Adam (45):
      chat commands: use script event for loading col log pets
      clues: fix Shayzien Infirmary clue challenge
      chat commands: fix parsing nightmare nb
      api: remove many unused projectile ids
      api: fix naming of menuoptionclicked params
      chat commands: fix parsing nightmare pb
      Add interact highlight plugin
      loot tracker: add ruins of camdozaal vault lockboxes
      poh: fix burner overlay timers
      api: add menu location and size accessors
      hiscore: switch to dmmt hiscores
      antidrag: enable in pvp
      http service: add pets list length check
      widgetoverlay: support detached overlays
      slayer plugin: use npchiglight for task highlights
      redis pool: don't reuse broken jedis instances
      interact highlight: set overlay priority to high
      widget overlay: rebuild overlay layers when xp tracker moves
      widget overlay: lower priority of oxygen and hp interfaces
      npc indicators: add fill color config
      woodcutting: remove respawn timers from construction trees
      ping: add macos support for icmp ping
      config manager: fsync temp config file
      clientloader: fix loading classes in packages
      clientui: fix restoring sidepanel when expanding sidebar
      api: add type parameter to Comparable
      chat channel: fix join/leave world hop detection
      xp updater: don't send updates for dmm, leagues, or beta worlds
      chat commands: rename tob story mode to entry mode
      npc indicators: allow plugins to specify highlight styles
      implings plugin: use npc indicators for impling overlay
      chat commands: update to parse new adv log pb counters
      ge: fix detecting dmmt world type
      Update world types for seasonal deadman
      world hopper: set activity tooltip on world list
      overlay: only layout widget overlays if the preferred location is set
      world hopper: bubble up mouse events from activity label
      loot tracker: add world id to loot record for dmmt
      use maven's native reproducible build support
      logback: add duplicate exception filter
      api: flatten model uvs
      wiki: move icon to match vanilla position
      api: make getCanvasTilePoly work on multi-tile npcs
      pom: remove source/target configuration on maven-compiler-plugin
      ui: force heavyweight tooltips on macos

Adam Davies (1):
      mining: Add barronite ore and deposits

BenMortensenTTS (1):
      loot tracker: add rogues' chest

Christian (1):
      menu swapper: add placeholder withdraw swap

Cyborger1 (1):
      text: don't remove double spaces in toJagexName

Eirik Leikvoll (1):
      interact highlight: fix auto retaliate highlight color

Hydrox6 (21):
      world map: correct locations of quest markers (#13960)
      client: update various wordings to use "signed in/out" for RL accounts
      ground items: make loot beams work with only show loot
      roof removal: fix some roof bleed in Prifddinas
      roof removal: add overrides for Mage Arena
      roof removal: add overrides for Lighthouse during Horror from the Deep
      clues: remove non-existent clues
      roof removal: add overrides for redwoods
      roof removal: add overrides for port sarim's boats
      roof removal: add overrides for entrana's boat
      roof removal: fix roof collisions at ranging guild
      roof removal: add overrides for the boat next to morytania's farm
      roof removal: add overrides for dorgesh-kaan
      roof removal: add overrides for the temple of light
      roof removal: add overrides for fossil island underwater
      roof removal: add overrides for waterbirth island dungeon
      roof removal: fix ardougne castle 1st floor
      roof removal: properly account for instances when applying overrides
      loot tracker: add ea display to tooltips
      loot tracker: don't show unneeded tooltip lines for coins and platinum
      xp globes: account for progress arc width when deciding overlay bounds

Illya Myshakov (1):
      chat commands: use rl format message for pets

Jordan Atwood (6):
      banktags: Fix bank scroll height with separators hidden (#13723)
      Revert "XpInfoBox: Give stats panel equal column widths"
      ItemMapping: Add combat achievement rewards variations
      slayer: Support combat achievement slayer helms
      clues: Support combat achievement slayer helms
      roof removal: Fix Ardougne monastery

JoshS (1):
      skill calc: add Magic Essence Potion

Max Weber (5):
      itemstats: remove quest field
      rl-client/RSProfileType: add DMM Reborn
      rl-client/ImageCapture: use RSProfileType for screenshot naming
      rl-api: expose actor pose anim source setters
      timetracking: don't load notification icons for every panel

Ryan (1):
      ItemMapping: Add Tome of Water and Master Scroll Book

SkylerPIlot (2):
      skill calculator: Add Morytania diary shade exp bonus
      skill calculator: Add Urium remains

Steven L (1):
      clues: Add Wizards' Tower fairy ring code to cryptic clue (#13977)

ThePharros (1):
      menu swapper: add desert amulet 4

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      itemstats: Add Corrupted Paddlefish
      CrypticClue: Fix hosidius fruit store crates highlighting (#14051)

Trevor Engen (1):
      slayer: Change moss giants task icon to mossy key (#13962)

Vetricci (6):
      item mapping: add combat achievement slayer helm variants
      itemstats: Add new Gauntlet food
      roof removal: fix Varrock Castle gallery
      roof removal: fix eastern Dark Beast area
      roof removal: add overrides for Prifddinas
      skillcalculator: Add new amethyst items (#13890)

emerald000 (1):
      boss timers: Change Grotesque Guardians timer to 5 minutes (#13893)

pilino1234 (2):
      skillcalculator: Add Camdozaal activities
      worldmap: Add mining spots in Ruins of Camdozaal