Options have been added to the Ground Items plugin to draw loot beams for highlighted items, and for items at or above a given price tier.

Ground item loot beams

A new command, !pets, has been added to the Chat Commands plugin, which will display the number of pets owned along with an icon of each pet owned. You must first check the All pets section of your collection log for RuneLite to learn which pets you have. Additional pets are automatically added if the collection log unlock notifications are enabled in the game settings.

Pets chat command

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • An option has been added to the Status Bars plugin to hide them while outside of combat
  • The Report Button plugin can now display idle time on the report button
  • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin's "Quick Pass/Open/Start/Travel" swap now swaps Zulrah's sacrificial boat's Quick-board option
  • Teleport scrolls are now given labels via the Item Identification plugin
  • The Timers plugin now shows a timer for being stunned while pickpocketing
  • A number of locations have had their roof removal mapping improved. No more random roof pieces floating in the air!
  • Clue scrolls requiring you travel through the Mos Le'Harmless Cave no longer prompt you to bring a light source when you've already built and lit the Fire of Eternal Light there
  • The Time Tracking overview panel is no longer blocked from opening when your farming contract crop is dead


- Jordan

New commits

We had 12 contributors this release!

Adam (4):
      item identification: clean up config enabled checks
      report button: add idle time
      menu entry swapper: add sacrificial boat quick board swap
      chat commands: add pets command

Hydrox6 (5):
      roof removal: add overrides for Shilo Village
      roof removal: fix entrance to Draynor Manor
      roof removal: fix bridge at entrance to Lletya
      roof removal: add overrides for Harmony Island
      roof removal: fix Arceuus church upper floors

Jordan Atwood (2):
      CoordinateClue: Fix Isle of Souls enemies
      roof removal: Add overrides for Keldagrim

Max Weber (8):
      rl-api: add JagexColor util
      timetracking: don't fail rendering overview with dead contracts
      worldmap: use correct bounds for tooltip hit checking
      music: use vanilla's volume percentage conversion
      jshell: run cleanups on the client thread
      rl-client: render horizontal scroll bars
      jshell: allow copy of shell console
      jshell: better unresolved symbol handling

Neil Rush (1):
      roof removal: Fix magic guild first floor (#13879)

Peter Mauldin (1):
      item identification: add teleport scrolls

RiddleTime (1):
      skill calc: add wall safe to thieving

Robert (1):
      timers: add pickpocket stun timer

Trevor (2):
      rl-api: add RuneLiteObject
      ground items plugin: add lootbeams

Vetricci (1):
      clues: Fix Shayzien cryptic clue crate location

emerald000 (1):
      api: Fix Mos Le'Harmless firepit varbit (#13906)

ermalsh (1):
      statusbars: Add option to hide outside of combat