We've added a new model outline renderer which can draw precise outlines of NPCs and objects via their respective indicator plugins.

1px outline 2px outline 10px feathered outline
Dust devils highlighted with a 1px outline Dust devils highlighted with a 2px outline Dust devils highlighted with a 1px outline

We've added a roof removal plugin which can selectively hide roofs when standing or walking under them, hovering over them, or when they block the camera's view to your player. Experience the game's beautiful roofs without sacrificing visibility!

Website feature additions

We've added a tile marker display page to the website. Just visit https://runelite.net/tile/ and paste your exported ground markers to see them visualized on the game map, like these Olm boss fight markers. If you are logged in to website you can also view your saved tile markers on tile markers account page

Olm boss fight markers

Additionally, our Plugin Hub page has become even more informative, as you can now click on a listed plugin and its project introduction will be presented.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • A border width option has been added to the Ground Markers plugin
  • The Inventory Viewer has an option to become hidden when your inventory tab is open
  • The Barbarian Assault lobby and healer widgets are now moveable using our overlay system
  • The cannon degrade timer is now shown for each stage of cannon setup, and a repair timer is added if your cannon degrades after being set up
  • Recolored versions of the Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen correctly count toward your total bank value
  • The Wintertodt plugin is now better at detecting when you have started fletching
  • The thrall timer counts the extra time given from having a boosted magic level
  • The XP Tracker plugin will no longer forget to draw an intermediate marker for the last level toward a configured XP goal
  • A number of Shayzien and Great Kourend clue scroll steps have had their text or enemies corrected


- Jordan

New commits

We had 15 contributors this release!

Adam (7):
      tile indicators: add border width config
      Revert "http-service: fix hiscore test"
      http-service: fix hiscore test
      inventory viewer: add option to hide when inventory is open
      Close various resource inputstreams
      object indicators: don't mark unnamed objects
      api: fix computing scene coord for negative local points

BegOsrs (1):
      WidgetOverlay: Make Barbarian Assault widgets moveable (#13852)

Cyborger1 (1):
      clues: Fix capitalization for "New Recruit Tony" master anagram

F.W. Dekker (1):
      chat notifications: clarify how to enter multiple words

Gamma91 (1):
      roof removal: Add missing overrides for the lighthouse and falador castle (#13862)

Hydrox6 (16):
      loot manager: add phosani's nightmare
      widgetoverlay: add back removed WidgetOverlays
      combatlevel: fix attack range indicator
      clues: fix hot/cold enemies for updated kourend locations
      timers: make thrall timer use boosted magic level
      overlay renderer: account for parent's position when clamping location
      clues: fix the other kourend hot/cold enemies
      chat commands: add shorthand names for phosani's nightmare
      xp tracker: fix intermediate markers not showing for xp based goal ends
      api: add roof removal api
      plugins: add roof removal plugin
      devtools: add tile region location and regionid to tile location tool
      devtools: add roofs tool
      roof removal: overrides to fix Pyramid Plunder and Yanille Bank
      timers: add cannon repair timer
      roof removal: change override.json file extension to .jsonc

Jordan Atwood (4):
      CoordinateClue: Add South of Shayziens' Wall clue
      discord: Identify corrupted gauntlet separately
      Remove unused Slf4j annotations and imports
      CoordinateClue: Fix Crabclaw isle location

LlemonDuck (1):
      raids: screenshot overlay from client thread

Loze-Put (1):
      timers: Add cannon timer for each parts' setup (#13856)

Max Weber (6):
      Update script arguments to 2021-6-30
      http-api, rl-client: add phosani's nightmare to hiscores
      http-service: fix hiscore test
      music: don't restart when rendrawing tli
      worldmap: fix tooltip widget id
      runelite-api: update Quest

Meeran (1):
      ItemMapping: Add Blade of Saeldor and Bow of Faerdhinen recolor mappings (#13859)

Michael (1):
      wintertodt: improve fletching activity status detection

SirWrain (1):
      achievement diary: Fix reworded hard desert diary entry (#13770)

Woox (5):
      Add model outline renderer
      modeloutlinerenderer: fix clip boundaries in fixed mode
      api: add actor current orientation
      api: add decorative object offsets
      api: add game object model orientation

geheur (1):
      mta: update alchemy room widgets ids