RuneLite has been updated to support Theatre of Blood: Hard Mode and Story Mode. Players' Hard Mode kill counts are saved and can be shared using the !kc chat command or looked up on the hiscore plugin.

The various content updates centered around Shayzien and the A Kingdom Divided quest have been updated in the client, including:

  • Many existing clue scrolls in the Shayzien region have had their solutions or directions changed, and a number of new clues have been added
  • The new Arceuus spells now display timers of their duration and cooldown
  • The Shayzien agility course has a lap counter and shows the number of laps needed to reach your level or xp goal
  • World map icons and tooltips have been added for the A Kingdom Divided quest location and many skilling and resource icons in the Shayzien area
  • Skill calculator entries have been added for demonic ashes, Shayzien agility courses, and the new Arceuus spells

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • You can now look up clan members' hiscore information via the clan member listing
  • The team capes plugin has been renamed to the team plugin, and now supports listing of the number of nearby players sharing your team cape, friend chat, or clan
  • The camera plugin no longer causes your camera pitch to increase when using the compass options while "preserve pitch" is enabled. Additionally, an option to preserve yaw while changing worlds has been added.
  • Menu entry swapper options have been added for achievement diary item teleports and the construction cape
  • Ground markers, NPC indicators, and object markers now support a configurable width for their overlays
  • XP drops now support an option to override the standard client xp drop color allowing you to use any color, not just the select few client choices, for your xp drops
  • POH icons for house objects decorated with the goblin decorations now display correctly
  • Ground item despawn timers have been corrected for items appearing while fighting Tempoross
  • The new A Kingdom Divided login screen has been added to the Login Screen plugin
  • The colors of the inventory grid overlay are now customizable
  • The spec counter plugin now displays special attacks landed on the Alchemical Hydra. It also resets its counter when leaving instanced areas.
  • Wintertodt supply crate loots are now tracked in the Loot Tracker plugin
  • An option has been added to capture screenshots when achieving new collection log entries
  • Screenshots captured while on tournament/beta worlds are now stored to a separate folder for better organization
  • Item stats shown for stamina potions while wearing the ring of endurance now correctly show it restoring 40 run energy rather than the usual 20
  • A bug which could cause clients to launch without correctly downloading Plugin Hub listings has been fixed


- Jordan

New commits

We had 19 contributors this release!

Adam (36):
      Strip tags when doing friends chat lookups
      api: add clan channel changed event
      team capes: rename to team
      team: add clan member counter
      chatchannel: fix clan join/leave timeouts with fc join/leave off
      sprite manager: use constructor injection
      chat filter: fix collapsing replayed public chat
      Use junit rule for mock webserver
      camera: add zoom slider tooltip when dragging
      chat channel: add target mode config
      http-api: add tob hm hiscores
      hiscore panel: add tob hard mode
      chat filter: remove filter login
      mta: clear hint arrow when leaving enchantment and alchemist room
      config manager: disallow : in key names
      chat commands: fix tob hm/sm kc/pb tracking
      chat colors: fix clan chat message highlight keys
      api: add setCameraYawTarget
      camera: add option to preserve yaw when world hopping
      chat commands: update tob new pb pattern
      gpu: use renderbuffer for aa fbo
      menu swapper: add con cape tele to poh
      chat commands: update tob duration pattern
      ground markers: add configurable border width
      api: add widget line height accessors
      menu swapper: add achievement diary items with non-standard teleport options
      Remove examine api
      screenshot plugin: consolidate kill count fields
      screenshot plugin: make subdir strings constants
      screenshot plugin: add tob story and hard mode screenshots
      screenshot plugin: name tob hm/sm files differently
      xp drops: add option to override standard client xp drop colors
      loot tracker: add reset warning to event reset option
      discord: fix npe from menu event timing out with elapsed total time
      menu swapper: add enter-crypt to quick swap
      api: add actor overhead cycle accessors

Bird-Hands (1):
      npc indicators: add configurable border width

Broooklyn (2):
      poh: Add icons for objects changed with Goblin Decorations
      worldmap: Add TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges minigame location

Cyborger1 (4):
      ItemIdentification: Add Ghorrock tablet
      ChatHistory: Fix "Copy to Clipboard" after clan update
      hiscore: add lookup clan member (#13706)
      clues: Update description for coordinate south-west of Ferox

FlashBasedGod (1):
      ground items: Add Tempoross instance to normal despawn timers

Hydrox6 (11):
      clues: count bird glove as being correct for the weapon requirement
      world map overlay: make icons display fully on the map when edge snapped
      world map mouse listener: consume click if icon is clicked on
      loginscreen: add a kingdom divided login screen
      loot tracker: check for correct menu option type when deciding event
      api: correct imcando hammer construction animation
      skill calc: add demonic ashes
      timers: add duration and cooldown timers for arceuus spells
      skill calc: add shayzien courses
      skill calc: add new arceuus spells
      api: fix hitsplat sprite ids

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      inventory grid: add color config

Jordan Atwood (12):
      XpInfoBox: Give stats panel equal column widths
      ProgressBar: Fix center label centering
      item identification plugin: Add item mapping test
      clues: Fix three step cryptic clue getLocations NPE
      status bars: Add counter text drop shadow
      HotColdLocation: Add clue type field
      object indicators: add configurable border width
      clues: Update and add clues for 6/16 Shayzien rework
      clues: Add new A Kingdom Divided update clues
      clues: Fix clues changed with A Kingdom Divided update
      agility: Fix Shayzien basic course total xp
      EmoteClue: Fix Shayzien war tent clue text

LlemonDuck (3):
      idle notifier: reset six hour notif on startup
      camera: prevent pitch increment with "preserve pitch" enabled
      Reset spec counter when leaving instanced fights

Max Weber (8):
      rl-client: never cache 4/5xx requests
      client: correctly use Runnables::doNothing
      cache: add 197 opcodes
      rl-api: update Quest enum to 2021-6-16
      worldmap: add shayzien rework locations
      agility: add shayzien course
      barbarianassault: remove dead overlay menuops
      runelite-client: use menu entries for focusing world map points

SirWrain (1):
      achievementdiary: Fix hard Lumbridge diary entry text (#13689)

SkylerPIlot (1):
      spec counter: add Alchemical Hydra

Steven Brice (1):
      loot tracker: add Wintertodt supply crate

ThePharros (1):
      screenshot: Add option to screenshot collection log entries (#13625)

andmcadams (1):
      crowdsourcing/dialog: track start & end of conversations (#13763)

danshea00 (1):
      screenshot: Use separate directory for tournament/beta worlds (#13631)

emiljensen2 (1):
      ItemMapping: add new tob kits

petter (1):
      clues: Add Giant's Den clue

tanlines (1):
      itemstats: Fix stamina restore with Ring of Endurance (#13692)