Clan member icons

We've added support for clans across various plugins, including:

  • Support for clan messages in the chat timestamps, chat history, chat commands, chat filter, emoji, chat colors, and chat notifications plugins
  • The Minimap plugin can recolor clan member player dots
  • You can hop-to clan members' worlds using the World Hopper plugin
  • The Player Indicator plugin has highlighting for clan members
  • The Twitch plugin now uses /t as its chat trigger

Additionally, the friends chat plugin was renamed to Chat Channels and allows adding join/leave messages to clan and guest clan channels, as well as changing your target chat channel by simply typing /f, /c, /g, and /p, as shown below:

Chat channel typing modes

Party Panel

We have added a plugin panel for the Party plugin which shows your active party members and has UI for adding new members to your party and toggling specific players' health and prayer displaying in the overlay. Because of the added panel button, the Party plugin has been disabled by default and must be re-enabled for those wishing to use it. It also simplifies the invite flow (still via Discord) so it is possible to create a party and send invites immediately, and also allows accepting join requests via the client in the panel.

Party plugin panel

XP Tracker Per-Hour Rate Resetting

You can now manually reset the XP/hr rates of the XP Tracker plugin without resetting the gained XP, and configure it to automatically reset these rates after a set timeout duration.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Item Charges plugin now has a separate toggle for Guthix rests
  • Chat message recoloring is fixed for players with spaces in their ingame name
  • Skill challenge clues requiring a hammer now recognize the Imcando hammer as being accepted


- Jordan

New commits

We had 6 contributors this release!

Adam (34):
      item charges: add toggle for guthix rest
      item charges: split up test into separate methods
      chat message manager: fix recoloring own name with spaces
      xptracker: use enum map for actions and other cleanup
      chat timestamps: add timestamps for all message types
      minimap: add clan chat dot color configuration
      ui: queue repaint when progressbar is edited
      discord plugin: sanity check user id and avatar id before building url
      party service: sanitize user names
      info panel: adjust nav button priority
      party: only send location update when the location changes
      twitch: change chat trigger to /t
      chat history: support clan chat
      chat history: rebuild pmbox when all is cleared
      api: add getOnVarTransmitListener to Widget
      friendschat: readd user count
      api: add enum size
      api: correct clans chattypes
      devtools: add modicons command
      friendchatmanager: rename to chaticonmanager
      Change config name of party plugin to disable by default
      api: add clan api
      chat icon manager: add clan chat icons
      chat colors: add clan recolors
      world hopper: add hop-to clan member
      player indicators: add clans
      chat filter: add clan chat
      emoji plugin: add clan chat
      chat notifications: add clan chat
      chat commands: add clan chat
      Allow rs.version to be a double
      runelite-api: add clan member join and leave events
      friends chat: rename to chatchannel
      chat channel: add typing modes

Hydrox6 (2):
      clues: support imcando hammer in skill challenges
      skybox: add clan hall

JoRouss (2):
      party: add party panel
      party: readd overlay leave party menu entry

James Shelton (2):
      xptracker: add option to reset per hour rates
      xptracker: add auto reset per hour rates after set time

Max Weber (15):
      friendschat: remove Tab Chat option
      friendschat: remove user count
      gpu: increase texture limit
      friendschat: remove unused title strings
      SpriteID: update to 2021-5-19
      screenshot: use new report button offset
      interfacestyles: update chatbox sprite ids
      rl-api: import getTopLevelInterfaceId
      screenshot: don't attempt to draw a date when there is no report button
      scripts/SkillTabBuilder: fix unbalanced stack
      cache: update cs2 opcodes
      rl-client: update cs2 overlay opcodes
      rl-client: cleanup cs2 overlays
      ChatboxPanelManager: use ScriptPreFired
      timestamp: use less callbacks in script overlays

emerald000 (1):
      Rename Armadylian Guards to Armadylean Guards