MacOS extended draw distance

On MacOS, the GPU plugin now supports extending the draw distance further. To do so, enable the Compute Shaders option in the GPU plugin and then restart the plugin. Big thanks to @LlemonDuck for doing a lot of work on this.

We've also fixed some symbols on the clue scroll and barrows overlay showing incorrectly on MacOS, as well as the dropdown menu on the plugin search bar.

While we still do not have an MacOS launcher that runs native on the Apple M1, the core client has been updated so it can run natively if you run the launcher RuneLite.jar directly with a native JVM. If you are technically apt enough to do this, it may be worth it if you have one of these new machines. We still plan on providing a native launcher for the M1 in the future.

Farming tracker notifications

The time tracking plugin now has an option to send notifications when crops are done growing. It can be enabled per-crop by clicking the bell icon.

Farming Notification

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The tag tab named clue now works once again
  • The entity hider now allows hiding ignored players
  • Chat messages replayed by the chat history plugin on login no longer re-trip commands or notifications. They also no longer lose their coloring.
  • The fishing plugin can now send notifications for flying fish when fishing minnows
  • The idle notifier now works at the Ectofuntus and at looms
  • Spoon and weary face emojis have been added (--o and Dx respectively)
  • The loot tracker now tracks the new chests from the Shades of Morton and Isle of Souls
  • The chat notifications plugin has a new option to send you notifications for receiving private messages
  • The despawn timer in the ground items plugin was fixed for the Nightmare instance, and one has been added for items placed on tables
  • A Use swap has been added for battlestaves
  • The chat color username recolor option now works correctly on ironmen and player moderators
  • The player name of the client which sends tray notifications is now included in notification title
  • The screenshot plugin now has an configurable threshold for which Valuable drops to screenshot. This allows setting a very low valuable drop notification in order to see the drops in the chat box, but still screenshot certain valuable ones
  • The music volume percentage is now shown when hovering the draggable handle, instead of just the track


- Adam

New commits

We had 20 contributors in this release & 1.6.39!

Adam (26):
      menu manager: preserve managed menu option ordering
      api: remove npc action changed event
      world hopper: move hop() to client thread
      tile: add setter for ground object
      Apply default font to text with unicode characters
      Revert "runelite-client: Don't use system specific modifier key names"
      image component: support setPreferredSize
      Revert "image component: support setPreferredSize"
      config manager: use createTempFile for config temp file
      bank tags: allow plugins to register their own tag names
      clue scroll plugin: fix test
      config manager: require config group and key when setting configuration
      api: add an addChatMessage method overload to allow skipping events
      chat command manager: remove unnecessary null tests
      chat message manager: format runelite messages prior to adding
      chat history: fix replaying runelite-formatted messages
      friends chat: use return value of addChatMessage
      icon text field: use only awt key listener
      bank tags: fix tag named clue coexisting with the special "clue" tab
      perspective: support rectangular tile areas
      devtools: fix drawing game object overlays multiple times
      farming tracker: don't send notifications for empty crop state
      chat commands: comma separate values in several commands
      gpu: add opencl support for macos
      entity hider: add option to hide ignored players
      Bump to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT

Alexsuperfly (2):
      timers: Remove cannon timer when cannon is destroyed
      cannon: Remove cannon when it is destroyed

Anjaneya Bhardwaj (1):
      fishing: Add minnows flying fish notification (#13126)

Auenc (1):
      idle notifier: Add Ectofuntus animations (#13177)

Broooklyn (14):
      emoji: Add spoon emoji with trigger `--o`
      itemstats: Update Soul Wars Bandages healing
      npc indicators: remove tags from minimap npc name
      hotkey button: use default font
      loottracker: add Gold Chest tracking (Shades of Mort'ton)
      worldmap: add Shades of Mort'ton minigame location
      chatnotifications: add private message notification
      discord: Isle of Souls region additions
      fishing: add Isle of Souls NPC IDs to enum
      worldmap: add Isle of Souls locations
      slayer: add Isle of Souls task location
      discord: Use regions instead of varbits for raiding activity
      discord: Remove code for handling of varbits
      ground items: add Nightmare instance to normal despawn timers

Cyborger1 (3):
      clues: Improve Lovakengj Sulphur Mine area descriptions (#13180)
      emoji: Replace spoon and fork-and-knife emojis
      emoji plugin: set message node message instead of rl format message

David (1):
      menu entry swapper: Add battlestaff use swap (#13140)

Hydrox6 (4):
      clues: add Isle of Souls Hot/Cold location
      ground markers: show existing label when labeling a marker
      chat color: fix usernames not being recoloured if they have an icon
      chat color: fix nonsensical test

Jonathan Lee (1):
      loot tracker: add support for isle of souls chests

Jonatino (1):
      Fix incorrect named value when storing FlatStorage caches

Jordan Atwood (5):
      MenuOptionClicked: Add selectedItemIndex field
      clues: Add Isle of Souls coordinate clues
      cluescrolls: Fix beginner/master clue step reset
      notifier: Add username to tray notification title
      cluescrolls: Re-check named object highlights after hopping

Liam Schmidt (1):
      screenshot: Add valuable drop threshold config

Max Weber (3):
      don't use gson's reflection serialization on non RuneLite classes
      ReflectUtil: allow privateLookupIn cross-classloader with JDK-8173978
      http-api: allow gsoning classes outside of net.runelite

Nick Wolff (1):
      emoji: Add weary face emoji

ObsoleteXero (1):
      idle notifier: Add Loom crafting animation (#13154)

Psikoi (1):
      Resize and tweak hiscores boss icons

Taylor Abraham (1):
      music: Make volume percent visible when hovering handle

Usman Akhtar (2):
      worldmap: use boosted level for map icon tooltips
      grounditems: Add despawn timer for items placed on tables

buttonpoker (1):
      cannon: Remove Mourner Headquarters elf cannon spot (#13196)

loldudester (3):
      TimeTracking: Move birdhouse schedule to ScheduledExecutorService
      TimeTracking: Add farming notifications
      TimeTracking: Return shortened weekdays in doneEstimates