The Status Bars plugin has seen a touch-up as you can now choose between hit points, prayer points, special attack energy, or run energy for your left and right bars. Additionally, the heart icon for the hit points bar changes colors based on your poison status, just like is done in the Poison plugin. Thanks to @Malfuryent for further enhancing this plugin!

Run energy and special attack bars

Colorblind options have been added to the GPU plugin to assist users who have common types of color blindness. Thanks to @benpoulson for porting @ofidaner's colorblindness correction filters for use in RuneLite!

Protanope Deuteranope Tritanope
Client screenshot with colors adjusted for protanopia Client screenshot with colors adjusted for deuteranopia Client screenshot with colors adjusted for tritanopia

We have opened a merch store where you can purchase shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs bearing the RuneLite logo to show your support.

RuneLite merch store

An updated launcher was released yesterday to fix an issue preventing RuneLite from maximizing correctly on hidpi displays on Windows, where it would not take up the full screen. If you have thie issue, download the newer launcher (version 2.1.5) from

The website's Plugin Hub listing can now sort plugins by their update time or the time they were added in addition to by name and number of active installs.

We are aware the raids scouter is broken with the new large map pools from today, and will work on fixing it for a later update.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The League Chat Icons plugin has been removed, as it now exists in the vanilla client.
  • XP Globes can now be stacked vertically, using the same method to flip their orientation as infoboxes (shift and right-click).
  • We have removed our website's XP tracker in favor of pointing to Wise Old Man, a tracker created and maintained by Psikoi, a RuneLite contributor. The XP Tracker plugin has been updated accordingly.
  • The Volcanic mine and Nightmare totem game overlays have been updated to be moveable with our overlay system
  • League relics modifying your XP rates and health regeneration rates are now accounted for in the XP Tracker and Regeneration Meter plugins respectively
  • You can check your league points using the newly-added !lp command. Other chat commands have been updated to reference the leagues hiscores when used on league worlds
  • The new league home/minigames teleport animation will now trigger the appropriate teleport timer
  • Skilling plugins such as Fishing, Mining, and Woodcutting will show the proper activity status when using the new League infernal tools
  • Ground items now have their overlays at the proper height for items placed on surfaces that are not ground-height, such as on tables
  • Chat Timestamps are now shown for all types of chat
  • The Ctrl key can now be remapped with the Key Remapping plugin
  • Sourhogs are now recognized as a task by the Slayer plugin. Additionally, Cyclops are now recognized as an alternative monster for Hill giant tasks
  • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin now offers swaps for the Prayer book's "Recite-prayer" option and withdraw/deposit swaps for Chambers of Xeric storage chests
  • The progress of your compost bins is now shown in the Time Tracking plugin
  • Your cannon ground overlay is no longer shown if you are on a different world than the one where your cannon was placed
  • Kourend task and unlock locations and Wilderness slayer cave entrances now have added tooltips via the World Map plugin
  • Your anisotropic filtering setting is no longer reset to 0 when toggling the GPU plugin
  • Item overlays are now shown for items in trade and duel inventory screens
  • The Time Tracking plugin better handles your contract state for crops with health checks, and for diseased or dead crops
  • Your XP Tracker goal time now has several format options
  • You can now hide dark manuscripts in the Kourend Library plugin. Additionally, the Varlamore Envoy book is no longer shown when not completing the Depths of Despair quest (as it cannot be obtained otherwise), and searching a bookcase where it would be no longer resets your library rotation information
  • You can now configure the Discord plugin's time to display total time ingame, time elapsed for your current activity, or hidden entirely
  • The Motherlode Mine plugin now shows an overlay on broken water wheel struts, and can display collected ores and gems as icons rather than as text
  • The Nightmare Zone's overload potion timer and notification are now properly cleared when leaving the minigame
  • Chronicle charges are now tracked via the Item Charges plugin


- Jordan

New commits

We had 37 contributors in these releases!

Adam (18):
      chat commands: unregister bh and lms commands
      Add pluginhub user count tracking
      xptracker: change online tracker link to wiseoldman
      progress bar: optimize bar drawing
      pluginhub controller: fix scheduled task delay
      xp tracker: default pause on logout to on
      api: move isDead from NPC to Actor
      gpu: remove unused lastViewportWidth/Height fields
      client: remove league chat icons plugin
      key remapping: don't remap space in options dialog
      spriteid: remove duplicated run icon
      client: add PMD source code analyzer
      item charges test: remove unnecessary eq matchers
      antidrag: set bank drag delay when bankside inv is opened too
      ci: update glslang to 8.13.3743
      Fix offline worlds showing population of 65535
      chat commands: format lp score
      wildcard matcher: quote replacement to prevent the matcher from replacing group references

Ben Poulson (1):
      gpu: add colorblind mode

Bram91 (2):
      XPGlobes: allow stacking vertically.
      Make Volcanic mine widgets layoutable

Broooklyn (5):
      chatcommands: add shorthand names for all agility courses
      discord: add random events regions
      worldmap: add Kourend task and unlock tooltip descriptions
      worldmap: fix typos in "transportation"
      worldmap: add Wilderness Slayer Cave entrances

Caleb Allen (1):
      gpu: fix anisotropic filtering resetting to 0 after plugin is toggled

Cryslacks (1):
      Add trade and duel inventory to widget item inventory overlay

Cyborger1 (2):
      farming: Fix harvestable health-check crops contract status
      farming: Fix contract status for plots with diseased/dead crops

Dasgust (1):
      xp tracker: add goal time formatting option

Gamma91 (1):
      HotColdLocation: Center a location spot (#12657)

Hexagon (1):
      cannonplugin: Check world when drawing overlay

Hydrox6 (2):
      chat timestamps: add timestamps for all message types
      add support for trailblazer tools

Jacob Mischka (1):
      overlayrenderer: Make minimum overlay size configurable per-overlay (#12611)

Joey Wilson (1):
      Add item mapping for unidentified minerals (#12552)

Joona (1):
      grounditems: Render ground items tile overlay at correct height (#12586)

Jordan Atwood (4):
      kourendlibrary: Don't reset state when not finding Varlamore Envoy
      Move heart sprite recolors to public package
      nightmarezone: Set absorption notification var on startup
      devtools: Render world map location above region overlay

Konrad Kozera (1):
      ImageUtil: add error log with path (#12631)

Malfuryent (3):
      statusbars: Display while in fixed viewport bank
      statubars: Add left/right customization options
      statusbars: Add special & run energy bar types

Matthew C (1):
      discord: Fix action timeout, add in game time elapsed option (#12471)

Matthew Zegar (1):
      key remapping: add control remap

Max Weber (6):
      experiencedrop: dont npe when trying to prayer highlight noncombat drops
      kourendlibrary: add config to hide dark manuscripts
      rl-client: update changed item names
      wiki: remove remainder of quest/diary lookup code
      wiki: don't throw when trying to optarget skills
      wiki: Always include item names in widget optarget lookups

Minhs2 (1):
      slayer: Add Sourhog task (#12622)

Plondrein (1):
      motherlode: Add overlay for broken water wheel struts

RansomTime (1):
      slayer plugin: add Cyclops to hill giants task list

Ron Young (1):
      banktags: don't allow colon in tagtab names

Sean Patiag (2):
      timers: Fix NMZ Overload timer not disappearing
      nightmarezone: Clear pending overload notifications outside NMZ

SirGirion (3):
      motherlode: Add option to show collected ore/gem icons
      timetracking: add compost bin time trackers (#12619)
      chatcommands: handle league accounts properly

ThePharros (1):
      menu entry swapper: add recite-prayer swap

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Switch to GitHub actions
      Link to CI workflow from CI badge

Trey (1):
      kourendlibrary: hide Varlamore Envoy outside of the Depths of Despair

Unmoon (1):
      item charges: add Chronicle

Usman Akhtar (1):
      opponent info: fix npcindicator color not working with show opponents in menu

dekvall (6):
      chat-commands: add league points command
      xp-tracker: support league & dmm modifiers for kills remaining
      xp: add support for wise-old-man trailblazer
      timers: add league home tele
      regenmeter: add support for fluid strikes
      xptracker: add league relic modifiers

melkypie (1):
      motherlode: allow sack overlay to be resizable

paymon123 (1):
      ConfigManager: Fix NPE when resetting configs with null default

pilino1234 (1):
      Worldhopper: Update league world color for Trailblazer

sam (1):
      menu entry swapper: add withdraw/deposit swap for chambers of xeric storage

winterdaze (1):
      WidgetOverlay: make nightmare pillar health widget moveable