We have added a Zalcano plugin which offers several useful arrow highlights and overlays. Thanks to @Hexagon for this contribution!

Weakened Zalcano with a hint arrow above her

The Inventory Tags plugin can now draw an underline as a more subtle option for your tagged items. Thanks to @jualkaup for this feature.

Inventory tag underlines

We have added an anisotropic filtering setting to the GPU plugin that makes textures appear smoother and have fewer "jagged" and sharp pixels, especially when zoomed out, as shown in the comparison table below. Thanks to @pacf531 and @Toocanzs for making this feature happen.

GPU anisotropic filtering enabled GPU anisotropic filtering disabled

The Item Stats plugin now displays a tooltip for duration effects granted by antipoison potions, anti-fire potions, and the like. Thanks to @MMagicala for this enhancement.

Potion duration tooltips

The Mining plugin now displays a session overlay that counts ores mined per hour and throughout the session, along with an indicator of whether you are currently mining. Thanks to @JZomerlei for this addition.

Mining session overlay while actively mining Mining session overlay when not actively mining

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Timers plugin now shows an infobox with your elapsed Fight Cave or Inferno time
  • Interacting with Bank Tag tabs no longer clears your active bank search
  • The Inventory Grid plugin now operates while viewing your bank
  • An issue causing Discord party invites to fail has been fixed
  • Tooltip labels have been added to clue scroll and minigame entries in the HiScore plugin
  • The Agility plugin now estimates your laps per hour more accurately
  • Some Godwars Dungeon obstacles and the Prifddinas portals are now highlighted properly by the Agility plugin
  • The Clue Scroll plugin now shows a location description for map clues
  • The Cannon plugin now suggests a spot for Bloodvelds in the Meiyerditch Laboratories
  • You can now look up your Nightmare kill count with the Chat Commands plugin using the nm, tnm, and nmare abbreviations
  • Teleport tablets are now labeled by the Item Identification plugin
  • The Nightmare Zone plugin can now send notifications prior to your overload boosts expiring
  • A bug which could cause flash notifications to become stuck has been fixed
  • The Menu Entry Swapper plugin now swaps the "Collect" option on Advisor Ghrim, the various quick-travel menu entries on Rellekka NPCs, and prefers the "Last-destination" option when using the Zanaris fairy ring
  • The Cooking plugin now updates its session counter when drying sinew
  • The Prayer plugin now shows a sensible duration text for durations greater than 1 hour
  • Iorwerth Warriors are now understood to be elves by the Slayer plugin
  • XD and pleading emojis have been added to the Emojis plugin with the Xd and (n_n) triggers, respectively
  • Vyres have been added to the Thieving skill calculator
  • A bug where Chambers of Xeric personal best times were not recorded for certain team sizes has been fixed
  • The World Map plugin no longer shows a misplaced quest icon for the Misthalin Mystery quest
  • Bird nests and the opening of grubby, stone, Dorgesh-Kaan, and H.A.M. chests are now tracked by the Loot Tracker plugin


- Jordan

New commits

We had 32 contributors this release!

Adam (26):
      tagtabs: split tag search from bank search
      tagtabs: close tab when clicking on main bank tab
      tagtabs: show tab separators in tag tabs
      tagtabs: fix clearing bank search when opening tags
      clientui: reset frame position in safe mode
      clientui: use contains instead of intersects for screen bounds checking
      inventory-grid: show grid when viewing bank
      mouse highlight: fix interface tooltips option
      menu swapper: update jewellery box clan wars swap to ferox enclave
      item stats: add duration tooltips to potions
      api: add GraphicsObject finished()
      slayer plugin: support new Turael task completion message
      mining plugin: rename MiningOverlay to MiningRocksOverlay
      mining plugin: add session stats
      loot tracker service: use bigint for kill id
      gpu plugin: initialize aa fbo handles
      xp globes: fix timing out xp globes after no xp is gained
      timers plugin: add fight cave and inferno timers
      xp globes: remove double globeCache index
      http-service: increase loot tracker retention to 90 days
      discord: remove DiscordReplyType
      discord: add logging to Discord rpc callbacks
      party service: prioritize user join handler over plugins
      hiscore panel: fix lookup to run on edt
      hiscore panel: add names to skill label tooltips
      Add Leagues hiscores and update icons for Trailblazer League

Arman Rafian (1):
      agility: Improve laps per hour calculation accuracy (#12246)

Blackberry0Pie (1):
      fairyring: Add Falo the bard tag to Sinclair Mansion fairy ring (#12030)

Broooklyn (11):
      agility: fix Sara GWD obstacle highlights
      agility: add GWD crack obstacle highlight
      clues: fix apostrophe positioning for Seers' Village
      clues: add descriptions for MapClues
      clues: update BeginnerMapClue to use MapClue description constants
      cannon: Add Meiyerditch Laboratory Bloodveld cannon spot (#12078)
      discord: Add castle wars underground region ID (#12075)
      agility: Fix prif portal highlighting
      clue: Fix K'ril's chamber master clue step plane
      chat commands: add Nightmare abbreviations
      Item identification: add tablets

Chris Janusiewicz (1):
      nmz plugin: add option to send overload notification prior to expire

Cyborger1 (1):
      farming: Improve names of Poison ivy and Dwarf weed patches (#12134)

Derek Lopes (1):
      Notifier: Disable flash notification when off is selected to prevent stuck flash state

Erik Humphrey (1):
      clues: Fix 'Headbang at the exam centre' clue text (#12297)

Henry Darnell (1):
      Update deprecated/default Travis configs (#10880)

Hexagon (1):
      client: add zalcano plugin

Hydrox (1):
      loottrackerclient: log when submitting loot isn't successful

Hydrox6 (1):
      mousehighlight: make "drop" not show when interface tooltips are off

JZomerlei (1):
      achivement dairy plugin: Add satisfiesRequirement to Requirement (#12265)

Jonathan Charles (1):
      menu swapper: add Advisor Ghrim collect swap

Jordan Atwood (6):
      OverlayRenderer: Fix overlay resizing logic
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      slayer: Fix slaughter bracelet proc text
      HotColdLocation: Fix Mos Le'Harmless southern bar spot
      menuentryswapper: Prefer last-destination on Zanaris fairy ring
      ItemIdentification: Fix target teleport definition

Jussi Kauppinen (2):
      cooking: Add support for drying sinew (#12184)
      inventory-tags: add underline as display option

LA (1):
      screenshot: Capture Barbarian Assault high gamble screenshots (#12071)

Landy Chan (1):
      prayer plugin: fix time remaining text when greater than 1 hour

LazyScaper (2):
      worldmap: Fix Misthalin mystery quest icon position (#12273)
      skill calc: add Vyres to thieving calc

MarbleTurtle (2):
      EmoteClue: Change location from Digsite to Exam Centre
      SkillChallengeClue: Update dragonhide clue text (#12217)

Meeran (2):
      ItemMapping: Add Bryophyta's staff (#12286)
      ItemMapping: Add Ring of endurance

OneProGoober (1):
      emoji: Add XD and pleading emojis (#12203)

RansomTime (1):
      task: add Iorweth Warriors to list of targets for elves

SirGirion (1):
      loottracker: Add bird nest loot tracking (#12237)

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      Dev Tools - Add Inventory Inspector

Toocanzs (1):
      gpu: add anisotropic filtering

XrioBtw (1):
      PrayerType: Fix BURST_OF_STRENGTH description typo (#12138)

honeyhoney (3):
      menuentryswapper: Add Rellekka quick travel NPCs (#12333)
      bank: Fix NPE in PostScriptFired subscriber (#12342)
      WorldMapOverlay: Adjust tooltip text position to match vanilla tooltips (#12380)

kjartantr (1):
      SlayerUnlock: Update varbits enum (#12214)

leejt (2):
      loot tracker: track grubby, stone, Dorgesh-Kaan and HAM chests
      loot tracker: add metadata field to loot record

melkypie (1):
      chatcommands: make cox pb account for 11-15 and 16-23 team sizes

trimbe (2):
      bank tags: update detection of active tab for separator removal
      bank tags: invoke only the scrollbar update after removing separators