A Tag-All menu option has been added to the NPC Indicators plugin, letting you easily tag all monsters of a given name. Thanks to @zeffirojoe for this addition

NPC Indicators Tag-All menu option NPC Indicators Untag-All menu option

When killing monsters using a multi-hit attack, such as an Ancient burst or barrage or chinchompas, the Slayer plugin will now accurately track your task progress even when multiple monsters are killed in a single attack.

Nechryaels being killed by a player using an Ancient barrage spell

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • You can now use partially transparent colors for your NPC Indicators
  • The ingame boss HP bar added for Chambers of Xeric bosses is now moveable
  • Chat Notifications now only send notifications when your name is mentioned in a player message. No more notification spam from boss kill messages!
  • Some Meiyerditch wall obstacles that were previously missing are now highlighted by the Agility plugin
  • Plugins with key remaps no longer interfere with input on the login authenticator screen
  • The Grand Exchange plugin's offer panels now open the item's Grand Exchange page when clicked
  • You can use the !kc aa and !kc ape atoll abbreviated chat commands to check your Ape Atoll Agility course lap count
  • You can now toggle visibility of Hallowed Sepulchre skill challenge clickboxes in the Agility plugin
  • You can now toggle the plugin panel when on the login screen
  • The Random Events plugin can now notify you when receiving Dr. Jekyll, Beekeeper, and Sandwich Lady events
  • Your configured overlay background color now draws tooltips with the same color background
  • The Loot Tracker plugin can now send a chat message with your Theatre of Blood chest loot value. Additionally, the Chambers of Xeric chest loot value message functionality has moved to the Loot Tracker plugin


- Jordan

New commits

We had 15 contributors this release!

Adam (26):
      overlay renderer: avoid unnecessary cursor reset on key release or focus lost
      menu swapper: fix toggling customizable shift-click option
      menu swapper: don't apply item menu swaps when shift is held
      api: add isKeyPressed
      client: update to use isKeyPressed
      api: add high alch price to item composition
      client: use item composition high alch price
      examine plugin: fix overflow in computing alch price
      client: use guice provided http client everywhere
      client: add --insecure-skip-tls-verification option
      api: add VarbitComposition, config index, and index fileids
      var inspector: optimize var checking
      npc indicators: fix tag/untag option name selection logic
      api: add ActorDeath event, remove PlayerDeath
      plugins: update to use ActorDeath
      slayer plugin: better support multikills
      infobox manager: keep infoboxes in order of insertion
      plugin manager: remove extra injectMembers() call
      player composition: add isFemale
      config: minor plugin panel cleanup
      xpdrop plugin: use script events instead of widget hidden
      xpdrops: reset xpdrop color on wrong prayer
      xpdrops: fix recoloring xpdrops when prayer is flicked on the previous tick
      xpdrops: fix hide skill icons
      clues: correct spelling of Burthorpe
      inventoryid: add trade inventories

Broooklyn (11):
      menuentryswapper: Fix claim slime swap
      chatnotifications: Only notify on name in player messages (#11874)
      SkillChallengeClue: Add Varrock armour 4 to prospector outfit (#12024)
      discord: Fix Hosidius/Tithe Farm regionIDs
      agility: add missing Meiyerditch obstacle highlights
      discord: Fix Prifddinas area region IDs (#12059)
      ItemChargeConfig: Improve grammar and wording (#11881)
      chat commands: add ape atoll agility to longBossName
      chatfilter: Add config section for filter lists (#11900)
      agility: Add config for Sepulchre obstacles and skill obstacles
      agility: Add Hallowed Sepulchre config section

CopyPastaOSRS (1):
      WidgetOverlay: Make encounter health bar moveable (#11938)

Cyborger1 (1):
      notifier: make flash cancelling more responsive

Henry Darnell (1):
      ThinProgressBar: Further darken background color (#11916)

Joe Zeffiro (2):
      npc indicators: add (un)tag-all option
      KeyManager: Block remaps on authenticator game state

Jordan Atwood (8):
      slayer: Update initial amount if current amount is higher
      ClientUI: Fix panel toggle after closing with click
      bank plugin: Remove ContainerCalculation class
      widgets: Fix resizable minimap container ID
      AnagramClue: Fix Cam the Camel elite step text
      keyremapping: Remove vestigial LOGIN_SCREEN guard clause
      KeyListener: Add isEnabledOnLoginScreen() method
      xpdrops: Fix white xp drop text recolors

MMagicala (1):
      skillcalculator: Fix Maple longbow (u) xp (#12064)

Max Weber (8):
      ClientUI: Allow hotkey plugin panel toggles on login screen
      runelite-client: remove removed scripts
      npchighlight: Allow transparency on npc colors
      runelite-client: avoid Widget::getDynamicChildren where trivial
      npchighlight: factor out npc name tag checking
      npchighlight: don't unhighlight name tagged npcs if unindex-tagging them
      npchighlight: Don't iterate npcs off the client thread
      rl-client: Prevent chat inputs from taking keys from the worldmap search

Paulo Cabral Sanz (1):
      Add Nullable decorator to widget getter api

Sam Rosenthal (1):
      EmoteClue: Support infernal and crystal axes for enchanted valley clue step (#11934)

Shawn Shadrix (2):
      randomevents: Cleanup and alphabetize code
      randomevents: Add missing events

Su-Shing Chen (1):
      ge plugin: add GE links to the offers panel

Trevor (2):
      cache: add default values to HealthBarDefinition
      raid plugin: add raid scouted/reset events

melkypie (3):
      tooltips: make overlay color background option affect tooltips
      loot tracker: move cox loot value message from raids to loot tracker
      loot tracker: add ability to have end of raid tob chest loot value in a chatmessage