We've added support for tracking collected loot as well as completion counts and personal bests in the Hallowed Sepulchre. Use the !kc hs and !pb hs chat commands to see this information. You can even get information for specific floors by adding the floor number, like !pb hs 5.

Hallowed Sepulchre loot tracking
Hallowed Sepulchre chat commands

We've added support for adding menu options to infoboxes! Now if you have the "Death Infobox" option enabled in the Death Indicator plugin, you can right-click the infobox (may require Shift depending on your RuneLite settings) to clear it if you do not wish to revisit it.

Infobox menu options

In advance of Old School RuneScape's clan system feature we have renamed the Clan Chat plugin to the Friends Chat plugin and similarly renamed all other option names in the same way. This renaming will not affect your settings.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The client now remembers its screen position when moved across multiple monitors
  • The Agility plugin correctly applies your selected sepulchre overlay color to the arrows and swords found there
  • The Timers plugin's stamina timers learned how the timer is affected when using the Ring of endurance
  • You may now hide the farming contract infobox in the Time Tracking plugin
  • The Drift Net plugin has better detection for fish shaols becoming untagged next to inactive nets and can highlight Annette when you run out of drift nets in your inventory
  • The Player-owned House plugin now correctly draws a minimap icon over Occult Altars
  • The Clue Scroll plugin has learned the location of an added hot-cold clue step found in Darkmeyer
  • The Slayer plugin can now update your task information when speaking to your slayer master via the slayer gem dialog
  • Some tooltip spelling mistakes have been corrected in the World Map plugin
  • Baby dragons are now highlighted by the Slayer plugin when on a dragon task


- Jordan

New commits

We had 13 contributors this release!

Adam (15):
      pom: update discord to 1.2
      ge plugin: fix adding limit reset timer multiple times
      agility overlay: correctly use sepulchre overlay color
      Rename clan chat to friends chat
      chat commands: add hallowed sepulchre pb
      chat commands: add hallowed sepulchre kc
      timers plugin: add support for ring of endurance to stam timer
      config: increase config cache to 256
      cannon plugin: move spot scene check to game state change event
      timetracking: add option to hide farm contract infobox
      runelite: add startup log with versions and arguments
      client: add safemode flag to disable gpu plugin and externals
      overlay: optimize some menu handling code
      client: add support for menu options on infoboxes
      death indicator: add clear option to infobox

Bart Peeters (2):
      driftnet: Hightlight Annette when no nets in inventory
      driftnet: Improve fish shoal highlighting

Broooklyn (1):
      poh: Fix Altar of the Occult ID

Jordan Atwood (2):
      HotColdLocation: Add new Darkmeyer master step
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots

JorgeVidal29 (1):
      CoordinateClue: Note 76 Agility requirement for BJS fairy ring (#11899)

Max Weber (2):
      rl-api: import (idle)?PoseAnimation
      devtools: Show actor pose animation

PresNL (1):
      slayer: Parse task information from gem activate chat (#11866)

Spedwards (1):
      clientui: respect multiple displays when saving/loading client position

Steven Goodman (1):
      chatfilter: fix formatted messages not being collapsed

leejt (2):
      LootTracker: track ground items in addition to inventory
      LootTracker: track shade chest loot

melkypie (2):
      client: fix infernal eel, karambwan and karambwanji fishing spot enum world map tooltips
      worldmap: fix spelling mistake in mor ul rek

plondrein (3):
      slayer: Highlight baby dragons on task
      skillcalculator: Add sq'irk fruits to farming calculator
      skillcalculator: Add POH garden plants to farming calculator

whaevr (1):
      loot tracker: add coffins from Hallowed Sepulchre