We've added a number of enhancements to our config panel! Busy settings panels populated with many options now have their options split into sections which can be expanded or contracted so you can quickly find the options you're looking for. Individual settings can also be reset to their default values by clicking on their labels and selecting the "Reset" menu option.

Config panel sections, resetting individual options

Additionally, you can click the dropdown button of the config panel search bar to see a list of common plugin categories to search.

Config tag categories dropdown

The XP Tracker plugin now supports drag and drop reordering in the panel so you can reorder your skills to your liking. Thanks to @Shingyx for this great enhancement.

XP tracker drag-and-drop reordering

The Time Tracking plugin now displays a farming contract indicator next whatever crop is currently assigned as your farming contract, and can show an infobox with the crop name and state. Thanks to @melkypie for this feature.

Farming time tracking contract indicator

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Darkmeyer login screen has been added to the login screen plugin
  • RuneLite settings has a new option to change the window transparency
  • A gorilla emoji has been added to the Emoji plugin
  • Arceuus teleport portals in the POH now display portal icons using the POH plugin
  • The NPC Indicators plugin can now prevent highlighting dead NPCs and can set a custom color to dead NPCs' menu entries
  • The Agility plugin now highlights Sepulchre stairs and platforms, and has an option to also highlight swords and arrows
  • A number of clues have been given improved hints to better display the target location
  • The slayer plugin no longer forgets your points and streak when you have no current task
  • The Chat Notifications plugin can now send notifications when receiving broadcast messages
  • Quests with non-uniform completion dialogs now capture screenshots with proper file names
  • Removing favorite worlds in the world hopper panel no longer prevents you from removing other favorited worlds
  • The individual group loot tracker view now shows the correct total loot value
  • A bug causing the loottracker to sometimes log Chambers of Xeric loot multiple times has been fixed
  • Ground Item notifications no longer display the item quantity twice
  • Fix the Grand Exchange search panel from breaking when the search dialog is cleared


- Jordan

New commits

We had 30 contributors this release!

Adam (27):
      plugin manager: chain child injectors for plugin dependencies
      plugin manager: don't search child injector bindings for configs
      hooks: remove remaining static callbacks
      http-api: use separate class for ge trade history
      ge plugin: submit trades even when not logged in
      ge plugin: submit partially completed trades
      ge controller: publish trade data to redis
      ge plugin: include world type in trades
      ge controller: add total to trade message
      ge plugin: null client session id on session close
      ge: submit spent price instead of computed per-item price
      ge plugin: include if trade is synced on login
      ge: include slot id
      ge: include both delta qty and qty
      ge plugin: ignore offers being cleared on logout
      client: remove unnecessary annotation-providing dependencies from runtime classpath
      Revert "clanchat: Add player name to kick message (#11555)"
      npc indicators: rename highlight dead npcs to ignore dead npcs
      npc indicators: add option to highlight dead npc menu entries
      ge: fix computing bought/sold amount
      pom: set release 8 on jdk9+
      slayer plugin: fix points and streak being forgotten when restarted with no task
      api: add spawn time to tileitem
      agility plugin: highlight Sepulchre arrows and swords
      loottrackerpanel: use setComponentZOrder instead of remove+add
      config panel: add option to reset individual config options
      attack styles: fix npe when config values are unset

Adam Blaida (1):
      Update lumbridge guide's position for anagram clue

Aleksander Birkeland (1):
      ClientUI: Add support for changing window opacity.

Alfred Ababio (1):
      key remapper: don't consume keytype events when dialog is open

Blackberry0Pie (1):
      raids: Add "cox" to plugin tags (#11873)

Brandon Austin (1):
      metronome: Reset plugin state on shutDown (#11667)

Broooklyn (9):
      grounditems: Fix grammar in config descriptions (#11743)
      emoji: Add gorilla emoji (#11562)
      clues: Add missing Agility and Max cape IDs to skill challenge
      poh: Add portal icons for Arceuus teleports
      agility plugin: add reset option to overlay
      util: Add removeFormattingTags text function
      chatnotifications: Add notification for broadcast messages
      agility plugin: highlight platforms and stairs in Sepulchre
      RunecraftConfig: Add config section for `Show Blood Rift`

Crow (1):
      skillcalculator: Add divine potions to herblore calculator (#11676)

Damen (1):
      loot tracker: fix cox loot being double-counted after region load

Dominik (1):
      Add item mapping for twisted ancestral robes (#11761)

Hydrox (1):
      gpu: fix major visual glitches on linux (#11389)

Hydrox6 (7):
      Add all other pearl rod animations
      login screen: reset fire state when disabling the plugin
      login screen: add darkmeyer login screen
      clues: update ranging mix sherlock master challenge
      config: add support for sections
      add sections to various configs
      menu entry swapper: split hardwood grove into 2 options

Jacob Lindelof (1):
      antidrag: Add option to use CTRL to disable delay

Jesse Serrao (2):
      npc indicators: add option to not highlight dead npcs
      npchighlight: Recolor spell cast and "use item" menu entries (#11595)

Jordan Atwood (2):
      infoboxmanager: Test infoboxes with same plugin and priority
      ConfigPanel: Fix checkstyle violation

MarbleTurtle (2):
      clanchat: Add player name to kick message (#11555)
      CrypticClue: Improve various clue hints (#11852)

Max Weber (8):
      hiscore: modify the ui on the edt only
      IconTextField: add combobox-style suggestion dropdown
      config: add tag suggestions
      PluginManager: don't duplicate dependency plugins if they already exist
      worldmap: add Sins of the Father start location
      IconTextField: fire clear listener after text has been cleared
      cache: emit null npc ids
      rl-api/Widget: export animation and sprite tiling

Nathan Leba (1):
      worldhopper: Fix unfavorite removing all favorited worlds (#11739)

Rangvaldr (1):
      AgilityShortcut: Add Witchaven Dungeon agility shortcut (#11690)

SomeZer0 (1):
      boosts: Improve "Boost amount threshold" config description (#11744)

Su-Shing Chen (1):
      xptracker: Add drag and drop reordering for tracker panel bars (#4118)

TheStonedTurtle (4):
      item stats - Fix revitalisation potion prayer bonus
      item stats - Fix sanfew serum restore bonuses
      loot tracker - Fix total values when not grouping loot
      item stats overlay: limit bank widgets to item container

branisk (2):
      worldmap: Fix Kebos Lowlands mining site tooltip (#11748)
      timers: remove stamina timer upon entering the Gauntlet (#11742)

cyantheum (1):
      motherlode: Fix vein overlay not displaying on upper level (#11796)

emerald000 (1):
      worldmap: Fix Asgarnian Ice Dungeon spelling (#11864)

johannfrias (1):
      screenshot: fix quest screenshot naming method (#11580)

loldudester (1):
      antidrag: Enable shift-antidrag in PvP regardless of onShiftOnly config

melkypie (7):
      itemmanager: add worn items mapping for black graceful
      clues: account for blisterwood flail and black graceful
      itemskeptondeath: add dark squirrel to always lost items
      runenergy: add black graceful
      itemmappings: map blood fury to amulet of fury
      worldmap: add hallowed sepulchre to minigames
      timetracking: add farming contract functionality

oneilljos (1):
      grounditems: Remove duplicate item count in notifications (#10526)

while-loop (1):
      chat-history: fix plugin not clearing history