The Login Screen plugin now supports changing the login screen background. Choose from any of Old School RuneScape's popular event or update backgrounds or create your own! (you can even use custom backgrounds which are not mirrored) Thanks to @Hydrox6 for adding this feature.

Configurable login screen background

When placing screen markers, you can now click an on-screen widget to automatically select its boundaries! (you can still click and drag to create a custom size marker) Thanks to @melkypie for this submission.

Screen marker widget wrapping

The Chat Filter plugin can now collapse duplicate chat messages. Thanks @CoreyForsyth for adding this enhancement.

Duplicate chat collapsing

Highlighted below are some features which we released in 1.6.15 and 1.6.16:

The Interface Styles plugin has gained a Menu Alpha option which lets you make your right-click menu background partially (or if you're feeling up to a challenge, fully) transparent. Thanks to @dekvall for this addition.

Transparent right-click menu background

We have changed the highlight and notify behavior of the Ground Items plugin. The Highlight > value option has been removed. Ground items now use the configured highlight color if they are highlighted, or use the appropriate tier value color otherwise. Additionally, a Notify >= Tier option has been added to help configure how valuable an item drop must be to trigger a notification. Thanks to @Hydrox6 for his care in building a flexible solution we hope all users will enjoy.

Ground Items notify on or above tier option

You can now customize the background color of overlays and infoboxes. Thanks to @TheStonedTurtle for this feature addition.

Configurable overlay color

The Clue Scroll plugin overlay now displays which enemy you will encounter. Thanks to @TrevorMartz for this addition.

Clue overlay enemy display

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:


- Jordan

New commits

We had 42 contributors these past releases!

Adam (15):
      loottracker: stack clue scrolls in the ui instead of at loot receive time
      npc indicators: verify compoistion id of tagged npcs
      client: add option to force client to front on notification
      Revert "npc indicators: verify compoistion id of tagged npcs"
      npc indicators: don't memorize npcs in instances
      attackstyles: use script event for hiding attack styltes
      minimap: use script event for hiding minimap
      ge plugin: add buy limit reset timer
      wintertodt plugin: add option to disable overlay
      keyremapping: use modified key map for mapping key release
      plugins: add Plugin::getName
      infobox manager: make threadsafe
      chathistory: small cleanups of clear history
      cache: diable some long-running tests
      api: finish some thoughts in callbacks javadoc

Alexsuperfly (2):
      loot tracker: use chest events for gauntlet loot
      screenshot plugin: add gauntlet loot screenshots

Anthony Alves (1):
      chat-history: add option to clear history for all chatbox tabs (#11543)

Austin Lee (1):
      Add gnome bench to construction skill calculator

Benjamin Stepp (1):
      itemmappings: adds nightmare staves

Broooklyn (3):
      cluescrolls: Update Iron Man Tutor cipher clue (#11593)
      loottracker: Improve ignored events config name and description (#11545)
      cluescrolls: Fix "jewellery" clue hint spelling (#11673)

Corey Forsyth (2):
      chatfilter: add collapse duplicate chat option
      chatfilter: add option to block repeated public messages

Damen (1):
      screenshot plugin: block untradeable drops within the Gauntlet

Daniel (1):
      item prices: always show tooltip when alching if option is enabled

Hydrox6 (7):
      ground items: move repeated notify code into notifyHighlightedItem
      ground items: remove Highlight > Value
      ground items: add Notify >= Tier
      clues: add brutal green dragon variant to cryptic clue
      gpu: add warning message to compute shaders option
      api: add support for setting login screen and fire rendering
      login screen: add custom login screen support

Jan-Willem de Bruyn (1):
      skillcalculator: Add clay crafting items (#11518)

Jesse Serrao (1):
      itemstats: Add bounty hunter blighted food/pots (#11550)

Jordan Atwood (5):
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      loot tracker: Use "an" prefix for monster names starting with vowels
      examine: Move price lookups off executor
      itemmanager: Canonicalize price lookup item IDs
      client: Simplify ItemContainer usage

Kyle Shepherd (2):
      worldhopper: Change `showSidebar` option name to 'Show world switcher sidebar' (#11537)
      itemidentification: Change Combat Potion short name from 'D' to 'C' (#11566)

Lotto (1):
      player-indicators: don't decorate non-player custom menu options

Malfuryent (1):
      report button: add ability to switch between 24h and 12h clock

MarbleTurtle (1):
      chathistory: Fix copy to clipboard not appearing on friend messages (#11527)

Matthew Kramer (1):
      metronome: add independent volume configuration

Max Weber (3):
      npcunaggroarea: split color config depending on timer status
      ItemManager: only canonicalize notes
      HotkeyButton: allow binding the space key

Melky (2):
      agility plugin: add config for Prifddinas portal color
      screenmarker: add ability to put screen markers around widgets (#11552)

Mitchell Kovacs (1):
      menu swapper: add enter-corrupted gauntlet swap

Rachel M (1):
      screenshot: Add option to take screenshot on clan chat kick

Rangvaldr (1):
      discord: Update activity message while playing PVP or DMM (#11522)

RobertCurll (2):
      skillcalculator: Add comma separators to experience fields
      skillcalculator: Add needed experience tooltip

Ron Young (1):
      object indicators: fix NPE thrown on logging in on a marked object

ThePharros (2):
      item stats: Add Dragonfruit Pie
      itemcharges: Add Magic Essence and Super Strength potion doses (#11634)

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      loot tracker: Fix "Show each kill separately" view
      Make background color of panel components configurable (#11619)

Tim van Rossum (1):
      boosts: Add option to disable boost threshold notifications (#11668)

Tinus Flagstad (1):
      keyremapping: add option to remap space in dialog

Tomas Slusny (1):
      Use multiplicative color offsets for BackgroundComponent border (#11658)

Trevor (1):
      raid plugin: fix plugin not reseting when prescouting raids

Trevor martz (2):
      clue plugin: add enemy info to overlay
      cluescrolls: remove sara wizard from duel arena step (#11648)

Trey (2):
      cluescrolls: Add jungle traversing info to dragon's eye clue
      cluescrolls: Add Dragontooth Island travel info to clue

Vidyogamasta (1):
      loot tracker: float group to top of list when obtaining drop

bfmoatbio (2):
      Allow non-degraded barrows equipment for clue step
      menu manager: Remove bounty hunter emblem text from player name (#11541)

cscullen (1):
      loottracker: Add seed pack loot tracking

dekvall (1):
      interfacestyles: add support for menu alpha

geheur (1):
      menu swapper: add swaps for buy and sell

jesse1412 (1):
      tileindicators: Add server side current tile indicator

loldudester (3):
      client: Make toggle sidebar hotkey configurable
      client: Add configurable hotkey to toggle plugin panel
      keyremapping: Don't remap f-keys when the bank pin interface is open

melkypie (4):
      itemcharges: show potion doses
      report button: add clock tag
      chatcommands: fix chambers of xeric pb tracking
      chatcommands: add tob personal best tracking

trimbe (1):
      bank tags: clear remembered search when the active tag tab is clicked