The GPU plugin now supports rasterization on MacOS! Users using Mac OSX should notice significant performance improvements with the GPU plugin on; we have seen 20+ FPS as well as lower CPU utilization. Due to limitations of OpenGL on MacOS the plugin does not offer extended draw distance at this time. We plan to continue development of the plugin to add extended draw distance support on MacOS in the future.

GPU enabled on MacOS

The XP Tracker plugin now allows customizing the labels on the tracker boxes both in the sidebar panel and on the ingame overlays. Additionally, the progress bar can be configured to show percentage to goal, or time to goal. Thanks to @while-loop for adding this enhancement!

Configurable XP tracker labels

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • We have removed the option to hide the NPC Aggression Timer plugin's overlay hint so it is clearer to users what must be done to get the plugin working
  • The Chambers of Xeric plugin now continues to scout unknown rooms when loading new areas
  • The Loot Tracker plugin can now hide unwanted loot events
  • You can now right-click chat messages to copy them to your clipboard using the Chat History plugin
  • Clue scrolls will now always stack when recorded in the Loot Tracker plugin
  • The World Map plugin has seen several additions, such as tooltips for dungeon names, hunter areas, fishing spots, and agility courses
  • Barbarian fish have been added to the agility skill calculator
  • The ending door of the penguin agility course is now highlighted via the Agility plugin
  • Teleblock timers are now correctly added when playing with the transparent chatbox enabled
  • The Loot Tracker plugin now has options to display chat messages after NPC and/or PVP kills
  • Some clue scroll locations and descriptions have been updated
  • A bug was fixed causing the ground items menu color to sometimes not match the overlay color
  • An acorn emoji has been added to the Emoji plugin
  • The Item Stats plugin has learned the correct healing amount for castle wars bandages while wearing the castle wars bracelet
  • New POH icons have been added for Weiss and Troll stronghold teleport portals


- Jordan

New commits

We had 23 contributors this release!

Adam (5):
      client: update to jogl 2.4.0-rc-20200429
      gpu: add support for osx
      travis: force tls 1.2
      loot tracker: cleanup clue scroll stacking and test
      key remapper: consume key typed events for remapped keys

Anthony Alves (4):
      xp-tracker: add configurable labels to XpInfoBox
      xp-tracker: add more configurable labels to canvas overlay
      xp-tracker: add option to show ttl or percentage til goal
      loot-tracker: make clue scroll drops stackable

Arman S (1):
      worldmap: Add dungeon names (#11419)

Atroxide (2):
      game: Center Fossil Island agility shortcut icons
      worldmap: Center Otto's Grotto tree icon

      skill calc: add barbarian fishing to agility skill calculator
      agility: highlight ending door of penguin agility course (#11478)

Dock (1):
      client session manager: fix shutdown race deleting a null session

Hydrox6 (1):
      Revert "npc aggro timer: Add option to hide hint overlay (#8610)"

Jordan Atwood (2):
      timers: Remove color matching for teleblock messages
      loottracker: Show chat message after NPC and PVP kills

Max Weber (3):
      rl-api, rl-client: Remove core logger
      runelite-client: Make RuneScape Bold actually Bold
      runelite-client: support warning field on external plugins

Nicholas Kimball (1):
      coordinateclue: Add information to hardwood grove clue (#11489)

Omar Khan (1):
      grandexchange: Improve geSearchMode description (#11474)

Rangvaldr (1):
      discord: Add missing Iorwerth Dungeon region (#11451)

Robert Nönnig (1):
      grounditems: update menu highlight logic to match overlay logic

Sam Rosenthal (2):
      clues: Add Viggora cryptic clue item requirement description
      ItemMapping: Add Blade of Saeldor (c)

TheStonedTurtle (3):
      loottracker - Reword syncPanel config description
      loot tracker - add ability to ignore loot events
      loot tracker - Fix ignoredItems config value ordering

Tomas Slusny (1):
      Add option to copy chat message contents to clipboard

Trevor (1):
      raids plugin: make scouter scout unknown rooms on new area loaded

ben (1):
      coordinateclue: Add missing Lithkren clue step (#11490)

dekvall (1):
      emojis: add acorn emoji

gfidder (1):
      worldmap: Fix Hosidius farming patch location

ivanfeli (1):
      item stats: Fix Castle Wars bracelet bandage heal amount

melkypie (6):
      worldmap: add hunter area tooltips
      client: move FishingSpot to
      fishing: add unmapped fishing spots
      worldmap: add fishing spot tooltips
      worldmap: add tooltips to agility courses
      worldmap: add the ability to indicate rooftop courses

raynerrebello (1):
      poh: Add new POH overlay icons for Weiss and Troll Stronghold portals (#11360)