Overlays, such as panels and screen markers can now be resized by holding Alt and dragging their edges/corners. Thanks to @deathbeam for adding this feature.

Resizing RuneLite overlays

The Infobox wrap count setting has been removed from RuneLite's config. You can resize the infobox container to achieve the same effect, as shown below. If you previously had Infobox wrap count set to a value other than 4, you will have to alt-drag and resize the overlay to cause the infoboxes to wrap again at the desired number. Also, as was the case prior to this release, you can reset an overlay's position and size using Alt and right-clicking the overlay.

Resizing infobox container to change wrap count

The Grand Exchange plugin now has an option to use fuzzy searching, allowing you to search abbreviations or imprecise spellings to find items. Thanks to @dennisdev for this great enhancement!

Grand Exchange fuzzy searching

The Prayer plugin now has an option to replace your prayer points display in your prayer orb with the time remaining until your prayer points expire. Thanks to @dekvall for this feature.

Prayer orb time remaining

The Anti Drag plugin has been updated to remove the requirement of the Shift key when outside of PVP scenarios. An On Shift Only option has been added to the plugin, which must be enabled to work both in and outside of PVP.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Bank searches are now more responsive with the Bank plugin active
  • Players can no longer accidentally reposition their mouse tooltips, and players whose mouse tooltips appear to be displaying far away from their cursor should see it display in the correct location now
  • Support has been added to various plugins for gilded axe and pickaxe animations
  • Clue Scrolls referencing Immenizz or vambraces are now properly recognized again since their ingame wording had changed last week
  • The World Hopper plugin no longer tries to hop into full worlds when hopping up/down
  • Screenshots are no longer taken of your own death with the Screenshot Friend Deaths option enabled
  • The Music and Camera plugins now display tooltips showing the slider value when using the ingame volume and camera zoom sliders
  • The Camera plugin has gained options to invert the camera pitch and yaw mouse controls
  • The Music plugin now has an option to mute prayer sounds
  • When highlighting players with the Player Indicators plugin, the "Walk here" menu entry is now also highlighted
  • An option to hide the precise combat level has been added to the Combat Level plugin
  • The Agility plugin now highlights the stick on the Werewolf agility course
  • The Fishing plugin properly updates its overlay to show that you are not fishing when you're interrupted by certain activities, such as level-up dialogs
  • The Quest List plugin no longer causes errors when enabling it after already being logged in
  • The Loot Tracker tracks herbiboar loot when your herb sack is open and has learned that potion drinking, etc., is not loot when hunting the herbiboar
  • The Nightmare Zone and Discord plugins no longer think you are in the Nightmare Zone when fighting the King Black Dragon
  • Slayer tasks assigned to be completed within the Jormungand's Prison are now properly recognized by the Slayer plugin
  • The Run Energy plugin learned the new graceful set energy recovery mechanics from the update in January
  • You are no longer considered to be "not woodcutting" by the Woodcutting plugin when there is a long pause between logs being chopped
  • The Boosts Information plugin no longer shows the restore overlay when it does not show any visible boosts
  • The Kourend Library plugin now shows books which are in your inventory versus not yet found in the library in different colors in its side panel, and has an option to show a hint arrow pointing toward your target book
  • The Items Kept on Death plugin learned the updated Eternal teleport crystal value
  • Magic trees now animate correctly with the GPU plugin on


- Jordan

New commits

We had 31 contributors this release!

AaronPoon (1):
      agility: highlight 'Stick' in Werewolf Agility Course

Adam (14):
      world controller: return service unavailable if world list isn't loaded
      feed controller: return service unavailable if feed isn't loaded
      client session manager: fix detecting logged in state
      speccounter: fix some bugs and edge cases
      stretchedmode: copy mouse event consumed flag when translating mouse events
      client: add config option for blocking extra mouse buttons
      party plugin: play sound effects on client thread
      hooks: use monotonic clock for main loop tasks
      item service: remove old item searching and item lookup methods
      antidrag: add option to disable in pvp
      worldhopper: skip over almost full worlds
      screenshot plugin: fix screenshot friend deaths to not screenshot own death
      emoji plugin: load emojis on client thread
      devtools: add infobox generator

Alexsuperfly (1):
      OverlayRenderer: prevent moving DYNAMIC and TOOLTIP overlays

Brandt Hill (1):
      fishing: Check player animation to update fishing status

Crow (2):
      NPC Agression Timer: fix typo in notification
      Add eternal teleport crystal value offset

Daniel (1):
      questlist: Ensure filter has non-null state on startup

Dennis (1):
      ge plugin: add fuzzy search option

Deon Zhao (1):
      loottracker: Track herbiboar loot with an open herb sack

Hydrox6 (8):
      clues: update Immenizz's master clue to reflect his NPC's name change
      api: add gilded axe animation
      woodcutting: add support for gilded axe
      idle notifier: add support for gilded axe
      wintertodt: add support for gilded axe
      api: add gilded pickaxe animations
      idle notifier: add support for gilded pickaxe
      motherlode: add support for gilded pickaxe

Jordan Atwood (5):
      boosts: Hide restore timer when no boosts are visible
      woodcutting: Reduce visibilities, mark Nullables
      woodcutting: Add axe animation matching helper method
      woodcutting: Fix overlay hiding during long chop delays
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots

Lewis (1):
      music plugin: add option to mute prayer sounds

Lotto (4):
      api: remove Follow and Trade menu actions
      player-indicators: break out decorating code into own methods
      player-indicators: move menu logic to ClientTick
      player-indicators: highlight the 'Walk here' menu entry too

Lucas Snel (1):
      combatlevel plugin: add option for showing precise combat level

Magic fTail (1):
      chatmessagemanager: use default timestamp if none is provided

Max Weber (13):
      grounditems: manually match item thresholds
      grounditems: make priceChecks threadsafe
      grounditems: reset on the executor thread
      Notifier: Reuse Clip instances
      http-api: remove unused fields from NPCInfo
      kourendlibrary: don't throw npe when starting on the login screen
      runelite-client: update ItemID references
      runelite-api: add stopNow to cleanly shutdown the client
      eventbus: make higher priority events fire first
      camera: add option to invert camera mouse controls
      runelite-client: add ClientShutdown event
      grounditems: don't crash when having a duplicate highlight value
      FlatTextField: forward focus requests to children

Morgan Lewis (1):
      worldmap: Fix slayer ring teleport location

Robert Nönnig (1):
      prayer: Hide prayer flick indicator when minimap is hidden (#11138)

Sean Dewar (4):
      runenergy: update graceful recovery rate logic
      music: slider volume percentage tooltips
      camera: zoom slider tooltip & zoom constants
      music: revalidate slider handle on creation

SirGirion (1):
      emoteclue: Replace vamb with vambraces in clue text

TheFlemoid (1):
      WidgetOverlay: Use TOP_RIGHT anchor for LMS widgets

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      nightmarezone: Fix area check to exclude KBD lair
      discord: Fix NMZ area check to exclude KBD lair

Thomas (1):
      slayer plugin: add Jormungand's Prison task location

Tomas Slusny (7):
      Reset repositioned tooltip overlays
      Mock ConfigManager in ItemStatOverlayTest to inject TooltipManager
      Add support for resizable overlays
      Make overlay resizing configure wrapping
      Add OverlayPanel that contains PanelComponent
      Make overlays use OverlayPanel instead of Overlay
      Skip processing of input listeners with consumed events

Trevor (1):
      loot tracker plugin: submit loot on client shutdown (#11243)

Tyler Davis (1):
      swingutil: Set button tooltip text in addModalTooltip

Unknown (1):
      Update Plugin Hub risk label

dekvall (1):
      prayer: display prayer time remaining in prayer orb

jostn (1):
      HotColdLocation: Center Rimmington mine dig location

rfick (2):
      kourendlibrary: Indicate books not in inventory
      kourendlibrary: Show a hint arrow above target book

trimbe (1):
      bank plugin: improve responsiveness of bank searches

ypperlig (1):
      barrowsplugin: fix null pointer exception in region check