A DPS counter plugin has been added which displays your DPS, or just total damage, to NPCs. If you are in a party, it will show a breakdown of each member's damage.


A drift net fishing plugin was added which shows the status of your nets and highlights any fish you haven't tagged


The interface styles plugin has an additional new 2006 interface style


The friend notes plugin can now display an icon next to friends who have notes


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix the music plugin sliders sometimes not working
  • The spec counter plugin now uses hitsplats to determine spec hit instead of xpdrops - fixing it to work more reliably in scaled raids and other situations where the hitpoints xp multiplier is not constant
  • Extra mouse buttons (4+) are now prevented from clicking in-game
  • The raids scout overlay now includes the world's region (US/GB/AU/DE)
  • Fix the agility overlay laps remaining to account for agility pyramid bonus xp
  • Add Lovakite rocks to the mining respawn timer
  • Add Nightmare dungeon and boss areas to Discord game events and skybox
  • Add menu swap for essence mine teleport
  • Add cannon spot for Lizard Shamans and Black Knights
  • Fix the venom hitsplat image in the poison infobox
  • Add deposit boxes to shift-click deposit
  • Add tooltips to the Prifddinas mining sites on the world map
  • The custom cursor plugin now has an option to set your cursor to the weapon you have equipped
  • The chatfilter can now also filter messages by player name
  • Add world map teleport targets to wilderness levers
  • Ground items now supports quantity thresholds, eg: chaos rune>100
  • The object indicators plugin now supports per-indicator colors
  • The time tracking plugin's timers are now sorted in ascending order, and have a warning color when they are low
  • The Herbiboar plugin can now indicate the guaranteed tracks
  • The Sarachnis respawn timer has been updated to 10 seconds


- Adam

New commits

We had 25 contributors this release!

Adam (23):
      speccounter: use hitsplats for determining spec hit
      interface styles: only adjust widget positions when tli is resized
      ui: correct cursor hotspot to 0,0
      opponentinfo: account for panel border in overlay size
      experience: remove unnecessary Math.floor() calls
      linepanelcomponent: remove empty string text component renders
      components: use common Text.removeTags
      panelcomponent: fix removing final gap from total width/height
      client: synchronize some calls to ImageIO.read()
      hiscore panel: autocomplete recent search history
      checkstyle: enforce no whitespace at end of line
      overlay: add mouseover callback
      client: add dps plugin
      keyremapping: add option to block extra mouse buttons
      keyremapping: add test for typing mode change
      chatcommands: fix showing -1 experience/rank in lvl
      client: block extra mouse keys
      http-api: add world region to World
      raids: add world region to scout overlay
      api: make IterableHashTable generic
      clientloader: use fallback config if gamepack fails to load
      clientloader: don't fallback to Jagex hostnames when using fallback config
      boss timers: update Sarachnis time to 10 seconds

Alexsuperfly (4):
      agility: set lastObstacleXp to 0 on courses that use worldpoints
      agility: account for bonus exp from agility pyramid
      mining: show respawn timers after GameState change
      mining: add Lovakite rocks

Austin (2):
      Added nightmare dungeon and nightmare boss to discord game events.
      skybox: add nightmare dungeon area

BrandtHill (1):
      clues: update clue text for stealing from ardougne chest

Brennan Williams (1):
      shift anti drag: fix default bank drag delay

Cody Brown (1):
      menu swapper: essence mine teleport menu, swap talk-to with teleport on distentor and aubury

Daniel (2):
      Reset Discord status after a while of being in menu (#9116)
      skillcalculator: Don't clear fields when re-loading current skill

DeliciousLunch55 (4):
      BeginnerMapClue: Add Fairy Ring code to Wizard's Tower clue hint
      cannon plugin: add cannoning spot for Lizard Shamans
      cannon plugin: update Gnome Stronghold dungeon Bloodvelds cannon location. (#11028)
      cannon: Add Black Knights cannoning spot in Taverley Dungeon (#11046)

Hydrox6 (1):
      api: fix venom hitsplat sprite id

HÃ¥kon Rosseland Paulsen (1):
      menu swapper: add shift-modifier to bank deposit box

JZomerlei (1):
      chatcommands: Don't remove spaces before cleared word (#11017)

Jordan Atwood (4):
      clues: Create NamedObjectClueScroll interface
      SkillChallengeClue: Highlight broken Dorgesh-kaan lamps
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      widget: Expose widget model getters and setters

Justin Hiltz (2):
      worldmap: Add Prifddinas mining sites (#11018)
      custom cursor: add option to use equipped weapon

Max Weber (3):
      runelite-client: Make gauntlet timer layoutable
      music: correctly recreate volume widgets after relogs
      discord: don't throw NPE when checking timeout on training states

Michael (1):
      loottracker: add average per kill to subtitle tooltip

Ron Young (2):
      runelite-api: expose item model information
      ChatboxItemSearch: check for duplicate item images

Ryan Hermstein (1):
      clues: update Eluned cryptic clue message

ThatGamerBlue (4):
      rlapi: MessageNode extends CacheableNode (but Node is close enough)
      chatfilter: add filtering by username
      scripts: add FriendUpdate and IgnoreUpdate
      friendicons: add note icon in friends/ignore list

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      Revert "opponentinfo: add opponent's opponent for npcs"

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Add support for component tooltips
      Migrate XpGlobesOverlay tooltips to component tooltips

Trevor (3):
      client: add session and config file arguments
      client: fix default sessionfile/config args
      spec counter plugin: fix other NPC hitsplats affecting specs

adwitkow (1):
      worldmap: add targets to Wilderness Levers & clarify their tooltips

dekvall (8):
      widgetid: fix lms ingame info
      inventory grid: fix showing the replaced item in the initial spot
      ground items: add support for quantity thresholds
      menu entry swapper: update essence mine description to include all npcs
      object indicators: add support for multiple colors
      drift net fishing: add plugin
      menu entry swapper: swap nets on annette
      herbiboar: use guaranteed tracks when highlighting path

melkypie (4):
      scripts: use ScriptPostFired event for scripts that callback at the end of the script
      friendslist: update titles using onScriptPostFired rather than onGameTick
      timetracking: add ability to sort timers
      timetracking: add timer warning colors

raqes (2):
      interface styles: Fix 2005 prayer tab fixed viewport
      interface styles: Add 2006 interface