Bank tags can now be searched in the GE:


The world map now has tooltips for mining site locations which shows which rocks are there:


The blast furnace overlay now includes the time until the coffer runs out of GP:


The GPU plugin now includes additional UI scaling options which can result in clearer images on higher resolution displays. If you were using the stretched mode plugin with the Increased performance mode option and the GPU plugin, you may want to change the GPU UI scaling option to Nearest.

The plugin hub has a new webpage which shows all of the plugins available on it.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • GE buy limits are now automatically pulled from the wiki
  • The item stats plugin can now show item stats when hovering items in the bank
  • The pensive emoji has been added to the emoji plugin (V_V)
  • Item price tooltips now work in the seed vault
  • Inventory tags now has 2 additional tag groups
  • Fix the loottrackker show/hide ignored loot button
  • Fix the always stack resizable stones interface styles option
  • Add bounty hunter (rogue) and LMS chat commands
  • Fix incorrectly hiding salamander attack styles with the attackstyles plugin


- Adam

New commits

We had 22 contributors this release!

Adam (4):
      configmanager: harden against being killed mid-save
      Merge protocol and protocol-api into cache-client
      Use GE limits from item stats
      session: add logged-in tracking

Alfred Ababio (1):
      skill calc: add long and curved bones to construction calc

Ben Dol (3):
      itemstats: Round item values for displaying
      itemstats: Add "Show Stats In Bank" option
      itemstats: Add "Always Show Base Stats" option

Daniel (1):
      blast furnace: add coffer time remaining overlay

DeliciousLunch55 (2):
      clue plugin: Improve Shilo Village elite coordinate clue hint
      xpdrop plugin: add 'prayer' to tags

Evan Walden (1):
      item prices: show tooltips in the seed vault

Henry Darnell (1):
      emoji: add pensive emoji

Hydrox6 (1):
      slayer: fix boss task parsing to support Konar

James Carroll (1):
      Thread Desktop browse and open

Jeremy Plsek (1):
      plugin hub panel: add url to help tooltip and add missing space to warning

Jordan Atwood (5):
      ClueScrollPlugin: Reset clue on empty dev command
      clues: Don't return clue instances for empty text
      cluescroll plugin: Clear stale location clue hint arrows
      util: Create RSTimeUnit enum
      plugins: Use RSTimeUnit util where applicable

Krysa (1):
      inventory tags: add 2 additional color groups

Max Weber (2):
      PluginManager: try/catch Throwable all the plugin startup stuff
      loottracker: fix hide/show ignored items button

Rolf Don (1):
      skill calc: strip out non-digits characters

Ron Young (5):
      runelite-api: add GE search event and variables
      ItemVariations: add reverse mapping of variations
      banktags: add tag searching for ge search
      banktags: add tests
      LayoutResizableStones: fix bad script merge

Sander de Groot (1):
      chat commands: add Bounty Hunter, Bounty Hunter Rogue, and Last Man Standing commands

Seth (1):
      clue plugin: update Trollweiss cryptic clue hint to include a sled

Trevor (1):
      client: add notification fired event

dekvall (4):
      attackstyles: fix salamander magic attacks
      inventorygrid: re-add a delay to showing the overlay
      worldmap: support multiline tooltips
      worldmap: add informative mining site tooltip

kmutchnick (4):
      clue plugin: add new Slepe anagram clue
      skill calc: fix skill requirement for compost potions
      clue plugin: update solution text for deep wilderness dungeon cryptic clue
      clue plugin: add pet rock and rune thrownaxe to DK clue

ln (1):
      gpu: add UI bicubic & xBR rescaling

seth (2):
      AgilityShortcut: update Arceuus essence agility shortcut coordinates
      QuestStartLocation: Update The forsaken tower/roving elves quest coordinates