The loot tracker will now track loot received from pickpockets.


The old show opponent's opponent option has been readded for NPC opponents; closer inspection of the prohibited feature list revealed the original cause for us removing it only applied to PVP: Indicates whom your opponent's opponent is in PVP


The Crystal Math Labs plugin has been replaced with an XP Updater plugin, which additionally now supports the TempleOSRS tracker. Remember that sending xp update requests to external services necessarily sends your IP address and display name to that service.

The CoX scouter plugin now has an option for screenshotting the overlay into the clipboard, making it easy to share.


The clue plugin now tells you when you are missing a light source required for your clue.


The interface styles plugin now has an option to always used the stacked-stones arrangement, regardless of client resolution.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The loottracker now can track drops from the Nightmare
  • Fix the Wintertodt plugin erronously sending a notification about being idle when you are already idle
  • Dragging with the inventory grid enabled no longer drags grid cells
  • The mouse tooltip position can now be configured to be above the mouse
  • Fix imp spawn notifications sometimies not working in Puro-Puro
  • The wiki plugin now has an option to make Search the default left click option
  • The shift anti-drag plugin now also works in the bank
  • Various hot-cold clues that were slightly off center have been centered, and the solver can now sometimes eliminate possible solutions even when the orb temperature has not changed
  • The imbued heart timer now more reliably works when in combat
  • The grand exchange plugin will now also record partially bought or sold offers, which can be viewed on the website. Additionally, the retention history has been upped to 90 days from 30.
  • The NPC unaggro plugin can now notify you when the aggression timer expires
  • Fix the LMS overlay to be movable
  • The custom cusor plugin now allows user-supplied cursors by placing a file named cursor.png in your .runelite directory
  • The dragonfire shield cooldown timer has been updated to use the correct time
  • Skilling potions have been added to the item identification plugin
  • The twisted league slayer helm is now a recognized slayer item


- Adam

New commits

We had 22 contributors this release!

15987632 (3):
      rl-api: add invoke and return opcodes
      rl-api: add script fired events
      devtools: add script inspector

Adam (16):
      wintertodt: fix interrupt notification firing when already idle
      cache: update sequence definition
      widget item: clip overlay to parent bounds
      screenmarkers: prevent null marker creation
      client: create combined cml/templeosrs xp updater plugin
      api: add both normal and dragging bounds to widgetitem
      inventory grid: don't drag grid square when dragging items
      clue plugin: add clue dev command
      opponentinfo: add opponent's opponent for npcs
      clue plugin: add reset overlay option
      loot manager: add support for nightmare
      loot tracker: add pickpocket events
      loot tracker: store and match events by type
      loot tracker: filter by type in details view
      http-service: increase ge history retention to 90 days
      widgetitemoverlay: clip dragged items when outside of parent bounds

Alex Germann (1):
      Update General Bentnoze clue step solution

Alexsuperfly (5):
      idle notifier: add fishing animations
      idle notifier: prevent double notifications for anim and interact
      move capturing of screenshots to ImageCapture utility
      Raids: Add clan chat and world to scouting overlay
      Raids: Enable screenshotting of scouting overlay

Crypthead (1):
      client: add configuration for tooltip position

David (1):
      clue plugin: add light requirements to clues

Grahm Larkham (1):
      imp plugin: fix notifications on npc change

Henry Darnell (1):
      Add ability and config to swap Lookup and Search in wiki plugin (#10690)

Hydrox6 (2):
      config: add support for integer config items to have units
      plugins: add units to configs

JBerben (1):
      antidrag: support bank interface

Jordan Atwood (4):
      HotColdLocation: Center some location spots
      HotColdSolver: Add same-temperature solution narrowing
      ConfigPlugin: Expand RuneLite plugin tags
      timers plugin: Improve imbued heart detection

Max Weber (8):
      loottracker: Optimize panel rebuild
      loottracker: Handle rollover/select icons correctly
      runelite-client: typecheck configs extend Config
      PluginHubPanel: Limit height of description to 2 lines, enable word wrap
      PluginManager: require start/stop to be invoked on the EDT
      gpu: refactor shader compilation
      gpu: run glslangValidator on shaders during tests
      gpu: rename length to size in shaders

Noah Haig (1):
      clues: add description to Prif elite coord clue

Oelderoth (1):
      grandexchange plugin: log cancelled buy/sell offers

Owain van Brakel (1):
      xpupdater: Fix config not showing

Paveldin (1):
      skill calc: add Spice Rack

Rob Mckennie (1):
      npcunaggroarea: add notification for timer expiration

Ron Young (5):
      plugins: add reset configuration method on plugin
      banktags: reset tagtabs and banktags when reset button is clicked
      widgetid: fix LMS INFO
      scripts: add LayoutResizableStones script
      interfacestyles: add ability to always stack resizable stones

Ryan H (1):
      customcursor: support providing custom cursor images

leopluerodon (1):
      Add twisted slayer helmet to item mappings and slayer plugin

mkowen1 (2):
      item id: add hunter, agility, fishing, and guthix balance potions
      item id: reformat extraneous spaces

ralphmtk (1):
      timers: correct dfs spec cooldown time