The hiscore plugin now supports boss hiscores and shows it in a panel beneath the minigame hiscores.


The !kc command remains as-is as it updates kill counts in real-time as opposed to the boss hiscores which require relogging.

The camera plugin now has an option to add Look South, Look East, and Look West to the compass.


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The new tag-tab button has been moved below the tag-tab list to make room for the new equipment button
  • The cannon plugin now has a configurable threshold for when it will warn you for having low ammo
  • Add a shift click abort GE offer option to menu swapper
  • Add a menu swap for GE offer withdraw mode
  • Add an option to show the total value of Chambers of Xeric loot to the raids plugin
  • Fix slayer plugin to recognize tasks assigned to the Forthos Dungeon
  • Fix clipping of 2005 interface style minimap
  • Fix several more issues with the Kourend library plugin which cause it to reset at the wrong time and incorrectly mark objects when world hopping
  • Add the option to Lookup players on your ignore list
  • Add potions to the item identification plugin
  • Support chat command clear line/word keybinds in pm input dialog
  • Fix clan chat ranks not showing up if the clan chat name is recolored


- Adam

New commits

15987632 (2):
      client: add VisibleForExternalPlugins annotation
      client: add getVar methods for external plugins

Adam (8):
      cannon plugin: make ammo notification threshold configurable
      menu swapper: add shift click abort ge offer
      clientloader: throw an exception when unable to peek first entry
      cache: add param config
      camera plugin: reposition startUp/shutdown members
      camera plugin: add Look South/East/West option to compass
      hiscore plugin: add boss hiscores
      raids plugin: add option to show loot value

Alexsuperfly (3):
      woodcutting: account for plane change with despawn events
      raids: allow 'unknown' to evaluate to both unknown types
      woodcutting: create maple timer for miscellania region

Blackberry0Pie (1):
      slayer plugin: add Forthos Dungeon

Caleb Waters (1):
      skill calc: change arrow shaft xp to be per shaft

Gamma91 (1):
      hiscore skill: fix spelling of commander zilyana

Hydrox6 (7):
      interfacestyles: fix 2005 fixed mode minimap's right side
      kourendlibrary: clear tracked NPCs when changing worlds
      chat message manager: make sender recoloring use messageNode
      kourendlibrary: only reset if layout changes when complete
      kourendlibrary: fix panel reloading not being done on the swing thread
      clues: add Lava battlestaff (or) to the Trollheim emote clue
      hiscore api: add Callisto and Cerberus

Jason O'Neill (1):
      item stats: fix White Tree Fruit stats

Max Weber (5):
      config: Fix PluginHub scrollbar
      config: Work around JDK-8079640

Maƫl Cournoyer-Michel (1):
      Add HP for level 19 and 22 Guards.

Rami (1):
      hiscore plugin: add Lookup to ignore list

Rami-J (1):
      menu swapper: add support for ge offer withdraw

Sam Edelsten (2):
      add foods to skill calculator
      add vscode files to gitignore

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      loottracker plugin: Add Loot Received event

Zachary Waller (1):
      item identification: add potions

dekvall (2):
      xp tracker: don't unpause on failed login
      chatcommands: support keybinds in pms