The Woodcutting plugin now supports showing respawn timers for chopped trees. Thanks to Dava96 for this contribution.

Woodcutting plugin tree respawn timer

The Entity Hider plugin has an added option to hide the pets of other players. Thanks to Trevor for this addition!

Entity hider pet toggle

We've added support for Twisted Leagues:

Finally, a League Chat Icons plugin has been added which can help players distinguish between League players and ironmen in the main game. Thanks to hsamoht for this new plugin.


The Chambers of Xeric plugin has had its rotation whitelist format updated. Now, instead of formatting whitelisted rotations as a list of bracket-encapsulated rotations (eg. [muttadiles, shamans, mystics][vespula, tekton, vasa]), they should have the brackets removed and be put on a new line per rotation, like the following:

muttadiles, shamans, mystics
vespula, tekton, vasa

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Object markers marking objects which can change into other objects can be properly removed
  • The Rune Pouch overlay now displays your stored runes on both the normal Rune pouch and the Rune pouch (l)
  • The Screenshot plugin can now take automatic screenshots when a player on your friends list or in your clan dies near you to help ensure they can re-experience their death
  • Teleport sound effects have been classified as "Others' area sounds" for the purpose of muting via the Music plugin
  • You can now configure the FPS Control plugin to limit your FPS to two different amounts when the game is focused or unfocused.
  • The Woman face-palmingemoji facepalm emoji has been added to the Emojis plugin as the emoticon M-)
  • The client now continues to flash notifications until it becomes focused (instead of clearing notifications by only mousing over the window)


- Jordan

New commits

We had 14 contributors this release!

15987632 (1):
      entity hider plugin: add support for hiding pets

Adam (34):
      raid plugin: fix layout command room order
      Remove SEASONAL_DEADMAN world type
      Remove DEADMAN_TOURNAMENT world type
      http api: update hiscore for leagues
      api: add league world type
      hiscore plugin: add leagues
      world hopper: assign leagues world color
      screenshot plugin: add League folder
      opponent info: add league hiscore endpoint
      xptracker: add league world type
      chat commands: add support for league hiscores
      rotation solver: fix to use modulus instead of remainder operator
      clue plugin: add support for league hotcold clues
      woodcutting plugin: add respawn timer
      api: add welcome chat message type
      raids plugin: fix matching rotation whitelist
      api: use region size constant in getRegionOffset
      object indicators: use WorldPoint getRegionX/Y
      object markers: fix removing markers from multilocs
      api: refactor to use NameableContainer
      client: refactor for nameable api changes
      clan manager: use clanmember manager find to lookup rank
      client: add backup jav_config support
      world client: always return non null or throw an error
      client: use mock webserver for client config loader test
      hostsupplier: only supply regular f2p or p2p worlds
      chat controller: limit layouts to 16 rooms
      raids plugin: limit layout message to 300 characters
      api: add npc composition isInteractible
      npc highlight: skip noninteractiable npcs
      npc highlight: fix npc interactible check
      keyremapping: only update chatbox input and not player name
      client: add world service to manage world fetching
      add leagues chat icon plugin

Austin Lee (2):
      Add Bird Houses to crafting skill calculator (#10306)
      Add support for rune pouch (l) to rune pouch overlay (#10331)

      screenshot plugin: add friend/clan member death screenshotting

Hydrox6 (1):
      inventory grid: use correct item quantities for drag previews

Jay (1):
      music plugin: reclassify teleport sfx as other players' area effects instead of environmental area effects

Max Weber (3):
      runelite-client: use privateLookupIn for invokespecialing defaults
      runelite-client: Use archive-patcher for the client-patch
      ClientLoader: Don't force the bootstrap classloader

Seth (2):
      death indicator: add Kourend respawn region
      regen meter: add support for endless endurance relic

al3x-huang (1):
      fpsplugin: Add multiple FPS targets for multiple modes (#10239)

chestnut1693 (1):
      loottracker plugin: fix typo

dekvall (2):
      emojis: add facepalm emoji
      attack styles: add test for swap between bludgeon and bow

emiljensen2 (1):
      notifier: require client to be focused to cancel notifications

seth (2):
      chathistory: update welcome message matching to include leagues
      Add kourend home teleport to timers plugin

winterdaze (1):
      Shorten NMZ overlay text to prevent overlapping (#10241)