In accordance with Jagex's message about unofficial clients the demonic gorillas plugin has been removed.

More features may be removed in future releases, however I find the statement from Jagex sufficiently vague that I am not able to tell how much, if at all, it applies to other RuneLite features, such as the menu entry swapper.

Wording such as The same can be said of features which might modify how you select actions in the game or change how you click on menus has a whole lot of wiggle room - and I think that the intent of Jagex is to have clients remove features which unbalance either skilling experience rates or end-game content (and thus end-game rewards). I don't think the majority of MES fit into this category, although the Bury and Pickpocket swap probably would.

I am trying to get further clarification from Jagex first before I make any wide sweeping decisions on where to draw the line at between acceptable and not acceptable with regard to menu swapping because I understand how QOL much of it is to so many users. So, the MES has been left untouched in this release.

In other news, the object indicator plugin can now tag walls (such as MLM ore veins), and a couple clue texts and hints have been fixed.

- Adam