The Bank plugin now supports searching for items by value. Thanks to @raiyni for this feature.

Bank value search

The Music plugin now offers volume overrides for the ingame music, sound effect, and area sound effect volumes. These settings allow you to set more granular values for each of these volumes.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Opponent Information plugin now has an option to highlight the Attack option for NPCs you are attacking or are attacking you
  • Forthos Dungeon monsters now show proper HP values in the Opponent Information plugin and will now cause the XP Tracker plugin to display kills to goal targets instead of actions
  • The Agility plugin now has an option to display laps needed to reach your set agility goal
  • You can now set the left-click menu option of the house advertisement board using the Menu Entry Swapper plugin
  • The Timers plugin no longer thinks the "Protect from Magic" prayer halves the duration of normal spellbook freeze spells
  • The Loot Tracker plugin now truncates monster names instead of kill count for entries with long text


- Jordan

New commits

We had 12 contributors this release!

Adam (8):
      menu entry swapper: fix menu searching optimization
      bank tags: use item name string indexof from script
      opponent info: add show opponents in menu
      hooks: ignore npc update immediately after login
      api: add sound volume accessors and vars
      api: add volume changed event
      music list plugin: rename to music plugin
      music plugin: add sound volume overrides

Brian Rogers (1):
      item mappings: update birds nest mapping

Daniel Bolink (1):
      Remove Half timers for Snare, Bind and Entangle

Hudson Shykowski (1):
      Add Forthos Dungeon monsters to the NPC health list

Hydrox6 (2):
      loot tracker: truncate name instead of kills
      clues: fix emote hint ordering

John Polich (2):
      clues: update "Salty peter" solution for Hosidius rework
      clues: add fairy ring code to "Graveyard west of Shayzien" solution

Jordan Atwood (1):
      cluescrolls: Reset clue on new beginner/master step

Krysa (2):
      clues: update Warriors' Guild emote clue
      clues: add Deviant spectre variant to cryptic clue

Max Weber (3):
      runelite-api: Add setAllWidgetsAreOpTargetable
      runelite-client: Don't add our menu options in spell casting/target mode
      WidgetInspector: Add widget picker

Ron Young (1):
      bank plugin: add item value searching

beaumitch (1):
      agility plugin: add laps to goal to overlay

eric-weaver (1):
      menu entry swapper: add house advertisement board