The World Map plugin can now show you where certain teleports take you by jumping to the corresponding location when clicking on the icon in the world map


The Idle Notifier plugin can now notify you after not moving your character for a configurable amount of time

The Clue Scroll plugin has been updated to work correctly for coordinate and Hot/Cold clues located in the city of Prifddinas

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Slayer plugin no longer shows the task infobox on login
  • The Chat Notifications plugin has had its highlighting of messages with color improved
  • The Chat Color plugin now recolors the colon after the username of private chat messages, and the friend login/logout notifications
  • The Agility plugin now highlights shortcuts within the Kourend and Forthos dungeons
  • The XP Globes plugin has received an option to configure the tooltip information


- Alexsuperfly

New commits

We had 10 contributors this release!

Adam (7):
      plugin manager: fix two log format strings
      menu entry swapper: optimize menu searching for strict matching
      slayer plugin: do not show task infobox on login
      chat message manager: fix recoloring messages with embedded </col> tags
      devtools: add msg command
      chat notifications: fix matching messages with color
      clue plugin: support Prifddinas clues

Adam Witkowski (1):
      chat: add LOGINLOGOUTNOTIFICATIONs recoloring

Andrew Chow (1):
      idle notifer: add movement idle notification

Daniel Bolink (1):
      agility shortcuts: add Forthos dungeon and Catacombs of Kourend shortcuts

David (1):
      timersconfig: fix typo in antipoison description (#9781)

Gustavo Rodrigues (1):
      xpglobes: add configs for globe tooltips

Hunter Harloff (1):
      hooks: draw ABOVE_MAP before ABOVE_WIDGETS

Hydrox6 (2):
      runecraft: move rift update function to plugin
      runecraft: move minimap code to its own overlay

Max Weber (1):
      gpu: wait for canvas to get it's native peer before starting OpenGL

Quasindro (2):
      worldmap: add on-click jumping for unambiguous single-target transports
      chat: fix private chat username recolouring, improve responsiveness to config settings