We have been diligently working off the SotE meta issue over the last week, as it touches a lot of the plugins and features. Much of it is done and included in this release:

  • Add divine potion timers to the timers plugin
  • Add Zalcano respawn timer to the boss plugin
  • Add Prifddinas farming patches to the time tracking plugin
  • Add Gauntlet kill count and personal best support to chat commands
  • Add Prifddinas agility course "kill count" and personal best to chat commands
  • Updates to the world map:
    • Add SotE quest start
    • Add rare tree, transportation, and shortcut tooltips
    • Fix Elf camp teleport location
    • Add farming patch tooltips
    • Add teleport crystal locations
    • Add minigame icon to the Gauntlet
  • Add Prifddinas agility course to the agility plugin
  • Add Prifddinas mining rocks to the mining plugin
  • Add Gauntlet and Prifddinas Crystal Chest to loot tracking plugin
  • Add crystal tree and agility course to the skill calculator
  • Add Gauntlet consumable information to the item stats plugin, and to potion timers
  • Add Prifddinas and surrounding areas to the skybox plugin
  • Add Prifddinas and surrounding areas to the possible Discord locations
  • Add crystal sapling to the item identification plugin
  • Add new crystal tools to the idle notifier
  • Add crystal axe to woodcutting plugin and wintertodt plugin
  • Add crystal pickaxe to motherlode plugin
  • Add crystal implings to the impling plugin

Item despawn timers have been added to the ground items plugin, which show how long until an item will despawn for items which you drop and receive as loot from a PvM kill.


The world hopper plugin now has an option to show the current world's ping


The clue plugin now shows locations for emote clues on the overlay, instead of just the world map:


The bank tags plugin now has an interface for searching items to use for the tab icon. This allows you to easily set the tab icon to items you do not have.


The raids scouter plugin now broadcasts scouted raids to your RuneLite party


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix tracking of Jad and Zuk personal best
  • Show grand exchange value when examining items in the seed vault
  • The quest list plugin now has an additional filter to show uncompleted quests only
  • Add support for Lava Eels to the fishing plugin
  • Fix world map quest marker for Depths of Despair
  • Add Hespori to the loot tracker
  • The item prices plugin can now show HA profit when casting on items
  • Change "Mark" to "Unmark" when right clicking already marked tiles, objects, and npcs
  • Add option to add skill xptrackers to the canvas on the skill menu tab
  • Fix removing teleblock timer when your opponent who cast the teleblock dies
  • Add total points and points per hour to the NMZ overlay
  • Fix the zoom plugin control reset config value to be properly bounded to valid values
  • Add 2005 style sprite override for friend/ignore list toggle icon
  • The item charges plugin now supports Rings of Forging
  • Add gnome stronghold fishing spots to fishing plugin
  • Increase smelting overlay timeout to account for cannonballs
  • Fix the XP tracker rounding to not show 100% prior to gaining a level
  • Ignore player loot at LMS in the loot tracker
  • Change Chaos Elemental respawn timer to 60 seconds


- Adam

New commits

We had 29 contributors this release!

15987632 (3):
      hot cold clues: center kandarin outpost dig location
      hot cold clues: center level 38 wilderness dig location
      hot cold clues: center zeah lovakite furnace dig location

Adam (17):
      api: mark getItemDefinition as nonnull
      ovelay renderer: more gracefully handle exceptions
      tooltip overlay: move tooltip clearing to a finally block
      tooltip component: fix exception from malformed tags
      api: rename Item to TileItem and add Item value class
      client: change item layer item uages to TileItem
      chatfilter test: remove player bind
      grounditems: add despawn timers
      loot tracker: fix HERBIBOAR_EVENT name typo
      timers: add divine potions
      chat commands: add gauntlet kc
      fps plugin: move fps off logout button on bottom line mode
      world hopper: change ping task to ping one world
      world hopper: add option to show current world ping
      chat commands: fix tracking zuk pb
      chat commands: add gg pb
      chat commands: add guantlet pb

Adam Witkowski (1):
      itemstats: Add support for Tai Bwo Wannai food (spiders on stick) (#9485)

Alexsuperfly (19):
      loot tracker: add Elven Crystal Chest
      world map: add song of the elves quest location
      world map: add Prifddinas rare tree icons
      world map: add Prifddinas tranportation icons
      world map: add teleport crytal icon
      world map: elf camp -> Iorwerth camp teleport scroll
      world map: add Prifddinas farming patch icons
      world map: add elven overpass shortcuts on Prifddinas map
      world map: add Iorwerths dungeon agility shortcut icons
      world map: add gauntlet minigame icon
      bosstimers: add Zalcano
      AnimationID: add crystal and new dragon orn tools
      idle notifier: add ids for crystal and new dragon orn tools
      woodcutting: add crystal axe to axe enum
      motherlode: update animation id set with new crystal and dragon tools
      skill calc: add Prifddinas agility course
      skill calc: add crystal tree
      discord: add Prifddinas locations
      wintertodt: add crystal axe to animation list

Andrew Benson (1):
      Fix Ardounge -> Ardougne typo in cryptic clue description (#9460)

AttackOfTheMoons (3):
      Fix casing in shiftClickActionIndex  (#9404)
      examine: Add support for examining Seed Vault items (#9431)
      slayer: Fix NPE when getting unsupported task (#9490)

Daniel Serpa (1):
      quest list plugin: add not completed filter

David (6):
      clue plugin: add locations to emote clues
      Add GE limit for Drift net (#9411)
      Add new Jethic medium clue step (#9456)
      impling plugin: add Crystal implings
      fishing: Add support for Lava Eeels (#9477)
      worldmap: Fix quest marker for Depths of Despair (#9506)

Decorth (1):
      loottracker: Add Hespori loot tracking

Gamma91 (1):
      mining plugin: add Prifddinas rocks

Gustavo Rodrigues (1):
      Added infernal cape and infernal max cape to master clue scroll step

Hydrox6 (2):
      cluescrolls: add dragon pick (or) to master emote clue
      Add item mappings for crystal equipment

Jacky L (1):
      Show HA profit while casting HA on items (#9070)

Jordan Atwood (7):
      groundmarkerplugin: Use RUNELITE menu action
      timersplugin: Escape periods in teleblock patterns
      npcindicators: Use "Un-tag" menu option for tagged NPCs
      objectindicators: Use "Unmark" menu option for marked objects
      groundmarkers: Use "Unmark" menu option for marked tiles
      overlaymanager: Add anyMatch method
      xptrackerplugin: Add canvas menu options to skill tab

Max Weber (13):
      runelite-api Remove WidgetPositioned
      Revert "Shutdown plugins on window close"
      runelite-client: remove RuneLiteModuleTest
      runelite-client: Don't write all images to disk when loading them
      ChatboxPerformancePlugin: Hook the cs2 to know when to rebuild
      BankTags: Call scripts with all of their arguments explicitly
      runelite-client: Start the ClientLoader running before injection starts
      runelite-client: Preload certain slow classes
      Update Quest Enum to latest cache
      timetracking: Support Prifddinas patches
      agility: Support Prifddinas course
      Skybox: Add Prifddinas and Iorwerth dungeon
      itemidentification: Add crystal sapling

Quasindro (1):
      nmz: Add total and per hour points to NMZ overlay

Ron Young (3):
      api: import itemCount
      chatbox: add ChatboxItemSearch
      TabInterface: add item searching for change icon

Ryan (1):
      zoom plugin: fix range bounds for ctrl zoom value config

Sander de Groot (2):
      interface styles: add sprite override for 2005 friend/ignore list toggle
      chat filter: fix filtering messages containing nbsp

SebastiaanVanspauwen (1):
      chat commands: add Prifddinas agility course kc and pb

TheStonedTurtle (3):
      loot tracker: add gauntlet support
      itemstats: add Guantlet food and potion
      timer plugin: add stamina timer for Guantlet potion

Tomas Slusny (3):
      Use GL_DYNAMIC_DRAW for ever-changing uniformBuffer
      party: add party chat messages
      raids plugin: send raids layout message to party

William Collishaw (2):
      emoji plugin: support nbsp in messages
      raids: Switch from Pattern splitting to Text.fromCSV (#9422)

Zacharias Tyllström (1):
      item charges: add ring of forging

dekvall (2):
      Add gnome stronghold fishing spots to fishing plugin (#9444)
      Increase timeout for smelting overlay to handle cannonballs (#9448)

jdkleuver (1):
      xp tracker: Change rounding mode so that it rounds down rather than up (#9378)

psikoi (1):
      loot tracker: ignore player loot in LMS

rlw0014 (1):
      timer plugin: remove tb timer when opponent dies

xDemoN (1):
      clue scrolls: Use consistent label for "Location" (#9421)