The bank plugin will now total up the value of all of the seeds in the seed vault


The camera zoom plugin now has a setting to configure the scroll zoom speed, and allows configuring the control key to reset zoom.

The grounditems plugin can now recolor the telegrab menu to according to the items value


The color picker now has a palette of recent colors


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix Esc changing tabs when in typing mode in the key remapping plugin
  • Add ability to configure custom key remaps for the F keys and esc to key remapping plugin
  • Fix impling plugin sometimes not working with Puro-Puro impling spawns
  • Fix Motherlode mine rock obstacles not being marked when entering the mine
  • Add Dragonfire shield timer to timers plugin
  • Add farming harvest actions to the idle notifier
  • Add Shilo gem rocks to the mining plugin respawn timer
  • Add Sarachnis respawn timer
  • Fix location of Fishing Platform elite clue stash unit
  • Fix HD prayer bar flick bar
  • Add Entrana river fishing spots to fishing plugin
  • Fix MTA telekinetic solver sometimes not updating after telegrabbing the guardian
  • Fix several edge cases related to untradeables in the items kept on death plugin
  • Add support for labeling ore and gems to the item identification plugin
  • Add menu swaps for ToB Quick-Enter and Enchant on Eluned
  • Add Rantz arrow collection to the daily task plugin
  • Add option to the chat filter plugin to filter all login and logout notifications
  • Fix the loot tracker counting duplicate raids chests if opened more than once
  • Fix skybox color on the Cosmic entity's plane


- Adam

New commits

We had 23 contributors this release!

Adam (11):
      Remove runescape-api and mixins
      keyremapping: fix escape from chat triggering game keybindings
      keyremapping: allow custom keybinds for F keys
      keyremapping: add F-key remap for escape
      api: add item container id to item container changed event
      chat filter: add option to filter login notifications
      api: add npc changed event
      imp plugin: cleanup
      imp plugin: handle npc changes to imps
      bank plugin: refactor to allow pricing multiple containers
      bank plugin: add seed vault

Adam Witkowski (1):
      mlm: fix rock obstacles not being marked on load

Cameron Moberg (1):
      Stop screenshotPlugin from overwriting previous screenshots

Damen (1):
      Add Dragonfire Shield timer to timers plugin (#9234)

Daniel (1):
      Properly capitalize 'Brother Kojo' in Watchtower clue scroll (#9297)

David (4):
      idle notifier: add farming harvest animations
      Center the Inventory icon in 2005 resizable mode (#9322)
      mining plugin: add gem rocks
      Add GE limit for Golovanova fruit top (#9385)

Decorth (2):
      Add Sarachnis respawn timer to Boss timers plugin (#9313)
      Fix location of Fishing Platform elite clue stash (#9327)

Hydrox6 (1):
      prayer: fix HD prayer bar flick location

Jordan Atwood (6):
      PluginListItem: Reset label color on popup menu item click
      loottracker: Fix duplicate cox and tob chest loots
      grounditemsplugin: Color telegrab menu entries
      Remove unused Slf4j annotations and imports
      hotcoldclue: Display npc location before using device
      slayerplugin: Correct Jad and Zuk task tracking

Jordan Parker (1):
      fishing: Add Entrana river fishing spots

Max Weber (6):
      runelite-client: Don't try to contain to screen when contain is off
      ClientThread: repeat call immediate invokes correctly
      runelite-client: Handle missing sprites correctly
      runelite-client: Use BufferedImage where applicable
      InfoBoxManager: handle AsyncBufferedImage more correctly
      runelite-client: Allow partial screen containment again

Oussama (1):
      Fix typo in Loot Tracker panel (#9341)

Pineapplezz (1):
      Improve Arrandar mountain pass clue description (#9331)

Quasindro (2):
      mlm: fix ore vein max respawn time threshold
      skybox: fix color at Cosmic Entity's Plane region

Ron Young (6):
      Bank Tags: close chat input like withdraw-x
      widget item overlay: don't render on tag tabs and bank tabs
      mta: fix Telekinetic solver not moving
      RuneliteColorPicker: add onClose consumer
      Add ColorPickerManager
      RuneliteColorPicker: add support for recent colors

Ryan (2):
      zoom plugin: add control to reset zoom
      zoom plugin: add zoom scroll speed configuration

SomeBall-1 (1):
      Add option to swap Talk-to with Enchant for Eluned (#9183)

Su-Shing Chen (2):
      Sort worlds in world hopper using Guava
      Put worlds with unknown ping at the bottom of the world hopper list

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      itemskeptondeath: fix many edge cases and add tests
      ClueScroll - Fix demonic ruins text

Unknown (1):
      dailytasksplugin: Add Rantz ogre arrow collection notification

caleyz (1):
      chat filter: refresh chat on config change, startup, and shutdown

meshens (1):
      item identification: add support for labeling ores and gems (#9268)

rlw0014 (1):
      Add swap for ToB Quick-Enter to menu entry swapper (#9136)