The chat commands plugin now includes the !gc and !duels commands which shows your BA high gamble count and duel arena wins and losses with streak, respectively. You must first win or lose a duel for the client to begin tracking the counts after the update, however the gamble count will work immediately.


The clue plugin now supports beginner hot cold clues (this is the last of the updates from the clue update from April)


The interface styles plugin now has an option to replace the left click cross sprites with the ones from RuneScape


The grand exchange plugin now has an option to show the total amount of the offers in the grand exchange:


The prayer plugin now can draw a "HD" prayer bar which looks more consistent with the HD health bar option of the interface styles plugin.


The metronome plugin now works even when game sounds are muted. If you had the metronome plugin on with the game sounds muted prior to the update, you probably will want to turn it off now.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix the Shield of Arrav, MEP2, and Shadow of the Storm quest start points on the world map
  • Add snakeskin gear to the skill calculator
  • Add Larran's chest to the loot tracker
  • Fix world map Hosidius rare tree icons and Kourend agility obstacle placement
  • Add fishing spots south of the farming guild to the fishing plugin
  • The Wintertodt plugin now has an option to send a notification before the round start
  • Fix Father Jean's location for the easy cryptic clue
  • Fix the alignment of some of the icons on the 2005 interface style to more closely resemble the 2005 gameframe
  • The cooking plugin now tracks burning stew
  • Add option to the world hopper plugin to hide the Hop-to menu option on friends and clan members
  • The cursor plugin now has a dragon dagger (p) cursor


- Adam

New commits

We had 28 contributors this release!

Adam (4):
      api: rename unknownSoundValues1 -> queuedSoundEffectLoops
      config manager: treat null and empty string equally in setDefaultConfiguration
      client: fix behavior of walking where there are no tiles
      timers plugin: fix teleblock timers

Damen (1):
      worldmap: fix shield of arrav start points

Daniel (2):
      Add snakeskin gear to skill calculator (#9172)
      Added Larran's chest to loot tracker (#9209)

Daniel Serpa (1):
      ge plugin: add grand exchange total value

Evaldas Lavrinovičius (2):
      Fix location of Kourend Agility obstacle on world map (#9203)
      Fix WC world map icons around Hosidius area (#9205)

Hermetism (1):
      npchighlight: Do not render 'null' names (#9093)

Hydrox6 (2):
      fishing: add missing spots near farming guild
      prayer: add HD prayer bar

Jacob McElroy (1):
      chat commands: add ba high gamble command

JavaBlah (1):
      cursors plugin: add dragon dagger (p) cursor

Jordan Atwood (8):
      EmoteClue: Add null checks for stashUnit
      npc indicators: Fix long respawn timer bug
      HotColdClue: Refactor to use enums for temperatures
      HotColdClue: Add hot-cold solver class
      cluescrolls: Add beginner hot-cold clues
      HotColdTemperature: Fix warm-but-colder temperature bug
      HotColdClue: Improve behavior on visibly shaking location
      HotColdClue: Clear final location on clue reset

Kusha Gharahi (1):
      wintertodt plugin: add round start notification

Lotto (1):
      interface styles: add RuneScape cross sprites option

Max Weber (1):
      cache/FrameDumperTest: Don't get the wrong framemaps for a frame

Rice Boxer (1):
      Fix Father Jean's coordinates in easy cryptic clue

Robert Alexander (1):
      chat commands: add duel arena chat command

Sander de Groot (2):
      Adjust alignment of icons in fixed 2005 interface style and fix inventory icon
      Add Barbarian Assault quick-start option to menu entry swapper

ScapeRune (1):
      worldmap: Fix MEP2 and Shadows of the Storm quest tooltips (#9166)

Twiglet1022 (1):
      mining plugin: only show timers on same level in motherlode mine

William Collishaw (2):
      Replace use of deprecated Guava Files write method
      Clean up some instances of double white space

WooxSolo (1):
      Add sounds to devtools

itscalvinwang (1):
      Add support for burning stews to Cooking plugin (#9196) (#9202)

kristo naeris (1):
      world hopper: add option to disable Hop-to menu option

ltvill (1):
      Change default examine chat color to green

psikoi (2):
      Add ENTER/ESC key events for screenmarker saving
      Add hover preview to screen markers

tanlines (1):
      Add item charges for baskets and sacks (#9212)

trimbe (2):
      api: add method to play sound effects while volume is muted
      metronome: play sounds while volume is muted

winterdaze (1):
      Add tooltips to DevTools buttons (#9224)

xdesr (1):
      Fix typos in Falo the Bard clues (comma, favourite) (#9185)