The xp tracker plugin can now add the xp tracker panels to the game canvas, allowing you move them around like any other overlay:


An emoji plugin was added, which when enabled, replaces common and not-so-common emoticons such as :) with emoji images in game chat. You can find a complete list of supported emoji and their triggers on our wiki


A smelting plugin was added, which works similar to the woodcutting plugin, and keeps track of how many bars and cannonballs you have smelted as well as whether or not you are currently smelting.


The barrows plugin now has a prayer drain timer which tracks how long until the next barrows prayer drain.

The blast furnace plugin now has a foreman fee timer for those under 60 smithing.

Finally, the cooking plugin now has a wine ferment timer

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix north Arceuus Dense essence mine shortcut
  • Add option to notify before next hp regen to the regenmeter plugin
  • Add plank make to the idle notifier
  • Fix item overlays not appearing on the inventory with the seed vault open
  • Add missing CoX fish, and fix Leckish fish healing value in item stats plugin
  • Fix npcindicators highlight npc option from the previous release


- Adam

New commits

We had 21 contributors this release!

15987632 (4):
      chat message manager: don't send messages on tutorial island
      daily tasks plugin: tidy up if statements
      daily tasks plugin: make less config options on by default
      daily tasks plugin: fix broken if statement

Abex (1):
      Remove references to zeah houses (#8692)

Adam (8):
      Revert "npcindicators: Add option to highlight NPC name in right click menu (#8673)"
      npcindicators: Add option to highlight NPC name in right click menu
      cooking plugin: rename session to cooking session
      cooking plugin: add wine ferment timer
      chat: ensure queued messages are always cleared after adding
      party plugin: add partyinfo debug command
      party service: check joins are for the current party
      client: use immutablemap for maps built in class initializers

Alec Mikell (1):
      Fix Hot/Cold Misthalin Location Spelling Error

Brandon White (1):
      blast furance plugin: add foreman fee timer

JZomerlei (1):
      itemstats: Add missing CoX fish, fix Leckish fish healing value (#8831)

John Kryspin (1):
      fishing plugin: fix trawler timer with one tick left

Jordan Atwood (2):
      western diary: Fix elf pickpocket quest requirement
      game timers: Don't remove antipoison effects on death

Justin (1):
      clue scroll plugin: fix typo in Arnold Lydspor clue (#8832)

Lotto (12):
      ba: use equipment ItemContainer instead of PlayerComposition
      xp tracker: display >1m exp with thousandths precision
      ui: add SplitComponent
      xp tracker: show on canvas
      xp tracker: add start and goal levels to on-canvas tracker
      xp tracker (onscreen): add toggle between displaying XP Left/XP Gained
      xp tracker: add right-click configure on on-screen trackers
      client: format enum config options as "Config Opt" instead of CONFIG_OPT
      client: remove overrides in config enums with same converted name
      client: add BufferedImage -> IndexedSprite converter to ImageUtil
      client: change ClanManager to use ImageUtil image converter
      client: add emoji plugin

Lucas (1):
      Aggro area: only add a timer if the time left isn't negative

Macweese (1):
      agility shortcuts: fix north Arceuus Dense essence mine shortcut

Ryan H (1):
      barrows plugin: add prayer drain timer

Stephen Zhu (1):
      client: add smelting plugin

Tomas Slusny (3):
      Add options for actions left and done for on screen XP
      Add loop timer infobox
      Use LoopTimer in Barrows plugin

Ville Kopio (1):
      combatlevel plugin: fix prayer levels until combat level calculation

Vincent Sevilla (1):
      notifier: Log notifications to console in debug mode (#8805)

William Collishaw (1):
      Upgrade git commit id plugin from 2.2.5 to 2.2.6

seandewar (2):
      constants: add GAME_TICK_LENGTH and use where needed
      regenmeter: add option to notify before next hp regen

xDemoN (1):
      idlenotifier: add plank-make

xdesr (2):
      widget item overlay: add seed vault inventory
      Remove gray pixel from Dragon Scimitar cursor (#8725)