The interface styles plugin now has a "High Detail menu" option which changes the game menu to look similar to how it did after the release of RSHD:


An ammo plugin was added which adds your current ammo and count as an infobox:


The barrows plugin now has an option to show the answer to the barrows door puzzles:


An option was added to the fishing plugin to make the fishing trawler time left more accurate:


There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • HD healthbars now shows more visible green at very low hitpoints
  • Add Neitiznot bridges to agility shortcuts
  • Fix Yanille wall and grapple shortcut overlays indicating the wrong level requirements
  • Fix clan counter to not count yourself as a "nearby clan member"
  • Various new clues and fixes to clues added last week


- Adam

New commits

We had 14 contributors this release!

Adam (6):
      Add WidgetItemOverlay
      client: modify plugins to use WidgetItemOverlay
      api: remove Query api
      widgetitem: associate Widget with WidgetItem
      widgetitem overlay: allow configuring which interfaces to overlay
      interface styles: increase padding of overridden healthbar

BrianAllred (1):
      npc aggro timer: Add option to hide hint overlay (#8610)

Elliott (1):
      fishing plugin: add trawler timer

Hydrox6 (3):
      mixins: renderWidgetLayer: skip hidden widgets
      Add Ammo plugin (#8113)
      ammo: fix weapon check

JacobThompson (1):
      Update lap counter overlay strings for clarity.

Jamy C (1):
      Add missing Neitiznot bridges agility shortcuts

Jordan Atwood (2):
      WorldType: Fix HIGH_RISK world type name
      Remove PVP references to HIGH_RISK world type

Nate Brown (1):
      slayer plugin: use addy and rune masks for metal dragon tasks

Ron Young (3):
      skybox: calculate brightness increase in HSB format
      api: add before menu render event
      interface styles: add 2010 menu

SebastiaanVanspauwen (1):
      barrows plugin: add puzzle solver

Sergz39 (2):
      agility shortcuts: fix Yanille wall and grapple shortcut object ids
      Fix Pirate's tresure quest start location (#8564)

Tomas Slusny (2):
      Do not count local player in nearby clan member counter
      Add missing 'knows' to Hans beginner clue

trimbe (2):
      scripts: add quest list progress script
      quest list plugin: use progress script to trigger hiding quests

xDemoN (3):
      World Map: Identify Both Shield of Arrav Quest Start Points (#8442)
      add lv32 wildy hot cold clue location
      reword lv27 wildy hot cold clue location