The Interface Styles plugin now supports an option to display HD health bars from 2009-era RuneScape. This option can be enabled separately from the rest of the interface styles, and a "Default" style option has been added so players can use the vanilla interface and still use HD health bars. Big thanks to @devLotto for implementing this feature.

HD health bars

The Ground Markers plugin now has an option to draw minimap squares at their locations. Thanks to @genetic-soybean for adding this feature.

Ground marker minimap display

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Binding necklaces are now tracked in the Item Charge plugin
  • Binding necklaces can now be displayed as infobox and have their own notification when they break
  • The Ground Items plugin now has a configuration to allow highlighting based on Grand Exchange value, High Alchemy value, or based on whichever of the two is higher
  • The Special Attack Counter plugin no longer has incorrect values when used in a party
  • The Clue Scroll plugin now displays a warning when you are missing a spade for hot-cold clues and cryptic clues with a dig location
  • Free/Member's world filters have been added to the World Hopper plugin
  • The Loot Tracker plugin no longer confuses the crystal chest with the brimstone chest
  • The Prayer plugin now takes into account the higher prayer restoration of super restores and sanfew serums when displaying its dose indicator
  • The Idle Notifier now correctly notifies you should you go idle while enchanting amulets
  • Cerberus's lair now has a skybox color assigned to it
  • Aerial fishing spots close enough to be caught in one tick are now highlighted in green in the Fishing plugin
  • The Timestamp plugin now allows configuring the timestamp format
  • Karuulm volcano monsters now display their HP values in the Opponent Information plugin
  • The Daily Task Indicators plugin correctly shows relog messages for fewer daily tasks
  • Some missing pies have been added to the Skill Calculator plugin
  • The runecrafting experience for crafting blood and soul runes has been slightly increased to account for the experience gained from creating dark essence blocks
  • The Quest List plugin can now filter quests by any completion state


- Jordan

New commits

We had 20 contributors this release!

Abel Briggs (1):
      ground items: add configuration for which coin value color highlighting uses

Adam (10):
      speccounter: fix tracking multiple weapons in party
      pom: add reproducable build plugin
      clue plugin: centralize spade check
      clue plugin: add require spade overlay to hot cold clue
      mixins: set array capacity in getVertices
      runescape-api: rename CombatInfo2 to HealthBar
      cache: datafile: simplify next sector calculation
      interface styles: simplify loading sprites
      ground markers: add option to disable ground markers on minimap
      worldhopper: add free/member world filter option

Adam Ballinger (1):
      loot tracker: add crystal chest

Dylan Critz (1):
      Fix Dragonfuit Tree Level (82-81) in skillcalc plugin (#8311)

Eric (2):
      Improve the outpost coordinate clue description (#8414)
      Rename indicators->infoboxes in boosts plugin config (#8405)

Hydrox6 (1):
      prayer: make dose indicator handle super restores and sanfews

Joshua Filby (1):
      refactor: change ChatMessageType names to follow ones given

Lotto (3):
      client: fix npe when puzzle solver hasn't been executed yet
      client: add HD health bars to Interface Styles
      interface styles: add default skin type

Lucwousin (1):
      idle notifier: add amulet enchanting animations

Max Weber (2):
      skybox: Add Cerberus area
      mixins: Fix convex hulls being incorrectly contoured

Michael41000 (1):
      fishing plugin: highlight 1 tick fishing spots at Lake Molch

Paul Cook (1):
      Use consistent rounding for XP bar markers

Quasindro (1):
      quest list plugin: add ability to filter quests by any completion state

Roman Alexander (1):
      Fix plugin list layout when a plugin dynamically adds / removes buttons.

TheStonedTurtle (3):
      Remove binding necklace from Runecraft plugin
      Add binding necklace to Item Charge plugin
      Add destroy support to Item Charge plugin

Trevor Guidry (1):
      timestamp plugin: allow configuring timestamp

Twinkiel0ver (1):
      Add Karuulm slayer monsters to the NPC health list

ksergio39 (2):
      Fix wrong name on world map for Shayzien Teleport
      daily task reminders: correct relog messages

whartd (1):
      skill calculator: add missing pies

xDemoN (3):
      clue scroll plugin: clarify Pointed Blue Snelm
      clue scroll plugin: add spade warning to cryptic clues
      skillcalc: update soul & blood rune xp