A Quest List plugin has been added, which adds a button to toggle visibility of completed quests, and adds a search button to limit the shown quests in the list. Thanks to @spudjb for adding this feature!

Completed quest toggle button Quest search dialog

The Special Attack Counter plugin now shares special attack hits with your party members, with this information displayed in the tooltip.

Shared party special attacks

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Bank Value plugin has been renamed to the Bank plugin, and now offers options to force right-clicking on the deposit inventory/worn buttons
  • The XP tracker no longer resets the overall XP display when using the "Reset others" right-click option
  • The Special Attack Counter plugin no longer tracks special attacks on other players
  • The loot tracker now tracks loot obtained from the Brimstone chest
  • The !kc chat command will now track herbiboar harvest counts


- Jordan

New commits

We had 10 contributors this release!

Adam (11):
      api: add event for controlling menu left click behavior
      Revert "client: load jagex config and client over https"
      config service: return an empty config if no config is found
      xptracker: fix "Reset others" resetting overall xp
      client: show error dialog when unable to load client
      client: verify client signature
      http-service: update mysql driver to mariadb 2.2.3
      spec plugin: only count specs on npcs
      spec plugin: share specs with party
      mixins: fix incorrect usage of getNameables()
      chat message builder: escape messages

Adam Ballinger (1):
      Add brimstone chest support to loot tracker

Andrew Ghaly (1):
      hooks: fix typos in javadoc

Hydrox6 (3):
      client: rename `Bank Value` plugin to `Bank`
      bank: add option to force right click on deposit container buttons
      chat filter: Fix issue where special attack overheads crashed the game

Jim Frode Nilsen (1):
      chat commands: add herbiboar kc

Kevin Zita (1):
      Fix "Bandind" typo in coordinate clue descriptions (#8287)

Max Weber (1):
      ChatboxPanelManager: Be more resilient when scripts mismatch

Tomas Slusny (6):
      Make GPU plugin DPI aware on Java 9+
      Check for empty strings when initializing twitch client
      Always close twitch client in connect() method
      Normalize configuration between cache-updater and http-service
      Migrate OAuth callback to Spring configuration property
      Add development configuration for Spring http-service

spudjb (1):
      Add quest list plugin

xDemoN (2):
      Remove incorrect farming guild location (#8250)
      Clue Scroll: Fixe Varrock East Bank Cryptic Clue (#8241)