A music notification plugin was added which sends you a message whenever a new piece of music is unlocked.


The clan plugin now has an option to show when players join or leave clan chats. The messages disappear after a short duration, and can also be filtered by player rank.


The clan plugin also has an option to show an infobox of the number of clan members near you.


Finally, the clan plugin has a new option to show clan member rank in public and private messages too.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix Monkey Madness I requirement on the Kourend Diary
  • Fix twitter feed links not working in the news panel with newer Twitter theme
  • Add pestle and mortar to idle notifier
  • Replaced our raids point overlay with the ingame one, and made it movable with alt.
  • Move Tai Bwo Wannai Emote location closer to STASH unit
  • Fix logging into RuneLite accounts after having just logged out
  • Add Compost, Bastion and Battlemage potions to Herblore skill calc


- Adam

New commits

We had 13 contributors this release!

Adam (15):
      Move session events from api to client
      api: add changed varp index to VarbitChanged event
      runescape-api: make RSNameableContainer a generic type
      xptracker: remove unused exception
      xptracker: use tracked overall xpstate to calculate total xp
      xptracker: use long for tracking overall xp
      api: add method to remove MessageNodes
      api: add clan member join and leave events
      api: add methods to get clan owner and chat name
      clanchat plugin: add join/leave messages
      Revert "Merge pull request #8070 from Nightfirecat/fix-ground-markers-bug"
      Revert "Merge pull request #5890 from Nightfirecat/colored-ground-markers"
      clan chat: cleanup onGameStateChanged logic from earlier merge
      account plugin: move logout off of swing thread
      session manager: change to null session on close

Brennan Williams (1):
      Add Hydra shortcut pipes to agility plugin (#8052)

Chives (2):
      Remove Monkey Madness I requirement from Kourend Diary.
      Replace assert keyword with JUnit assert functions

Jordan Atwood (7):
      worldpoint: Fix plane value in toLocalInstance
      worldpoint: Add static fromRegion method
      worldpoint: Add getRegionX() and getRegionY()
      ground markers plugin: Clean up legacy code
      ground markers: Fix startup and shutdown bug
      ground markers: Allow different colored markers
      ground markers: Fix marking non-marked tiles

Lotto (1):
      http-service: fix twitter feed links not working with newer theme

Sebastiaan Vanspauwen (1):
      Clanchat: added onClanChanged event to count players already in scene

SebastiaanVanspauwen (2):
      Clanchat: Show amount of members near you in infobox
      Clanchat: clear counter on login/connection lost instead of loading (#8068)

Shaun Dreclin (7):
      idle notifier: Add support for grinding with pestle and mortar
      daily task indicator: Fix plugin not checking tasks when first enabled
      api: Add EnumID class
      api: Add getKeys() to EnumComposition
      api: Add unlocked music tracks to VarPlayer
      client: Add Music Track Indicator plugin
      rogues den: Update plugin to use ItemContainerChanged event

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      clanchat plugin: add CC rank icons to oublic and private messages

Tomas Slusny (11):
      Add missing toggle for clan chat icons
      Make raids widget moveable
      Remove raids points overlay
      Null-check remote configuration in config manager
      Change logged-in redir to redirect to HTTPS
      Update suppressions.xml dtd link to one that exists
      Fix SpringBootWebApplication auto-configuration annotation
      Migrate SpringBootWebApplicationTest to spring profiles
      Migrate Spring unit tests to spring profiles
      clanchat: Update clan members set on join/leave events

WoneTooPhree (1):
      Move Tai Bwo Wannai Emote location closer to STASH

chivesrs (2):
      Update CheckStyle XML dtd link to one that exists (#8079)
      Enable checkstyle on test sources

piebandit (1):
      Add Compost, Bastion and Battlemage potions to Herblore skill calc (#8031)

trimbe (4):
      mixins: use a ClanMember for ClanMemberJoined/Left
      clanchat: retrieve rank from ClanMember rather than ClanManager
      clanchat: respect rank icon config for join/leave messages
      clanchat: remove activity in buffer in ClanMemberLeft as well