The Item Charges plugin now has an option to display infoboxes for equipped charged items. Thanks to @Hydrox6 for adding this feature!

Equipped teleport item infoboxes

The Chat History plugin can now cycle through private message senders. By hitting Tab, you can easily keep chatting with all of your friends! Thanks to @TheStonedTurtle for writing this feature.

Private Message sender cycling

The Agility plugin will now highlight shortcuts orange if you do not meet the agility level requirement to cross them. Thanks to @MrGroggle for adding this feature.

Agility high-level obstacle highlighting

The Item Prices plugin now has an option to display profit from casting High Alchemy on an item

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • The Object Markers plugin properly highlights some objects which could not previously be highlighted, such as mounted glory amulets and wall paintings
  • Our custom chatbox text input now wraps long lines, such as heavily-tagged items in the Bank Tags plugin
  • You can now configure the outline color of the current hovered tile in the Tile Indicators plugin
  • Tooltips for the new Kourend quests and X Marks the Spot quest have been added to the World Map plugin. Additionally, the tree tooltips for the Yew Trees in Rimmington have been updated since Veos's arrival.
  • Challenge Mode raids now have their time tracked in the Chambers of Xeric plugin, and can have their kill count looked up via the Chat Commands plugin using the !kc command followed by cox cm, xeric cm, chambers cm, olm cm, or raids cm. Additionally, the Screenshot plugin has learned to take screenshots of Challenge Mode raids upon completion.
  • The Wiki plugin now adds a skill guide lookup menu option to skills in your stats tab
  • Falador teleport has had its magic XP corrected in the Skill Calculator plugin


- Jordan

New commits

We had 18 contributors this release!

Adam (13):
      api: add method to find instanced tiles in the scene
      xptracker: limit how often the same players are looked up
      xptracker: treat players with rank -1 as unranked
      http service: use gson instead of jackson for json serialization
      http service: use spring datasource configuration
      http service: add loottracker controller test
      http service: use http-api gson instance
      config service: split into service and controller
      config controller: add test
      http service: fix overwriting all default message converters
      client: change Counter infobox to store count as an integer
      item prices: add high alch profit to overlay
      client: only enable developer mode if launcher version isn't set

Dennis (1):
      gpu: remove unnecessary texture bind

Desetude (1):
      Use xdg-open for link browsing on Linux

Harry Semple (1):
      agility plugin: color shortcuts you don't have the level to use differently

Hydrox6 (1):
      Add infoboxes to item charges plugin

Jaysc (1):
      Make color of hovered tile highlight configurable

Max Weber (5):
      mixins: Fix DecorativeObject ConvexHulls
      DevTools: draw both DecorativeObject Renderables
      mixins: Include game crash string in log
      mixins: rename gameDraw to renderWidgetLayer
      runelite-api: Add missing widget types

Minghan Li (1):
      Add new Kourend quests to world map plugin (#7864)

Nokkasiili (1):
      Add X Marks the Spot quest to world map plugin (#7877)

Robert (1):
      Add support for third floor timer to Raids plugin (Challenge Mode) (#7871)

Ron Young (4):
      ChatboxTextInput: rename this.cursor to this.cursorStart
      ChatboxTextInput: support line wrapping
      ChatboxTextInput: support moving between lines with up/down keys
      Limit wiki input lines to 1

TheStonedTurtle (2):
      Add PM Target Cycling to Chat History plugin
      Add Chat History config options

Tomas Slusny (15):
      Add .getBounds() to LayoutableRenderableEntity
      Use new LayoutableRenderableEntity#getBounds in InfoboxOverlay
      Export ItemCompositionCache
      Reset item composition cache on menu shift click change
      Normalize CoX CM naming from boss long and chat message
      Use default PanelComponent size in Cooking plugin
      Make party stats overlay consistent with other overlays
      Log only exception message on feed lookup failures
      Null-check cache when getting items in http service
      Log infobox removal only if infobox was removed
      Support new Hydra slayer helmet in clue scroll plugin
      Add version information to Discord tooltip
      Check for area update on Discord plugin startup
      Do not use default smallImageKey for Rich Presence
      Remove dodgy charges variable from item charges plugin

Usernamerino (1):
      Add chat command shorthand for challenge mode raids killcount

Will Thomas (2):
      screenshot plugin: Add Challenge Mode raid support
      wiki plugin: Add skill guide lookup

Yani (1):
      Update Rimmington yew tree location after Veos moved (#7889)

mabel5 (1):
      Added decoration objects to object markers

theGeekPirate (1):
      Correct Falador teleport XP in Skill Calc (#7943)