A wiki plugin was added which allows quickly looking up items, npcs, quests, and more on the OldSchool RuneScape Wiki. It also has a built in search feature which lets you quickly search for articles using the in game chatbox.




A poison plugin was added which shows time until next damage, cure, and next poison damage in an overlay on the hitpoints orb. It can also optionally add an infobox.

poison-infobox venom-infobox

The player indicator plugin now has an option on where to draw the players name on screen.

player-indicator-config player-indicatorg

An option to hide the auto retaliate button has been added to the attack styles plugin.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Fix loottracker losing loot on logout from RuneLite
  • Fix world hopper not functioning correctly if the plugin is restarted
  • Fix xp tracker progress bars to be more visible
  • Fix "A Basic Anti Pot" anagram clue answer for removal of Veos's boat
  • Add Hydra slayer helmet to the slayer plugin
  • Add Kebos swamp cryptic clue
  • Update skilling calculator for Hydra, Drake and Wyrm bones XP change
  • Add Rada's Blessings to Prayer plugin


- Adam

New commits

We had 19 contributors this release!

Adam (9):
      api: add MessageNode and timestamp to ChatMessage event
      api: remove SetMessage event
      client: update SetMessage usages to ChatMessage
      plugin manager test: check plugins don't error when registering with eventbus
      http api: rename OSB ge classes with OSB prefix
      client: add poison plugin to track poison damage
      scene uploader: swap seColor/nwColor which had their mappings swapped
      loottracker service: correct kills foreign key
      Add GE history tracker

Andrew Fulton (1):
      client: flash only during LOGGED_IN game state (#7782)

Henry Zhang (2):
      Migrate onSetMessage to onChatMessage
      Make sure WorldHopperPlugin's executor is active on startup

Hydrox6 (1):
      Delay party instruction message if user is not logged in (#7696)

Jakob Ankarhem (1):
      Remove dulling from progress bar positions (#7781)

Jordan Atwood (4):
      perspective: Allow empty text for getCanvasTextLocation
      actor: Mark getCanvasTextLocation as Nullable
      player indicators: Add name position configuration
      item stats: Represent boost data as ints

Kalle (2):
      Fix anagram clue "A Basic Anti Pot" (answer changed to 6) (#7764)
      World Map: Fix Ape Atoll tree type

Lucas (2):
      Add kebos swamp cryptic clue
      Add hydra slayer helms to slayer plugin

Matthew Abel (1):
      Hide auto retaliate from combat options (#7713)

Max Weber (3):
      runelite-client: centralize sprite overrides
      ChatboxTextInput: Don't set built in update
      Add Wiki plugin

Noah Pittinger (1):
      Add EqualsAndHashCode to Lombok data/value that do not extend Object

Nokkasiili (1):
      Fix isVisable and isMinimapVisable spelling (Visable -> Visible) (#7766)

Ryan Bohannon (1):
      Add agility shortcut entry for Taverly Dungeon upper level

Spedwards (1):
      Update Wyrm bone xp in skill calc based on passed polls (#7614)

Tomas Slusny (11):
      Unhide barrows widgets on plugin shutdown
      Unhide NMZ widgets on plugin shutdown
      Unhide raids widgets on plugin shutdown
      Do not draw yellow dot for local player in barrows plugin
      Use correct player dot color in barrows plugin
      Push sidebar non-tab buttons to bottom
      Clear Cerberus ghost on LOADING game state
      Use CLANCHAT_INFO for party messages
      Fix unmapped target property "time" warning
      Use ItemVariations when using Reset option for shift-click
      Add offset to loot tracker API

WillThomas (1):
      Reorder skill calc json values based on prayer XP (#7751)

bjornenalfa (1):
      Add Rada's Blessings to Prayer plugin

rejectedpromise (1):
      Add new lines at .rs2asm <EOF> to resolve build warnings (#7812)

syngfaa (1):
      Fix SOUL_JOURNEY typo in Kourend Library plugin (#7733)