This release adds Discord party integration with the new party plugin. Click "Ask to join" on a friend's profile to request to join a party:


The party plugin shows an overlay with party members' hitpoints and prayer:


Allows pinging tiles via shift click:


And shows where your party members are on the world map:


The base of the party plugin is exciting and will let us build neat features in the future such as a party damage overlay.

There are also several smaller improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Update raids scouter plugin for the new rotations added in last week's update
  • Fix MLM ore counter overlay sometimes counting ores twice
  • Add Amethyst crafting to the idle notifier plugin
  • Fix slayer plugin to recognize flesh crawler tasks
  • Add Kebos wieldable rods to fishing plugin
  • Fix Zeah magic tree locations on the world map


- Adam

New commits

We had 13 contributors this release!

Adam (13):
      travis: encrypt irc notification
      xp trackers: fix not correctly fetching start xp
      Use websocket pings
      Use existing sessionid on login if available
      http api: fix useragent test
      api: remove projectile getInteracting
      chat controller/service: add boss to pb
      Clear stored npcs in fishing/pc/rc plugins
      mlm plugin: make MotherlodeSession a guice managed singleton
      mlm plugin: fix ore counter to not count already collected ore
      Fix npc spawn events sometimes occuring out of order
      Split WSClient from SessionManager
      Add party service

Jordan Atwood (10):
      client: Use isEmpty() for all Collection emptiness checks
      Remove deprecated WorldPoint.toPoint() method
      Remove deprecated WallObjectQuery class
      Remove deprecated PlayerQuery class
      Remove deprecated DecorativeObjectQuery class
      Remove deprecated GameObjectQuery class
      Remove deprecated GroundObjectQuery class
      Remove deprecated InventoryItemQuery class
      Remove deprecated ActorQuery class
      Remove deprecated TileObjectQuery class

Kamiel (1):
      raids plugin: Update LayoutSolver layout codes

Kaz Schmanski (1):
      slayer plugin: change task name for flesh crawlers to match task given

Mabel5 (1):
      Add Kebos wieldable rods to fishing plugin (#7689)

Max Weber (2):
      http-api: Include commit hash in User-Agent
      client: Correctly format PartyChanged

Puskunalis (2):
      Inventory Viewer: Fix stackable items not showing stack of "1" (#7654)
      World Map: Fix Zeah Magic tree location and add missing ones (#7683)

Ryan Bohannon (1):
      Fix typo in Kourend Library config

Shaun Dreclin (1):
      Add Sulphur Lizard to npc_health.json

TheStonedTurtle (1):
      Add Bottomless compost bucket price mapping (#7674)

Tomas Slusny (22):
      Move timestamp color config to timestamp plugin
      Make WebsocketGsonFactory more extensible
      Add party-related websocket messages
      Prevent ProgressBarComponent from overflowing
      Save current Discord user in Discord service
      Use new /ws service
      Add party support to Discord plugin
      Add party plugin
      Add missing config check to party leave message
      Remove "Tag" toggle from NPC indicators
      Do not reset current activity on discord party update
      Request party sync on party plugin startup
      Check for localMember in party not being null on UserJoin
      Fix ConcurrentModification in party stats overlay
      Prevent WSMessage deserialization failure from closing websocket
      Fix Discord party size refresh
      Do not hide party bars when value is changed to 0
      Play party ping sound only when ping is in scene
      Prevent negative values when overlay is bigger than screen
      Make party UserSync event extend PartyMemberMessage
      Add ColorUtil#fromObject to generate color from object
      Recolor party pings and names based on name color hash

Twinkiel0ver (1):
      Add Amethyst crafting to Idle Notifier plugin (#7712)

jbaker5011 (1):
      Use loot received event for pvp kill screenshots (#6920)